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11-05-2012: Track The Boxing Lesson - Health is the New Drug

it's only 9,5 hours to go 'till the weekend. let's start celebrating with a fine piece of pumping loud rock music by The Boxing Lesson. The first 2,5 instrumental minutes are fucking awesome and it stays cool 'till the very last seconds.

10-05-2012: Track New Hands - Tulips

This is only a few days old, but it's on heavy rotation here. 5 times a day at least. and for only one simple reason: it's a great song! It has 80s-music written all over it, though I bet there's a lot of 80s-bands that would've killed for a sound like this. Love it!

09-05-2012: Dry The River - Lion's Den (AllSaints Basement Sessions)

Most mentioned band on the blog in 2011 was Dry The River. They had 4 mentions with individual songs and their "Weights & Measures" ended up high in my favourite EPs-overview of the year. In March this year they released their debut album Shallow Bed and it's one of the best releases of the year. It goes on from one highlight to the next, with "Lion's Den" as a 6.42 minute 'Grande Finale'. Last weekend I spent 2 days at work singing nothing but this song, today I woke up with it. It's the most intense piece on the album and it's a perfect ending track for a great album.

07-05-2012: Album Hip Hatchet - Joy and Better Days

One of only 2 albums I've bought this year without even hearing a single note of it (the other being Bruce Springsteen's latest, which I've heard twice so far) is Hip Hatchet's brand new album Joy and Better Days.

And not for a second have I doubted this purchase. From the 1st spin I knew this is every inch as beautiful as his 2011 Coward's Luck EP. But those were only 3 songs, the album has 12. I have to admit I wasn't sure upfront if I would be able to listen this many songs in Hip Hatchet's unique style. Would he be able to hold my attention for the entire record? I had my doubts. But they've been proven unnecessary, uncalled for even. Almost a month ago this was released and I've heard it at least once every day. But probably more, most days.

It's the kind of record that you have to be in the mood for, but if you're not, it'll get you in that specific mood. I can't wait for Summer, listening to these songs while drinking a cold beer near the waterside, seeing the boats, children swimming. It's the perfect record to just wonder off with. Into your mind, or into Hip Hatchet's mind through his lyrics.

Favourite song: When I Sing For Strangers. But with it being the last song on the album, the other 11 songs are the perfect way to that highlight. There's no doubt I'll be listening to this beautiful album for the rest of the year (and beyond).

05-05-2012: Track Jonathan Boulet - This Song Is Called Ragged

It's weeeeeeeeeeekend!!! with Jonathan Boulet's 1st single of the album that's gonna rock the shit out of my Summer. With that brilliant title We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart. Go here to hear "Trounce", another great song that got me interested in this album about six weeks ago.

Is it June already?

04-05-2012: Track Pond - You Broke My Cool

Beard, Wives, Denim. That's the name of Pond's new album. I've been listening to several tracks of that album for some time now, but the recently released vid for "You Broke My Cool" made me fall in love with this song even more. It's electric and best enjoyed loud.
Like what you hear? Stream the entire new album by following this link.

03-05-2012: Track Hundred Waters - Wonderboom

There's some raging reviews on the entire album Hundred Waters released earlier this year and you can hear almost the entire album via YouTube, which makes easily clear this is something special. I have to admit though, that of all the tracks I've heard these last few days, "Wonderboom" is my favourite by far! The beats combined with the great vocals make this something mesmerizing, that I can hear 15 times in a row and still not get enough off..

03-05-2012: Track LauraLaura - How Far To Run

On the LauraLaura facebook-page is talk of works on an album. Based on this sunny track, that should be interesting!

02-05-2012: Track The Hanged Man & The Groovy Gloom - Persephone

Start of your Wednesday with a bang. This is beyond brilliant. Is it July already?

01-05-2012: Track OCHO - The Fall / Deep River / The Turn

Later this month OCHO is releasing their debut album Young Hunting and based on the amount of great songs on their soundcloud-page this is shaping up to be a great release. It's dreamy soundscapes and amazing vocalists.

No one other than James Vincent McMorrow suggested this band on his twitter and when someone with such a beautiful record suggest an album, I have to listen. One does not simply ignore a music tip from a new found hero. And as you can listen for yourself, OCHO makes overwhelming music. "Deep River" is probably my favourite song, but this is an album with only highlights. Every new song that starts playing shapes up to be my favourite song, untill the last notes die out and the next beauty takes me by storm.

These 3 tracks clearly show the diversity of this collective. And their capacity to produce amazing songs, that'll suck you in and refuse to let you go. I've been listening to exactly one band all evening so far: OCHO. I recommend you do the same, you won't regret it.

26-04-2012: Track Fossil Collective - The Power of Love (FGTH-cover)

Last Thursday morning we've watched Let It Go, the 1st video for Fossil Collective's upcoming debut album. This Thursday you can hear them cover "The Power of Love", originally done by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. And it's a great cover. Sweet atmospheric voices, nice up-tempo groove, perfectly dreamy and danceable. Love it!

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