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05-10-2011: ROSTAM - Wood

Rostam is part of Vampire Weekend, a much hyped band that never really interested me, but this track is brilliant. It's mesmerizing, inspiring and all other sorts of cool, hip, phat phrazes. but seriously, this is a great track. and you can download it for free and listen to it 15 times a day, just like i do. How cool is that!?

05-10-2011: Ruby Randall - Where To Go (live)

Ruby Randall's EP is still my favourite for the year and this live-version is very close to the album-version, but fuck it. every little thing she does is magic (isn't that an old song from somewhere..) and this is simply beautiful. as simple and beautiful as it can get.

05-10-2011: Saskatchewan - Skinny Dipping

Great 2-track 7-inch by Saskatchewan. 1st track Skinny Dipping would have been the perfect Summertrack if i had discovered it earlier, but tracks this good are worth hearing every month of the year. On their blog they also mention an upcoming EP for which these 2 tracks are just a teaser, good stuff is coming our way it seems. Download the tracks for whatever you wanna spend on it via bandcamp.

04-10-2011: sch [Mixtape] Best of 2011 - Part Three

(click the image to download)
Another 3 months have flown by and just like that it's October and Autumn is here. Before we head into the cold and dark, yet romantic & special time that is ahead of us, let us look back one more time on what great music the Summer brought is. Although i have to admit most music would be better off in the coming period, as there is not a lot of dancing to be done with these tunes. Check out a collected file with my 14 favourite songs & check out another 4 great tunes (that i was not able to add to the file) below. I can honestly say that September was the best Music Month of the year and it was very tempting to add more and more songs to this collection, but 18 is a little bit too much for my taste already, so this is it. Enjoy & share with friends, these musicians deserve to be heard!

Angel Olsen - Creator, Destroyer (live)

Youth Lagoon - Montana

CANT - Believe

Lotus - Blacklight Sunflare

04-10-2011: Spinvis - Overvecht

Dutch musicians don't get a lot of mentions on Plug in Baby!, but Spinvis is one of the best things this country has to offer. Despite the beautiful music the lyrics are the best reason for listening to his whispering voice, which makes him a hard bargain to sell outside the borders of this fine little country. I have given it some thought over the last few days, doubting if i should post this or not. And (as you can tell) i decided to run with it, cuz it's a great tune, even if you don't know what it's about. Spinvis is one of the finest talents of this country and on November 7th his 3rd album will hit the shelves.

03-10-2011: EP Toy Camera - Blissful Youth

There are moments on this 5-track EP that make me wonder why i keep playing it. Because these moments are uninspired, 13-in-a-dozen, dull. But there are also moments that make me dance, 'sing'-a-long & smile when i listen to this September-release by Toy Camera. It has taken me a week or so to conclude, that i keep coming back to this and keep enjoying this for all the right reasons; it's just a good set of songs. My favourite track Tall Trees sounded worst of all for some silly reason while typing this, but that'll basically mean i liked the rest of the EP even better this last spin. Toy Camera makes great midnight music, even when it's only half past 10. Or 7 in the morning, or lunch time. Toy Camera just makes great music.

03-10-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Girls – Honey Bunny

Having a good week has nothing to do with a good start of the Monday Morning, yet it is extremely important to start this 1st day off with a great track to get you into the working hythm again. I'm a little slow today and will be late for work, but i had to share this great Girls-track. It has a great 70s-vibe without sounding ancient and it's all i've heard since i got out off bed 40 minutes ago. Have a good week!

02-10-2011: I Break Horses - Winter Beats (Bedroom Sessions)

It is not so long ago that I Break Horses was introduced here with the album-version of Winter Beats. But they're already back here with the same track in a live-version, recorded as part of a 3-track "Bedroom Session". It is the same beautiful song, but this intimite live-session is mesmerizingly amazing and only builts up the ever-growing interest of music lovers all over the world that are eagerly waiting to see this duo perfom their debut album "Hearts" live. I am one of those people.

02-10-2011: Lotte Kestner - Your Protector (Fleet Foxes cover)

It's almost as if i'm in church listening to this on a Sunday morning. The choir in church could only hope they had someone singing as beautiful as Lotte Kestner can, though. Another great cover done by one of my favourite female singers. lovin' it!

29-09-2011: Barn Owl - Turiya

Great song with cool vid that suits the track perfect. The song is (also due to the vid) perfect for a stormy night, where the wind and rain are beating on the door and you're inside listening to the storm and this track with a nice glass of Whiskey.

29-09-2011: South of Lincoln - 18th & H / Father, Mother, Sister, Brother

South of Lincoln has a great set of tracks out on Soundcloud and his own(?) website, there are different tracks on both pages, so if you're liking it as much as i do, i would suggest visiting both on a regular bases, or just get his album on iTunes (no other way, as far as i can tell..)
These here are my 2 favourite tracks; both very different, yet extremely good. And with that a good way to discover the talent that is South of Lincoln.

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