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29-10-2015: Album Benjamin - The Bear And The Barn Owl

The Bear And The Barn Owl is Benjamin's debut record, released this Summer on my favorite record label Other Songs Music Co. It's a beautiful folk record Benjamin has been working on for five years. A clear proof that good things come to those how take the time and perfect their craft. Five years are worth the mantime when the result is so intense and fine as The Bear And The Barn Owl. And it still sounds so fresh and relaxing, as if Benjamin went into the studio last night and recorded it in one great session. Sending it out to the world for us to enjoy today, tomorrow and the next five years to come. While he's recording his next masterpiece. I can't wait to hear it!

27-10-2015: EP Adeline Hotel - How Strange It Is To See

Tender folk music by songwriter Daniel Knishkowy aka Adeline Hotel. I love the description of this record on his own website: A short song cycle built from lonesome ruminations on needing to pick up and leave but not knowing where to go or how to get there, How Strange It Is To See takes all-too-familiar feelings of restlessness and filters them through the lens of classic folk-rock and americana.

I don't think I could have said it better, but I might try. Later. Right now I'm just listening and singing along to these four beautiful songs.

27-10-2015: Track Blitz//Berlin - Jesus Shoes

From their upcoming record Distance.

26-10-2015: Album Dave Kerzner - New World

143 minutes of epic rock music. Dave Kerzner's New World is a rock opera like you've barely ever experienced before. Dark and melodic, heavy and synthetic. This is not your everyday prog rock, this is Prog Plus Rock. Considering that is a thing, and if not, Dave has invented it.

Above all this is a beautiful story and an amazing trip. 143 minutes of pure amazement, visiting all parts of the musical landscape without losing focus of what's really important: the music. I just love this record and should've shared it so much earlier with you, but late always trumps never, doesn't it?! Enjoy this rock beauty, every minute is worth it!

22-10-2015: mixtape Well-Played 008: Rainy Thursdays

Here; have four fine songs to help you get through those cold and lonely, rainy Thursdays.

21-10-2015: Track Tootawl - About Love

This is Tootawl and he tells us about love. Ain't it grand?!

16-10-2015: Track Milo McMahon - Who I Knew

Taken from his beautiful 4-track Who I Knew EP, released this summer. This is the closing song and totally addictive. Without a doubt one of the finest songs of the year.

13-10-2015: Track Tom Tukker - I'm Lost

Part 2 of Tom Tukker's debut video trilogy. Another great song and I can't wait to see what he's got planned for the grand final!

12-10-2015: Monday Morning Kick-Off Canshaker Pi - Looking For Love On Ibiza

This single is set for release this week and it's a great kick-off on a silent Monday morning. Have a good week!

09-10-2015: Album CANVAS - sticktoitiveness

CANVAS released this record in March and I have been listening it since then at least three times a week. This post is looong overdue, because this is a rock record you should hear. For some strange reason I can only share these four songs with you on the blog, but you can check out the entire record at Celebrate the weekend, play some air-guitar; let's have a party!

08-10-2015: Track Perhaps Contraption - Lay Low

Another fine song by the talented brasspunks of Perhaps Contraption. Brasspunks.. I love that word. Perfect waking up music. Let's dance and scream.

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