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19-10-2011: Cub Scouts - Evie

Great 1st track from Australian band Cub Scouts. This 1st single has been released just last week and i've only 1st heard it a few hours ago, but we've been doing a lot of things together since we've met. it has that great 'who-cares-lets-dance'-vibe to it and that is exactly what it has me doing all evening. now i will stop typing and dance once more before i'll force myself to bed.. (although once more while brushing my teeth won't hurt, right..?).

17-10-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Brite Futures - Too Young To Kill

Monday Morning Kick-Off this week with a fun video and good track by Brite Futures. The video is so full of silly references that the music is a little bit set to the 2nd plan, bu if you listen without looking at the video you'll hear a cool Monday morning-track.
Have a good week!

16-10-2011: Album Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Tape Club

Technically, this album will be released in 2 days, but the great thing about Bandcamp is that you can already hear the album and purchase it through their system. So October 18 is only the physical release date of ‘Tape Club’. A collection of 26 (!!) songs that Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin have written in the 10 years they’ve been making music together. If anything, this collection shows that this band is capable of using a lot of different styles in their music. Listening to 10 years of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin is like listening to 50 years of music history. Although the 60s and 70s are probably most referenced in their music, the 80s and more clearly the 90s are unmistakenly there. Since the new millenium music has donated a lot of it’s time on looking back it only makes sense that a band that’s been around for 10 years combines all the good stuff from the past.

Because it’s good stuff they’re combining. This collection takes a few spins to get used to, as it is clearly a collection of different songs from different moments in their evolution. As to where a whole album usually is more in sync with itself. But the great power here is that huge range of sounds they offer. They could probably not make a better introduction for themselves as a band as they have done with 'Tape Club'. Another highlight for 2011, one of many, but one of the brightest ones..!

15-10-2011: Album Lou Canon - Lou Canon

Lou Canon has made one of the finest albums of the year. i bought this album right away via her bandcamp-page after the last note of the final song faded out. And I continue to listen to it again and again several times a day (hence the silence on the blog over the last 2 days..). The great thing about this album is the variety in the songs. Lou Canon has crafted a serie of 10 songs in which she displays a talent to work with several types of songs. She can be very sweet and soft (to find your bed, my girls), but also very up-tempo, making a song like a little party you want to attend to (heart of, close to me).

Besides the fine tunes Lou Canon and her partner-in-crime Hayden crafted for this debut-album, it’s that variety that makes this album something special from start to finish. I’m undoubtfully a sucker for (pretty) girls with guitars and the beautiful, usually sweet, soft tunes they create. These singer-songwriters can usually produce a good, sometimes great, dreamy EP with a few good tracks and pretty vocals.. A whole album is something different though, because 10 dreamy songs have a good chance of becoming boring or just mellow background music. Lou Canon dodges that bullet on this album by gearing up from time to time.

This is best enjoyed any time of the day; I woke up with this album, read the paper in the morning to it, cooked my diner singing along & at the moment I’m reading a book, while drinking a cold beer with Lou Canon singing. I’m pretty sure I will fall asleep to her voice tonight aswell, just like last night.
Great album. Good job Lou!

13-10-2011: Album Bruce Peninsula - Open Flames

Earlier this year i was introduced to the beautiful music of Bruce Peninsula through their fine Summertime cover The Swimming Song. This was part of their 'Bruce Trail Fire Sale', which they set up to keep themselves busy while one of the band members recovered from a serious health issue (i have to admit, not a clue what was wrong, but privacy is a good thing no?). No that this specific band member is back in business they''ve finally released their new album "Open Flames", and it is worth the wait without a doubt.

This is one of the best releases of the year. no question about it. in the pure heart of it, i guess we should call this a folkrecord, but it is so much more. it's the variety that makes this an album without any dull moments. As a waiting-bonus of some kind they've added 4 songs from the the 'Bruce Trail Fire Sale' to the original album, making this a 14-track masterpiece that is over before you realize it. i would love to continue for some time about why all of these songs are so good and why you should definately spend $8,- on making it your own, but i'm a big fan of letting the music speak for itself and in this case, that'll only work even better. Please enjoy this great record as much as i do.

12-10-2011: i'm sayin' hmmm..

got this unique little quote i've been using all around for the last 2 weeks. and everywhere i use it i get the question where it came from. i was convinced it was a Busta Rhymes-quote, but i can't find it.. the funny thing is, everyone agrees with me it is a BR-quote, but no-one seems to get the song right.. the quote is "i'm sayin' hmm..", the song? you gotta help me out on this one. sent your ideas to jeroen[AT]

the power of twitter, @donderwolk76 gave me the right answer within 30 mins.

11-10-2011: Lykke Li – Unchained Melody (cover)

Lykke Li - Unchained Melody

A beautiful cover of a classic song that has that special Lykke Li-feeling, which makes it unresistable.

10-10-2011: Album Ohbijou - Metal Meets

Ohbijou - Anser
Ohbijou - Niagara

Ohbijou have released their 3rd album last month and with the 3 songs i've been able to get my hands on i got a pretty decent taste of what it's like and i can tell you right away, it's good stuff. The voice of singer Casey Mecija is specific in a good way, it takes a few to get used to, but once you accept it, it'll get more beautiful with every word she tells you.

The band around her creates an environment that feels like taking a warm bath, it's an energizing and fullfilling sensation that's not very easy to come across with music. it's that special sound and coherense that makes these songs so much better than the other 25-tracks i've come across today. it grips you softly, but firm and once you accept the hold they have on you, it's all pure magic. Beautiful album!

10-10-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] DJ Shadow - Border Crossing

Waking up on Monday Morning with DJ Shadow is a fine thing to do.It gives a great kickstart for the 1st day of another loooong week. But this is also the early prelude of the next weekend to come, which will make you forget all about the week. Have a good week, blast your Monday Morning Hangover away with this great track!

09-10-2011: James Vincent McMorrow - Wicked Game (cover)

James Vincent McMorrow covers the famous Chris Isaak-song Wicked Game. check out his website for some of his own material, i've just started doing so a few minutes ago and am already enjoying it, might come back later on this fine singer-songwriter with a decent article. for now, what a Wicked Game..

07-10-2011: EP Vermilion Club - Sidewalk Ecology

in 2010 Vermilion Club relased 'Home', an album full of wonderful songs, which i discovered earlier this year (in May) and listening to it now again, i have to admit it deserved more attention and words on my part over the 3 lines i spent on it back then.

To make up for it and because this new 3-track EP is very good, please take 15 minutes to make yourself enjoy their latest work, released on August 13th. It''s called 'Sidewalk Ecology' and no matter how i try i can't figure out which one of these 3 songs is the best. They're all extremely well-crafted. In my defense for writing only 3 lines in May and taking more time for this new release, it's fair to say that Vermilion Club has definately made progress. The 2010-release was a little bit too much of the same to hold my attention for the entire album, but this EP is a compact collection of 3 beautiful tracks, that only asks to be played over and over again. A request gladly granted.

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