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16-04-2012: Digits - The Face of Desire / Death and Desire

Ever since I fell in love with Digits somewhere last year, I've been keeping track of his activities and I was pretty excited when he shared the news of some new tracks in March. They are part of a new mixtape called "Death and Desire", which you can download for free here. My 2 favourite new tracks are the both "Desire"-tracks. Both tracks are dreamy, with great synths and that specific Digits-sound. That, for some reason, makes just about everything he produces very pleasant on the ears. It reminds me of some 1990s artists, but nothing specific. and with me being a child of the 90s that is only a good thing!

Again 2 great tracks by a very inspiring artist. Support him by downloading and sharing his music with as much people as you can. I'm sure any (electronic) music lover will enjoy this!

15-04-2012: Album Avec pas d'casque - Astronomie

This Sunday morning I was reading the paper, drinking a cup of coffee and listening to a great record in the early morning sunshine for an hour or two. The perfect record to complete this little moment in heaven was a Canadian release by Avec pas d'casque.

They have recorded a beautiful countryfolk record that is made for relaxation. And because I don't know what the words mean, it's all the more easier to have it playing while reading the paper or a book. Especially when reading tough articles or English books I find it hard to focus on the words, when there's a great record playing in the background. Try listening to any amazing album while reading a book. Failure waiting to happen. Does that mean this is just background music? Definately not!

Astronomie is not just easy-listening background music. This record has been growing on me all week, evolving from just being background music to the point where I woke up this morning humming the melody of my favourite track "Veiller le feu". The next step is likely me breaking my promise to myself not to buy any more records for the rest of this month, because I'll just end up buying it on the 1st of May.

Enjoy a relaxing Sunday with one of the finest releases I've heard this year!

13-04-2012: Track Conveyor - Maine

Last week Conveyor announced the release of their new single "Mane", and yesterday one of my favourite blogs (which is also responsible for introducing me to this great band) had the honour of premiering B-side "Maine". I'll be honest with you, I was a bit jealous.

"Maine" is just like the A-side a great piece of music. It starts off with a fine piece of harmony singing, which lasts well over a minute. Later on the song transforms into a sweet acoustic song. Perfect relaxing B-side for the more upbeat "Mane". Pre-order yourself 1 of the limited (500) pressings of this great single here, I have and I can't wait to find it in my mailbox!

10-04-2012: EP Lowlakes - Lowlakes EP

For those of you that think waking up with Titus Andronicus is a bit too much after the long relaxing weekend, here's something more easy-going for ya: Lowlakes. This Australian band has just released their 1st (self-titled) EP and it's a beauty beyond belief.

Slow soundscapes with a very specific leading vocalist in the person of frontman Tom Snowdon make this a perfect EP for deep in the night. But with the rainy days we'll be having this week and with that long weekend off still in our mellow heads, this is the perfect soundtrack for those of us that refuse to wake up and get back to work.. Visit their website for the rest of the EP and have a relaxing Tuesday, my friends.

(ps. the laptop has regained a little bit of life, so no downtime, it seems :)

10-04-2012: mixtape Titus Andronicus LLC Mixtape Vol. 1

In an attempt to keep some great tunes coming your way, here's a Titus Andronicus Mixtape that was released in March. It's a collection of covers, live-shows and demos dating back to 2009. And although i'm not a huge fan of this band, it is extremely electric. You can feel the rock 'n roll energy flowing through every song they play. Surprisingly awesome, worth checking out on a dull Tuesday morning after a great Easter weekend!

click the image to visit their website and download the free mixtape!

09-04-2012: sch downtime

due to a completely deceased laptop, there will be some downtime on the blog. Unfortunately it's impossible to add videos/soundcloud/bandcamp items via the ipad, so you and me will just have to wait untill i get myself a new laptop.. Which will hopefully arrive later this week.

See you soon, but not soon enough..

07-04-2012: EP Satellite Giant - Nonagon EP

A great weekend EP this Nonagon EP by Satellite Giant. Long and slow tracks, with seemingly endless soundscapes in an 1970s rockvibe. Somewhat psychedelic, but without the extreme crazyness of it, they never loose track of the song and always keep your attention on the music. Have enjoyed several evenings with this 5-track ‘pay-what-you-want’ EP and I sincerely hope you do too. It may not be very Easteresque music (I just made a word, there), but if it’s good, play it loud!
And this is good music!

05-04-2012: Track Van She - Idea of Happiness

Too bad there's no sunshine today, cuz this is 100% Summer music. It's catchy, a little cheesy (but just the right amount) and you can easily dance and sing to it. Van She is releasing their new album later this month and if they hold on to this fun-vibe it'll be totally worth checking out!

05-04-2012: EP Halls - Fragile EP

Somewhere within the next week i'll receive my copy of this great 4-track EP in the mail and I can't wait. Despite having the option to hear it via the Bandcamp-player and the downloaded set I received with ordering the EP, I just really want to hear it playing on my brand new record player!

Not just because that brand new record player is such a nice addition to the little 'music corner' in my living room, but mostly because this Fragile EP by Halls is such a fine little album. "I Am Not Who You Want" is mentioned as the leading track on this EP and it's probably the nicest one, but the others are also extremely fine.

A great EP to slowly start off your Thursday morning with a mesmerizing tune and a smile on your face. And don't worry if you're already stressed out at work, this will go great with Easter breakfast this weekend!

04-04-2012: Conveyor - Mane

wrote 2 lovestories on this track, twice my fucking laptop died on me when i hit 'submit'. i'm done for tonight. it's a new track by one of my favourite bands of the last 12 months. enjoy. despite this fucked up machine i'm typing on, i'm still enjoying the tunes!

02-04-2012: Bon Iver live at AIR Studios

There are only a few things more beautiful than this live session.

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