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31-03-2012: Bag Raiders - Snake Charmer (Cassian Remix)

Celebrate the weekend with this 100% dancetrack. Original by Bag Raiders and remixed by Cassian. Both names mean very little to me, but I received this in the mail 4 weeks ago and I can't stop listening to it. That flute is addictive is f*ck! #haveagoodweekend

30-03-2012: Track Paper Aeroplanes - Multiple Love

Paper Aeroplanes: love this band! Multiple Love: Love the song!

30-03-2012: Track Field of Wolves - Don't Explain

Just the right music to hear when midnight passed by over an hour ago and the week has been shit. too much work, too little free time to relax and definately no time to discover myself some new tunes (hence the silence @blog). But the good thing recently is that more and more artists seem to discover this blog, so my emailaccount is getting some action and it's always cool to check these things out.

Field of Wolves is Holly Bestic, an Australian/UK-based singer with a great jazzy voice and great tunes to support it. The vibe is brilliant and combined with her amazing voice this is a beauty for anytime of the day, but best enjoyed late at night. cheers!

27-03-2012: Track Skipping Girl Vinegar - Chase The Sun

With this song by Australian band Skipping Girl Vinegar, Spring has officially started. It's pumped, it's fun, it's danceable & it brings a smile on my face. Everyday has a great start when you sing along to this (and as a bonus, the video is good fun aswell)!

22-03-2012: Jonathan Boulet - Trounce

This is how you should wake up in the morning. Rocks the shit out of you and it'll keep you going for the rest of the morning. Brilliant song by Jonathan Boulet.

21-03-2012: KOPPS - LA Lights (David Lee Rad remix)

Kopps were on the blog somewhere last year with their brilliantly danceable "Terminator". Just like David Lee Rad with his 1st solo-track, the still very sweet and beautiful ".. The Morning We Woke Up".

And now, David has succesfully remixed another one of those great songs by the KOPPS-duo: LA Lights. The original was a fine piece of music, but in my personal (yet humble) opinion, this remix takes the cake. It's a perfect track for celebrating that Wednesday-night moment when you realize you're halfway there on your journey towards the weekend. It's a 100% remix, but with it's own feel and sound.

Although both keep me waiting for new tunes way too long, this is a nice track that'll keep me dancing for a while..

18-03-2012: The Wooden Sky - Child of the Valley

The Wooden Sky released their 3rd album in February and "Child of the Valley" was the 1st single to be released from it. It is dreamy and soft, and instantly reminded me of Bryan John Appleby, the man responsible for one of the best albums of 2011. The voice of leadsinger Gavin Gardiner sounds very alike, as well as the entire song could've easily fit on that fantastic album. This one song is extremely beautiful and I'll be checking out the rest of the album this week. Hope to have found another beauty here!

17-03-2012: Party Bros - Heartstones

Now this is how you start your weekend. Great f*cking Sax on a 5 and a half minute party track. Get the full EP via Mysteries Of The Mind, where you can also listen to the rest of it. #letsdance

16-03-2012: Matt Bauer - What The White Book Said (demo)

Matt Bauer - What The White Book Said (demo)

One of those 2011-albums I still have to get my hands on is The Jessamine County Book of the Living by Matt Bauer. Posted his amazing song Blacklight Horses of that same album last year and somehow came across this demo-version of "What The White Book Said" somewhere last week. I'm not sure it's a new song or something very old, as I can't find any data on it, but I dó know that it's a great track. It's just Matt & his guitar, which makes it all the more intimate.

15-03-2012: Album Pickering Pick - Prayer Flag

Things may change after receiving Michael Kuwaneka's album yesterday, but my favourite album of the month was released on the 28th of February: Prayer Flag by Pickering Pick. Eleven beautiful songs, every song even more special than the other.

The name 'Pickering Pick' may or not may be related to the music he plays, as he mostly plays the acoustic fingerpicking style Small Houses overwhelmed me with last year. They also both have a beautiful set of songs and a great voice, though Pickering Pick's voice is just a little bit more smooth. Which is neither a good or a bad thing. It's just a fact, or perhaps it's just my opinion.

Broken hearts seem to be the most sang subject Pickering Pick referres to, but it may be me reflecting some of my personal emotions on his great songs and amazing lyrics. Almost every song holds a line I wish I'd written. You can read all the lyrics underneath the songs on his bandcamp-page, but I always prefer not to.

Closing track "Seasons On The Run", is probably my favourite song on the album (although I really think it's impossible to love the last track the most, as it also means the album will be over after hearing that track..). It's a perfect closing song, and adds just a little extra with the useage of the movie(?) quotes. It's a sweet, serene song describing the seasons of life. And with his final stroke, he finishes an amazing album.

I don't know who it was that got me to listen to this, but I do hope to find out, as i really want to say thanks. This is going straight to my "Best of 2012"-list. No way I'll be leaving this record behind if I ever decide to live on an abandonded island for the rest of my life.

13-03-2012: EP Morris Ford - Dark Roads EP

This was released just two weeks ago, but the 3 songs on this EP are so sweet and beautiful that I've been hearing it everyday since then and these last few days I woke up with it. Which is a fine way to start your day with.
Morris Ford has a soft, whispering voice and writes great little songs. He is a craftsman of the highest quality, with songs that are subtle and sound so simple, yet ever so beuatiful. I sincerely hope the year will bring us some more music from this great musician. I'm a fan!

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