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12-12-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Savoir Adore - Dreamers

A little more 'dreamy' and a tiny bit less loud than usual on a Monday Morning Kick-Off, but i slept so fuckin' bad these last 2 nights that all i can think of is getting back into a deep coma. It's gonna be a long day, and hopefully a long night after that. But today, after what'll surely turn out to be a comatizing day at work, i start reviewing the year. Let's see if i can get a 1st draft of my favourite albums together & there's some other cool stuff lined up for these last 3 weeks of 2011.

But besides that, check out this great tune by Savoir Adore, a Brooklyn quartet that reminds slightly of MGMT, but more fresh & friendly. I like MGMT, but this track is warm and friendly, and yes, dreamy. It's just this track though, cuz they also have some more up-tempo tracks, like the mesmerizing Bodies, which has a great drumbeat and makes it very hard to sit still.
Savoir Adore: A band to watch!

And for the other cool things coming your way; Stay tuned & have a great week!

11-12-2011: Track The Oceanauts - Wonderful Christmastime

The tree is shining bright in the living room and i'm typing this story under a bright white star, that is lighting up most of the room, together with some dying candles. Now that it's December 11th i'm willing to accept the fact Christmas is on it's way. I've heard The Super Christmas Tape my dad made when i was 10 while decorating the tree and it only seemed right to continue with Hey! It's Christmas - Vol. 2. A collection of 15 Christmas-songs brought to you by bands that deserve a little attention. They are not all equally magic, but there's some beautiful songs on this free ep. So from today (The Oceanauts) untill the big weekend itself, i'll be posting a sweet Christmas-song (mainly from this fine collection) every day around midnight. Let the pre-fun begin!

09-12-2011: Conrad Plymouth - Decision Day

Conrad Plymouth has released a free solo EP in August of this year, with 7 fine tracks on it. I've heard it play a few times by now and he's done a good job at it. The song that stands out though, is Decision Day, which i have played much more often than the entire album. It has a bit more power to it (just a tiny bit) and this (also) makes it an incredibly beautiful song. It's a song i can listen to over and over again, the EP is truely worth spending a few, but this song (for me) is the best reason to listen to it!

08-12-2011: Persona La Ave - Heart Strings

This has got to be one of the best instrumental tracks that has been released this year. I've been playing this for weeks and weeks now and today it has been on non-stop rotation for at least the last 2 hours. The great bass solo, the easy-going drums, it's the perfect chill-track after a long day at work. Close your eyes, relax. Play this song, you're in Paradise. It's that easy!

08-12-2011: Black Star - You Already Knew

First Part of the Aretha Franklin-tribute these guys are working on, but i'm just very pleased they've released a new track that is brilliant as always. You can download the track for free on their website, click the image to go there (you know you want to..)

07-12-2011: EP Knox, The Band - To Rush, Roar and Murmur

This is a very special EP, with 4 beautiful songs on it. It's dreamy music, but the sizzling kind. There's a vibe coming from these songs that pull you in, that occupy your mind & leave you in bit of a trance. This is not just for listening, it's for experiencing. Preferably late at night with the curtains closed, but it works very well in the early Wednesday morning, with the rain beating down on the windows & the kitchen being as cold as it is on a December morning. The warm sounds of Knox, The Band make it all bearable though.

05-12-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Hookworms - Teen Dreams

This is a little bit of a special edition of the Monday Morning Kick-Off, not because it's December 5th (well, also) but because this is not an ordinary 3-minute powerrock song that we've got here. Hookworms make psychedelic rock noise in the best tradition on their 4-track EP "S/T" where this track comes from. This is my favourite track on it, but all 4 track are very much worth waking up to. Have a good week!

02-12-2011: EP Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again EP

Michael Kiwanuka has just pre-released his new ep "Home Again", it's physical release is scheduled for January 2012, but it's already up for us to enjoy. And what joy i get from listening to these 3 songs. Michael Kiwanuka is a traditional singer-songwriter with a soulfull voice. Main support for his beautiful voice is his acoustic guitar, with the occassional support from drums, bass and backing vocals. But the songs, his sweet voice & relaxing vibe have something very familair, yet i can't put my finger on it. I guess that is sometimes how good music works, it makes you feel as if you've heard it somewhere before, as if you could sing it along from the 1st time you hear it, yet it is undoubtfully sparkling new. Great EP, is it January already, i got my 1st new years buy listed!

02-12-2011: Lotte Kestner - I Want You (cover)

Lotte Kestner just keeps covering great songs and she does it so incredibly beautiful. Here is Elvis Costello-cover I Want You (of which a live version with Fiona Apple was on the blog earlier this year, click here). Perfection in so many ways; Lotte Kestner has a great hand of picking songs & a great voice to perform them with.

02-12-2011: Other Lives - For 12 (live @Bruxelles)

Already told you about this Great Song (capitals well deserved) back in May, but this live-session proves me even more right. Love it!

01-12-2011: Yukon Blonde - Fire

i have this song in the rotation-system for almost 2 months now and i've probably heard over a 100 times. it's a good song, but for some reason i never made an effort for posting it. so here's me making up for that, cuz it's a great song with a cool surfing vibe. please enjoy!

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