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11-11-2011: R. Kelly - Shut Up

R. Kelly - Shut Up

Great new R. Kelly-track in the style of his only great album U Saved Me. He gets back at his critics & shouts out to his fans. Good 'comeback'!

10-11-2011: Album Small Houses - North

Sometimes i come across an album that is so breathtaking, that it seem the word 'beautiful' has been invented just to describe this specific record. This is Music (with a capital M) that is probably best enjoyed at night, although i've been caught listening to it all times of the day since it was released just a little over a month ago. This album does something really special to me, something i can't describe in any way, i can only relate it to the feeling i had last year with All alone in an Empty House by Lost In The Trees. An album so rich and so special that it doesn't matter when and where i hear it, i'm instantly in love-mode, just beacuse the music does it to me. An album that i listen to so intense, that i hardly realize that it's going to end sometimes. And when it ends, it feels like waking up after a beautiful dream.

My girlfriend recently told me that i write about music sometimes in a way that she would like me to write about her. therefor i will stop explaining now why i absolutely love this album, i don't want her to be jealous. listen. love.

10-11-2011: Cities & States - Ghost Town

Just like the previous post was just about 2 great songs, here's another one. Cities & States have released a few nice songs throughout the year, but Ghost Town is surely the finest. It's easy-going indiepop that's not groundbreaking, but pleasently on the ears. And ain't that what music is all about..?

10-11-2011: New Hands - This I've Heard / Through the Woodwork

Sometimes a song is just a good song. New Hands have succesfully crafted two and were kind enough to share it with the world. Not a clue of they can see the number of plays the songs get on their bandcamp-page, but i succesfully added about 7 or 8 in the last 2 hours, and i would probably add another few dozens if i didn't download the tracks just now. Hope this young band comes up with more of this, cuz if i'm enjoying it, i can't be alone..!

07-11-2011: EP Alabama Shakes - Alabama Shakes EP

Perfectly beautiful in a whole different way than my previous described love for The White album is this 4-track EP by The Alabama Shakes. But not an inch less beautiful. One of the best voices i've heard all year supported by an extremely talented band has made this EP a 14-minute trip i can take over and over again. The Alabama Shakes are definately on their way to greatness, cuz there's no way this band is not gonna make themselves millions of new fans. This is an EP best played as loud as your stereo can take, whatever time of day it is. But it doesn't really matter how, when of where you'll play this, just as long as you listen to it. It deserves to be heard. Simply brilliant EP, can't wait to hear more!

07-11-2011: EP The White Album - The Album

It is such a strange thing that this incredibly beautiful folk album was released mid-summer. On July 29th to be precise. That albumcover of a home in the snow fits perfectly, as this EP is best enjoyed in the deep dark cold night. I know it, cuz i've been doing it for a few weeks now. These 6 songs are each beauties in their own way and one can only hope that this Danish 3-piece band releases more material soon. If you like the softer Fleet Foxes-tracks, this is the best band to listen to, and me personally i can't get enough of what The White Album has released. Dare i use the word Masterpiece? I dare. With a capital M!

07-11-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Cannon Bros - Out Of Here

Been listening to this Cannon Bros-track for some time now and i really like it. It's part of a 6-track EP released August last year, so it's a little older than most stuff on the blog, but it's to good to ignore. Besides, it seems they're releasing a debut album in the near future, so that does make this a legit moment to write about it, cuz the other 5 tracks of that (free) EP are as good as this one and if the band releases an album with the same high quality songs it's gonna be a good one. Check out their bandcamp-page for the full free album. It's worth it!

05-11-2011: Dry The River - No Rest (AllSaints Basement Sessions)

Another great performance by what might just be the best band i've discovered this year.

05-11-2011: Album Real Estate - Days

One of the best new albums that has been released this year is the relaxed indiepop album "Days" by Real Estate.

It's Real was released as a 1st single earlier this year and is a great way of getting to know the band. It's an up-tempo song with energizing guitars and smooth vocals. The songs makes it pretty much impossible to sit still and brings out the sun no matter how cold the day is.

Album-opener Easy has the same positive vibe to it and when i 1st heard the album and this track i already knew this was gonna be a good 41-minute trip. After the 1st complete listen i was even more sure that this is a golden album. There are a few more songs like these 2 on the album, but there's also a few different strokes on it. The instrumental Kinder Blumen is something unexpected, but the easy riffs makes this a perfect fit for the album & i find myself humming the tune on a daily bases.

My favourite track of the album is All The Same, the finishing touch. It's a 7-minute trip that takes us through everything good that Real Estate has to offer. It starts off as another fine tune, but ends up being a seemingly endless instrumental trip, that'll continue for another 4 minutes. Making it a perfect moment to end the album with and inspire you to play it again right after the last note has died.

This is the perfect waking-up album, it doesn't matter how you wake up, once you hear these fine tunes your day will brighten up and all you need to do to keep it that way it get yourself a new dose of this fantastic album.

03-11-2011: Casiokids - Det Haster

After a morning of sweet relaxing i'm off to work in 20 minutes and so i need to get myself in gear. What better way to make this happen than some more moveable/danceable music? This cool track by Casiokids makes it impossible to sit still, with the sweet synths & vocals. Their album is said to hold more of these nice tracks, but unfortunately the album is not being released in Europe untill January 2012 (except for their home-country Norway, where it's already been released). Good thing we had this track to dance away on..

03-11-2011: Blackbird Blackbird - Tear

Thursday is the ultimate chill-day for me. As i sleep late, work late & am usually already a little tired from having worked more than i've slept over the days before. Music on Thursday is usually accordingly chilled out, with this brand new track by Blackbird Blackbird as a good starter for this Thursday morning. Coffee, an extended breakfast & relaxing tunes, i'm loving this!

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