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03-12-2012: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Radio Free Universe - Six

Monday Morning Noise Time with Radio Free Universe (which is a really cool band name). This is straight forward rock music as it should be. Timeless perfectly performed rock music. Very suitable for a sleepy Monday morning. Have a good week!

27-11-2012: Track Thick Shakes - I Said So

If you had a rough night and need some noise to keep you awake through the day: try Thick Shakes. Perfect garage punk that'll keep you dancing untill it's time for bed again.

26-11-2012: Album D.D DUMBO - D.D DUMBO

Now here's some great noisy tunes from the 1st day of 2012. Still kicking it loud now that we're almost at the end of it. This is a 6-track release by D.D DUMBO (with Oliver Hugh Perry being the name behind the name) that is a little weird, a little noisy, a little of a lot of things, but mostly just really enjoyable.

"I woke up covered in sand" is one of those great songs words can't describe.
It is just 198 seconds of greatness on a tape.

A trippy ending, which is exactly what this album deserves. The entire album reminds me of psychedelic 60s tunes and "alihukwe" is no stranger to that feeling or sound. I can just close my eyes and I'll be 9 years old again, watching Tour of Duty on TV in my pajamas after soccer practice. And that's a great feeling, so thank you D.D DUMBO. For a great album and a good memory regained!

23-11-2012: Album JP Haynie - The Sand

Most played record for November, maybe October too. JP Haynie's The Sand is one for the "best of 2012"-lists. There's nothing this is comparable with, it is pretty much unique in style and beauty. Just like those other fantastic albums this year has brought us, this is an album that you just want to hear again right at the moment the last song has finished.

"Peaceful River" is my favourite song, it could last for an hour and I'd still love it, some songs are just meant to last forever.. If this would've been the closing track on the album, it would've lasted 15 minutes & JP Haynie would've gotten away with it. It's almost too bad that didn't happen.

You got the idea, I love this album. There's a little bit of a lot in there, but it's also not like anything I've heard in a long time. Best references that come to mind are The Antlers and Grandaddy. Not the least of names..

"How Quickly We Forget" is one the more 'regular' songs on the album, but still a beauty. And the lyrics are pretty much perfect for a song with such a title.

Based on the huge amount of airtime this record received over the last weeks I should've already ordered myself and my entire family a copy of this. Unfortunately I'm flat broke, but don't let you (or my family) stop that of getting a copy for yourself. This is what I consider a must-have, and I will definately get at least myself a copy as soon as I can.

Great. Fucking. Record. (it's the 2013-slogan for great albums, get used to it..)

21-11-2012: EP Lion The Weak - Midnight

This 4-track EP was released on the 1st day of 2012, and now that we're slowly on our way to the end of it (assuming the whole Mayan-thing is bullshit and we'll make it into the next year) this is still a fine collection of songs. It took me a few days to realize why this sounds so familair, but eventually I came up with the perfect reference for this band: Real Estate! And let's be fair, there's nothing wrong with being compared to that perfect 2011-Summervibe Real Estate's "Days" brought us, and still brings us.

Lions The Weak's EP has that same subtle touch of sunshine in it, and the songs just get better everytime you hear them. Personal favourite is, off course, (you girls are) "All The Same". I imagine Real Estate, and any band slighty comparable is extremely jealous of a song like this. It has everything a great song needs. Perfection in 5 minutes and 8 seconds? Hell yes!

20-11-2012: Track The Parlor Soldiers - When The Dust Settles

The Parlor Soldiers are an Americana duo that released their debut album When The Dust Settles December last year and it holds some really good songs. My personal favourite is the heartbreaking title-song, it gives the me good kind of thrills everytime I hear it. The entire album lacks some diversity in my humble opinion, but this song is to good not to share. If you like it, check out the entire album @

19-11-2012: EP skittish - The Five Stages EP

Just a month old, but already one of my favourite releases of the year is The Five Stages EP by skittish. The 5-track EP tells about 5 stages, probably those of grief, I'm guessing those that come with a broken heart. And the impressive thing about it is that you can actually hear the different stages in the way the songs are made.

The 2nd song "Built To Break (Anger)" is more heavy, but "The Fixer (Bargaining)" already holds a little hope. The instrumentation and the song itself clearly tell the story. Just like "Kerosene (Depression)" has a melodramatic feel to it. The powerrock sets the perfect mood. Finishing track of the short story "The World Needs Bartenders (Acceptance)" is no happy song, but the sun is clearly shining again. The last 90 seconds are an absolute delight. It's like dancing on the beach with a cocktail in your hand (I did the Winter-version several times these last weeks: kitchen-dancing with a beer): I don't need you anyway!

The other great thing about this album is even more simple though. These are just 5 great songs! They are all unique and make a great song on their own, but bound together they become even better songs and as a whole make this a great album. An album I can listen to over and over again: One of the best releases of the year!

19-11-2012: Monday Morning Kick-Off English Sporting Defeat - Pop Thrills

English Sporting Defeat released a new track, and although they've labelled it as a demo, it sounds like a completely finished song to me. It's a cool and energetic song that'll make you sing & dance in no-time. Perfect to kick off another week. Have a good one!

18-11-2012: Track Idiot Wind - Lost In The Light

Sunday morning, not even 9 o'clock. Coffee and a brand new song by Idiot Wind. And it's not alone, she released a new single, of which this is the B-side. Listen to the equally beautiful A-side @ This is already a perfect Sunday.

13-11-2012: Track Marie Avery - If You've Got Time

This is wat makes me smile in the morning while I'm being half asleep reading the paper, drinking my 1st cup of coffee. It's pretty much impossible not to start smiling when you hear a fine, cute song like this. Whatever the time, this tune will warm you up & help you smile. Great song!

13-11-2012: Album The White Album - Conquistador

Last year November I fell in love with The White Album's The Album, it was one of those beautiful dark melancholic albums that fit so well in Autumn. With the wind, the rain and the coming cold of the Winter The White Album set the perfect mood.
This Fall they're back with a new 6-track album called Conquistador.

The Danish folk band continues on the melancholic way that suits them so well, but have added a bit of humor to their music. This is best heard on my favourite song "Your Mouth Is A Fist", which is the song I've woken up to almost every morning for the last 2 weeks.

A beautiful and sweet finish is "Let's Go Out", an intimate ending to this fine new release. Check out the other 3 songs & get yourself a copy at

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