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27-08-2012: Monday Morning Kick-Off English Sporting Defeat - English Sporting Defeat

Waking up with a bang! It's songs like this that once made me come up with this category. "English Sporting Defeat" by English Sporting Defeat is the 1st track this band has written and it's perfect for early mornings. For people having trouble waking up in the morning, just like me on Monday morning. Have a good week!

24-08-2012: Track Cloud Seeding - The Light (feat. Nadine Carina)

Addictive. Enchanting. Mesmerizing. Beautiful. Intense. Dark. Melodic. Confusing. Sweaty. Breathtaking. Fine. Furious. Light. Spectaculair. I. Love. It.

23-08-2012: Album Murals - On A Passing Cloud

One of the finest releases of this Summer is without any doubt this great record by Murals. Within 10 seconds of opening track "On A Passing Cloud" you're probably in love with it. I know I was. References with other artists come to mind, but try to ignore them, nothing good comes of it. You're better off just dreaming away a little with these fine songs.

Their 1st single is "Eyes Of Love", a bright Summeresque track that'll have you dancing around in wide green fields with flowers everywhere before you know it. The people living to far away from such fields could probably get there by just closing their eyes.

Closing track "Lunar Love" comes way too fast. With just 8 tracks, of which only the opening track clocks over 3 minutes, this album is done before you know it. But it'll leave such an impression and dead silence, that the only suitable thing to do is: Play it again!

And again. And again. And again. Great Record!

22-08-2012: Track Matt Paxton - Factory Town

Last month saw the release of Matt Paxton's new song "Factory Town" and just like his previous single Shore Pine Walk it's a fine piece of music. It's a sweet little lovesong that'll take you away for a moment, just a few minutes to clear your head from the daily routines and just sit there and picture what it is that Matt is telling you about.

That's 2 beautiful songs by one man in a year.

20-08-2012: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Nightswimmer - The Phoenix

Been wanting to write a little something on this album for a month now, pretty much since it was released. But so far I failed this task, while I do enjoy the tunes a lot on this (pay-what-you-please) release. Be sure to check out the entire album at, because it's extremely fine! Have a good week!

15-08-2012: Track Cool Rainbows - Southern Summer Sun

Gotta love this track. Too bad the sun has left now the long and hot day at work is finally done, but it's still sunny and very hot inside with Cool Rainbows.

13-08-2012: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Kopek - Love Is Dead

Their new album White Collar Lies is still growing on me, but this song is fucking awesome! This is waking up as it should be (that goes for the video aswell)..

12-08-2012: Track The Presets - Youth In Trouble

Let us dance in the bright sunshine of another fine Sunday with The Presets.

08-08-2012: Track Netherfriends - Summer Sex

Think of a more relaxed Faithless or the almost unknown Kinobe for this new track by Netherfriends. Or just listen to this fine start of a sunny Wednesday morning. This day can only turn out great, I'm in the mood for some.. Summer Sex.

07-08-2012: mixtape Just Noise Music present: Selected Noises Vol. 1

Record label(?) Just Noise Music released a mixtape yesterday with 9 tracks presenting several (or perhaps all) of their artists. This free release holds at least 6 fine tracks, 2 pretty cool ones and one shitload of noise. Track number six by Amanita is a brutal wake-up after 12 minutes of Qualia-dreamsynths (listen below), but beside that little out-of-place tune, this is a fine sexy mixtape good for getting to know this unknown (and new) record label.

One of the finest soundscapes I've heard all year, this has everything I need on a slow Tuesday night. I've never heard of Qualia before, but I just found some more tracks on the Just Noise Music-website, so if you're into this as much as I am, go check it out!

A little less experimental, but nonetheless a fine song. Kinda reminded me of an early Kooks or something British from that era. But with a little twist, again I fail at making sense, sorry for that. It's just a really fine tune, hear it!

All and all a fine "Hello, we are Just Noise Music" on a Tuesday evening. How's that for starting up again after a whole week of painfull silence? (I'm busy as f*ck, bare with me my friends).

31-07-2012: Track Mother Mother - Let's Fall in Love

Mother Mother's Eureka was one of my favourite albums of 2011 and they're releasing their new album The Sticks September 18th. The 1st single was just released and is called "Let's Fall in Love". It is pretty much what to expect from this fine Canadian 5-piece, but that is surely not a bad thing. This song is power, it's cool, it's danceable, it's yet another reason to fall in love with Mother Mother!

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