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29-11-2011: The Hunting Accident - Aubergine

This is such an addictive track. Heard it 7 times in a row this morning and have to go to work now without. Damned! It's pretty straight up rockmusic what this band makes, but it's the better kind. Visit their website, listen to a few more (Hot Fuzz is also brilliant) & fall a little bit in love, i just did!

28-11-2011: First Rate People - Someone Else Can Make A Work Of Art

This is such a sunny (insiders would call it sunion) song. It's pretty much impossible to not sing along with it, just like sitting still is not an option. Wish i heard this in the Summer (when it was released), it would've been a great addition to the Summervibes-cassette-thingy i had going on.. When it comes to discovering great music it's never too late though, so fuck it and let's just enjoy and dance to it near the radiator.

28-11-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Snowmine - Curfews

really love this track for a week now. so what better way to start the day and week than with a good track? enjoy Snowmine.

25-11-2011: EP Paul Otteson - Fall Where They May

This beautiful 4-track EP by Paul Otteson is a great start for this Black Friday (which we do not 'celebrate' here in Holland). These 4 songs are all very good on their own, but for some reason the combination of them together in this order makes it a little extra. Each song is slighty better than the previous one & together the whole EP builts up to great finish. You can download it on a 'pay-what-you-want' bases right now, so why wouldn't you?

24-11-2011: James Blake - Curbside

The only reason i'm accepting this is a James Blake-track is because if it was not, the web would've known by now. This is as far away as anything i would expect from Mr. Blake. But in all fairness, i'm not his biggest fan around, so maybe people more up-to-date did see this coming. The amazing thing is, that it's actually a really good track. I can just play it over and over again and not get bored with it at all.. It's just a great f**cking track!

ps. follow that link to his website, it's pretty as hell!

24-11-2011: Dry The River (backstage vid)

Yesterday evening i was in the Amsterdam Melkweg to see Dry The River and The Antlers play 2 great shows. And just a few minutes ago i found this nice OGT-session that Dry The River played backstage before they went on and gave it all. It was probably the best concert i've seen this year (although James Blake was also phenomenal) and getting to see the also amazing The Antlers afterwards was a great bonus. Great night out!

23-11-2011: Salem - Better Off Alone

What better way to break a week long silence than a huge wall of noise. F**king love this version of Alice Deejay's 90s anthem by Salem, who have just yesterday released their new EP I’m Still in the Night. Which off course features this amazing track.

16-11-2011: Album Feist - Metals

Think it's 2 weeks ago now that I received my copy of Metals, the highly praised new album by Feist (beautiful website, you should check it out!). As always I am slow with my review of the album, basically because I don’t see the point in it. Anyone remotely interested in 2011s music will have read a review on this album and it was probably a positive one, cuz I don’t think I’ve read any bad review yet. Although I make a habit of going against the grain, I can only agree with the rest of the world on this one. This is a beautiful album.

The first few spins I had to get used to it a little and I was expecting it perhaps to be too slow for me, but I can honestly say that I love every moment on it. I listen on a daily bases and I have never been bored or annoyed by one bit. It would be a possible Best of 2011-album, but the not being annoyed by it actually makes this less inspiring than the other competitors. The other great albums of the year took time to win me over, Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes being the best example here, I really had to force that album upon myself a few times. Eventually it won me over and I am completely in love with it and there is a fair chance this is the album that has received the most airtime all year @pluginbabynl HQ.

Metals however was pretty brilliant from the 3rd spin I gave it & has continued to stay brilliant. It makes me wonder though, if I will still love it as intense in a few months, as I do now. Everyone knows that love and appreciation grows if something takes more time and effort, I’m not sure this also counts for albums, as I can not tell the future, but it’s a good thing I still have a few weeks left to decide on this matter. For now, I can only agree with blogs and magazines around the globe, this is Feist’s best album (so far) and she will definately score high on year lists. As she should!

14-11-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] White Denim - No Real Reason

Monday Morning Kick-Off with a nice track that starts off easy, but gets a little tougher with every minute that passes. perfect for a Monday morning, cuz this is basically how the Monday works, right? Have a good one with this cool track by White Denim (whose singers voice really reminds me of Keith Caputo).

13-11-2011: Bad Passion - Liquid Fire

Bad Passion - Liquid Fire

Bad Passion is a new project by Digits. This time he's teamed up with Lesley (who also does other things) and just like his solo-EP, this is a very nice & intimate collection of great songs. If i had to make a choice i'd probably enjoy this collaboration better than the solo-EP, but it's no easy pick. Go listen for yourself, get a free download of the entire EP at their website.

13-11-2011: EP Schradinova @ Kytopia

Janne Schra aka Schradinova recording her song 'Beat the devil' in the Kytopia Studio. They recorded 5 songs together and all songs are equally beautiful. It is a combination of talents so logical, that it made me wonder why i was so surprised to find out it works so well. It is 20 minutes of great music, clearly enjoyed as much by the musicians themselves as by the listeners (at least by me, that is..). Download the full (free) EP at!

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