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14-09-2012: Album Mascara Hera - Lanitra

One of the most beautiful songs of the year. This is like being in church, listening to a thousand angels singing. Lanitra is an intense and beautiful album, but a song like "Stratus".. Mindblowing.

Although it's impossible to be as good as "Stratus", this is a fine follow-up song. It continues on the same path, but adjusts just enough to keep you interested. The tempo goes up a little, but the overwhelming vibes keep on coming, trying to drown you in sound in the most beautiful way anyone could be killed.

Among the fine tunes this very unique album holds, there is also a beautiful line on Mascara Hera's bandcamp-page that you really should have a look at. I probably like it so much because it's something I could've said myself, but it sounds so perfect among the Special Thanks-lines of this release. Have a look, I prefer not to spoil your little moments of joy by typing a lot, and I've already said too much about this release. Just listen. And fall in love. Like I did.

14-09-2012: Track The Effens - Kamikaze

The Effens are somewhere in between Nirvana and Marilyn Manson, but in no way like them at all. There's a little Arctic Monkeys in there aswell, just like a few more bands. Truthfully, everytime I listen to their songs I hear something new. And that's pretty cool. Just like their music. Visit their bandcamp-page for the other 4 songs of their Beginners Luck EP, released in May. It's worth it!

10-09-2012: Album MPSO - Wisdom Teeth

Daniel Gray is the drummer of Memoryhouse and MPSO (aka Mount Pleasant Sympathy Orchestra) is his solo-project. Wisdom Teeth was released in February of this year and it's a wonderful collecting of dreamy tracks.

The songs are slow and easy-going, his voice a perfect addition to the soundscapes that are forming into something bigger and stronger. Sometimes even a little faster, but the pace mostly slows down right after it has gone up.

This is a perfect late Winternight song (and album). When the world is white with snow and asleep in the dark, while you stand by your window and feel time pass very slowly. Untill your lover walks in the room and softly pulls you into a huge, warm bed. Where you fall asleep in her arms and have the most perfect dreams you will ever have.

And while you're dreaming, this album will be playing its beautiful songs in the background.

10-09-2012: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Motorcycle Display Team - Betweenager

Monday Morning Kick-Off is a little late, but it's here with Motorcycle Display Team and their fine song 'Betweenager', from their new album Captatio Benevolentiae. Have a good week!

06-09-2012: Track Balto - Smokestacks

It was March 2011 when I fell in love with Balto's album "October Road". It was the 1st album I ever bought with my paypal-account since I started bloggin' 2 years ago.

Now They're back. Finally. 'Smokestacks' is a fresh new song, that'll grip you tight and refuses to let you go. Just like the finest songs on that album last year.But there is also something new, it feels like the song is more alive, there are things happening in and around it I can't really explain, but it's buzzing. It's a good thing.

New EP coming this month. If this is what we can expect, we're in for something beautiful.

04-09-2012: Track English Sporting Defeat - Wind​-​Up Bird

Last week English Sporting Defeat kicked off the week on Monday morning, this week they help us celebrate Tuesday evening with the release of their new single "Wind-Up Bird". After a hard days work, these kind of cheerful songs are the perfect medicine.

Great up-tempo sunny music and I'm told we can expect more releases in the near future. I say: Keep 'em coming!

04-09-2012: Track Bridie Jackson & the Arbour - Diminuitive Man / New Skin

Two new songs by the best new thing I've heard this year: Bridie Jackson & the Arbour. When I hear these new songs I instantly remember why I've fallen in love with their music in January. It takes me back to those dark Winter nights I spend listening to Bridie's beautiful voice and the fantastic songs she creates with The Arbour.

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour are still in a league of their own. These new songs: Instant beauty!

03-09-2012: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] The Statesmen - Better Than You

Monday Morning Kick-Off with The Statesmen. Have a good week!

01-09-2012: Track Perhaps Contraption - The National Anthem (Radiohead cover)

The most overrated band of all times has one of their tracks covered in a way any band would like to be covered. One of my favourite discoveries of 2012 is without a doubt Perhaps Contraption, their new album is set for November 3rd and they're keeping us (well, at least me) warm with a cover of Radiohead's "The National Anthem". So far I have never heard anything from this band that could be described as not completely amazing! And even when they cover Radiohead (overrated does not even begin to describe my feelings about them), it just blows your mind.

Have a good weekend, dance your arse off with this great track!

30-08-2012: Track John Davey - Down By the Willows

Among the huge collection of loose songs and complete albums hanging around on my laptop waiting to be on the blog is this fine song by John Davey. No special reason why I've waited so long to post this, but when I woke up this morning with this song in my head and started singing the chorus in the shower I knew it was time to share it.

It's a great song from his album In a Whelming Tide, released in June of this year, which I will definately listen to sometime soon. Based on this one song, it should be something special.

28-08-2012: Album The Soil & The Sun - Wake Up, Child

This was released 11 months ago and I came across it about 3 months ago. All that time I listened to it a lot, constantly reminding myself that I should write a little lovestory on it one day. Today is that day, and guess what? (this is the moment where you say "What!?" out loud, preferably for others to hear it), they've just released a new album called What Wonder is this Universe. Which is probably at least as good, and hopefully even better, but for now I'll stick to this 2011-release that I've fallen in love with over the last few months.

This band combines a lot of different styles, I can taste a little prog rock, some experimental 60s noise, hints of grunge and probably 12 more style frames I mostly will invent while typing. They've come up with a beautiful description themselves though: Experiential Spiritual Folk-Rock or New Mexican Space Music. That's unbeatable! It's brilliant and somehow perfectly describes this great album.

I could add any of the 10 songs featured on this album, as they are equally beautiful and my words are just getting in the way of the music. Let me just shut up and let the great music win you over like it did me. Amazing album. I'm not ready to say goodbye yet, their new release will just have to wait a little longer for me to be able to hear it. But if it is as good as this one, I'll fall in love someday. Just not yet. Not yet. I ain't ready for new love, I'm still hooked on this one..

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