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05-08-2015: Track Wølffe - Shoot You Down

Shoot You Down by Wølffe is a highly addictive slow vocal track.
Would go great with a Tarantino-movie.

04-08-2015: Must-Have of the Month The Songs Are All We Have

Something a little different this month, this Must-Have of the Month picking is a 20-song compilation of demos, live recordings, B-sides and remixes of the brilliant artists gathered within the finest Canadian record label there is: Other Songs Music Co.

Just like Plug in, Baby! they've recently celebrated their 5th anniversary, and just like this little music blog, Other Songs Music Co. is dedicated to great music. But being a record label they are on the other side of things, releasing great music written by fine indie musicians. Folk music, soft and sweet, with a little twist from time to time. This compilation has a little twist, because of the live recordings and demos; this only adds to the charm of it.

Usually I think the one record I select each month is the best way to spend a little money on music and that's the end of it. By spending your money on this special collection you will also be supporting one of the best indie record labels there is out there in that big, big world. A record label guaranteed to release great new things that we're all dying to hear. So support Other Songs Music Co. by purchasing whichever package you prefer (may I suggest number 4, incl the slipmat) and enjoy a lot of great music. including these 20 rare recordings, of which Ballad of an Old Man #2 (Previously Unreleased, 2010) by JP Haynie is definately maybe my favorite.

I love these songs. I love this compilation. I love Other Songs Music Co.

03-08-2015: Track Bryan John Appleby - Costanoan Bones

The first single by Bryan John Appleby from his new album The Narrow Valley, set for release this Fall. I still listen to his beautiful record Fire on the Vine, which I posted 4 years (and one day) ago. Make sure to listen to that beauty while you join me in the waiting game for The Narrow Valley.

31-07-2015: Track Baby Guru - Glance

A soft and dreamy tune by Greek band Baby Guru.

28-07-2015: Track Holy Holy - You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog

Great song by Australian heroes Holy Holy.

27-07-2015: Monday Morning Kick-Off The Elwins - So Down Low

Monday Morning Kick-Off with The Elwins.

26-07-2015: Track Langhorne Slim and The Law - Strangers

The 1st single from their upcoming record The Spirit Moves, set for release next month.

25-07-2015: Introducing Jonah Parzen-Johnson

These are 3 songs taken from Jonah Parzen-Johnson's latest album Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow and they are mesmerizing as hell. Jonah's saxophone takes you on a lo-fi trip to hell and back. With his wild screams and roars laid over a continues loop his music puts you in trance impossible to escape from. I imagine a lot of people will not be able to understand the incredible music Jonah is producing, but I am completely addicted to playing these songs as loud as I can. There's a Summer storm raging outside. There's a musical storm raging indoors. I'm staying in, for both reasons.

You can listen to the entire record (and get a copy) at

25-07-2015: Track High Dive Heart - Vintage

Summer music by High Dive Heart, taken from their highly addictive Sonic Graffiti EP.

24-07-2015: Track Woodsman - Parallel Minds (reprise)

A dreamy soundscape by Woodsman.

21-07-2015: Track Amber Edgar - Only In Dreams

Taken from her beautiful 4-track EP Good Will Rise, this is a perfectly crafted fuzzy song full of emotions. Warm and sweaty, as if I was walking through the desert. The sun is beating down on me, while my body is beggin' for water and I am constantly dreaming of things I might never again, lay my eyes upon.

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