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08-10-2015: Track Giuseppe Santa Sauce - Stay Down

A tender song by Giuseppe Santa Sauce.

05-10-2015: Track Björn Kleinhenz - Jump

From his upcoming new record, here's Jump; A beautiful song by Swedish folk hero Björn Kleinhenz.

05-10-2015: Monday Morning Kick-Off MOON - Sidewinder

The debut single 'Sidewinder' from new Australian band MOON; Think Foo Fighters with a touch of Pink Floyd and you're in the right galaxy. Perfect description of their music. Have a good week!

04-10-2015: Must-Have of the Month Century Thief - Reverie

Reverie by Century thief was released early September, so this months Must-Have of the Month-pick is is a brand new release and it's a great one!

Century Thief is a Toronto based 6-piece collective with energetic introspective songs. Our instrumentation includes acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard, flute, clarinet, trumpet, bass, cello, drums, and four part harmonies. This is their Bandcamp-description and there's not a lot to add here. This band has written 13 amazingly perfect songs that sound easy and friendly at first, but are more layered than you'd think. Not just the music has a lot more to offer than one might think after a few spins, but also the lyrics and general 'feel' of the songs tend to shift if you spend more time with this record. It all changes for the good of it, because every song gets even better over time.

My personal favorite moment/song (and message) of the record is inclined in the lyrics of Intuition as the band joins together for one short line that sounds althroughout the song: "follow your intuition." The music takes the message to a higher plan and when played in the early morning this message might just get stuck in your head for the entire day. And that's a damn good thing to have and to hold. And by singing this line all day you might even inspire someone to follow their intuition.

Anyways, for now; please follow my intuition and let this beautiful record take you to a place where the sun might not always shine, but the radio is always playing. And the music is always perfect, just like this record. Reverie is 53 minutes on planet heaven.

02-10-2015: Track Zola Blood - Play Out

This new track by Zola Blood is another dark, haunting dance track. Addictive as Fuck, brilliant as everything they've recorded so far.

They are currently running a Pledge-campaign for their debut record, get in on that via This band deserves a little love, a little cash & the opportunity to release the great record I know they can make!

30-09-2015: Track TRUDY - Behave

This TRUDY-song is amazingly cool and incredibly addictive! Check it out!

30-09-2015: Track hethers - Guiding Light

trash with feelings by hethers. Good stuff!

28-09-2015: EP Wozniak - Auster

This epic rockband is called Wozniak and their latest EP Auster is highly explosive. There's no limit to epic comparisations to make here; A Rollarcoaster Ride. Fast & Furious. Loud As Fuck. The Best Handjob Ever. Soaring & Breezing. The 70s Meet The 80s. Slow Speeders. Drunk Truck Drivers Steering With One Hand. Smashing Speedlimits. Canadian Mexicans. Golden Days. Man-Machines. Fluffy Ravens. Toothless Snakes Still Biting Your Head Off. Coffee Overdose. Words Are Pointless. The Mute Button Refuses. Dirty Rotten Cows. Heroes On Heels. Not Enough Volume. Time Has Stopped. Thunder & More Thunder & Lightning. Dave Who?! The Endless Follow-Through. Guitar Heaven. Easter Is Here. For Once The Neighbours Are Not Complaining. Everyone Is Playing Air-Guitar. And Air-Drumming. At The Same Time. I Should Stop Before It's Not funny Anymore.

But the best #tag for this record comes from the band itself: Gospel of Infinity. also the title of the 3rd track on this great rock machine of an EP. Please sir, can I have some more?!

Yeah, I just really like this record. I hope you do too.

27-09-2015: Album Phoenix City Retaliators - Phoenix City Retaliators

No time for words, we're too busy dancing. This is Rotterdam based Ska band Phoenix City Retaliators, their motto is; you cannot stop a running tree. I get that. I think.

23-09-2015: Track Mieke - Sleeping Alone

Mieke has just released her Mieke EP and opening track 'Sleeping Alone' is such an addictive song. A beautiful soft and lovely tune; guaranteed sweet dreams when played just before you close your eyes at night. Sleep well, my friends.

21-09-2015: Track Tom Tukker - Barely Here

This is Tom Tukker, a brand new talent from Amsterdam releasing a video trilogy. "Barely Here" is number one; a haunting beauty.

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