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19-11-2012: EP skittish - The Five Stages EP

Just a month old, but already one of my favourite releases of the year is The Five Stages EP by skittish. The 5-track EP tells about 5 stages, probably those of grief, I'm guessing those that come with a broken heart. And the impressive thing about it is that you can actually hear the different stages in the way the songs are made.

The 2nd song "Built To Break (Anger)" is more heavy, but "The Fixer (Bargaining)" already holds a little hope. The instrumentation and the song itself clearly tell the story. Just like "Kerosene (Depression)" has a melodramatic feel to it. The powerrock sets the perfect mood. Finishing track of the short story "The World Needs Bartenders (Acceptance)" is no happy song, but the sun is clearly shining again. The last 90 seconds are an absolute delight. It's like dancing on the beach with a cocktail in your hand (I did the Winter-version several times these last weeks: kitchen-dancing with a beer): I don't need you anyway!

The other great thing about this album is even more simple though. These are just 5 great songs! They are all unique and make a great song on their own, but bound together they become even better songs and as a whole make this a great album. An album I can listen to over and over again: One of the best releases of the year!

19-11-2012: Monday Morning Kick-Off English Sporting Defeat - Pop Thrills

English Sporting Defeat released a new track, and although they've labelled it as a demo, it sounds like a completely finished song to me. It's a cool and energetic song that'll make you sing & dance in no-time. Perfect to kick off another week. Have a good one!

18-11-2012: Track Idiot Wind - Lost In The Light

Sunday morning, not even 9 o'clock. Coffee and a brand new song by Idiot Wind. And it's not alone, she released a new single, of which this is the B-side. Listen to the equally beautiful A-side @ This is already a perfect Sunday.

13-11-2012: Track Marie Avery - If You've Got Time

This is wat makes me smile in the morning while I'm being half asleep reading the paper, drinking my 1st cup of coffee. It's pretty much impossible not to start smiling when you hear a fine, cute song like this. Whatever the time, this tune will warm you up & help you smile. Great song!

13-11-2012: Album The White Album - Conquistador

Last year November I fell in love with The White Album's The Album, it was one of those beautiful dark melancholic albums that fit so well in Autumn. With the wind, the rain and the coming cold of the Winter The White Album set the perfect mood.
This Fall they're back with a new 6-track album called Conquistador.

The Danish folk band continues on the melancholic way that suits them so well, but have added a bit of humor to their music. This is best heard on my favourite song "Your Mouth Is A Fist", which is the song I've woken up to almost every morning for the last 2 weeks.

A beautiful and sweet finish is "Let's Go Out", an intimate ending to this fine new release. Check out the other 3 songs & get yourself a copy at

10-11-2012: EP Blonde Bunny - Blonde Bunny

This four track EP by this British 5-piece found its way to my inbox recently and it's very enjoyable. The songs are exciting and bring back memories of Incubus, back when they were cool (although I've seen them live this Summer and it was fucking awesome, their coolness is not what it was back then, i don't know why i think that way or why i bother explaining this..).

Back to Blonde Bunny and this EP. Just released, and I'm guessing it's their debut release. The four songs are a good fit and make fine Saturday songs. Celebrating the weekend with a cold beer and some perfect guitar noise, before you head out for some drinks in the local pub with your friends. And if you're lucky combined with some dancing or kissing with that pretty girl that's been looking at you (or the guy behind you) for some time now.

Life is good, and even better with music like this. Check out the other 2 songs and download the album (for free) from their bandcamp:

08-11-2012: Track WIDOWER - Oh Catherine, my Catherine

Let's just ease on down into the Thursday with this fine song by WIDOWER. A beautiful folk song that has been taking over the music blogs slowly over the last few weeks and is among the best songs I've heard this year.

05-11-2012: Track Old English - We've Been Here Before

We all hate Mondays, so let's celebrate it's almost over with this cool track by Old English. It would've made a great Monday Morning Kick-Off for the early morning if my provider had granted me a connection. Better late than never, we can still dance to the tunes of this fine debut single. Have a good week!

04-11-2012: Track Elenne May - Mother Bird

Elenne May's debut album Misleadingly Soft is set to be released later this month and the 1st single "Mother Bird" is already available for us fans to hear. She has a very fine voice, that sometimes sounds like it's gonna break, because it's so fragile. But it never does and the dreamy song is perfect for a relaxing Autumn Sunday.

02-11-2012: Track Muse - The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

This is perfect for a dull Friday-morning, when having a hard time waking up. Muse's new album is just what you were expecting, with a few extras. Like this Skrillex-like track. Loud & danceable, a little preview of what the weekend might be like, before we go to work on yet another rainy Friday. Good luck, my friends.

31-10-2012: Album A Problem Like Maria - Saudade

A Problem Like Maria describes her music as faerie folk, mermaid melancholia, and pixie pop. Especially 'faerie folk' is a beautiful and very suitable description, just give these 2 songs a listen. The other tracks on the album are somewhat 'difficult', but all together this is a beautiful 30-minute rollercoasterride, with a typical Halloween-interlude ('The owls are not what they seem').

You can hear and download ("pay-what-you-want") the entire 7-track album at Beautiful and intense album, play it loud!

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