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18-03-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off Scared Crow - Tonight

Remember last night? Remember 'Drowsy Eyes? That beautiful song by Scared Crow that helped you sleep like a baby. Well, here's the perfect song for waking up with a smile, again thanks to Scared Crow. Ironically called "Tonight" is this actually a perfect song for (Monday) mornings. You'll dance all the way to work, smile at every grumpy person you run into & finally tell that cute girl at the supermarket how she brightens your day a little extra every morning you see her.
You will feel light on your feet all day, have a good one!

17-03-2013: Track Scared Crow - Drowsy Eyes

"Drowsy Eyes" is the perfect song for late at night. Get in your bed & turn off the lights. Think about absolutely nothing, focus on your breathing for a few minutes. It'll clear your mind. Now turn on this beautiful song, put it on repeat & slowly sink into a deep sleep that'll feel like the best sleep you've ever had. Sweet dreams!

14-03-2013: Album Trotting Bear - Currents

Trotting Bear's previous record Morning still plays at least once a week. Preferably late at night, when I'm doing some reading in the comforting warmth of my bed. Trotting Bear's leading man Andy Berkhout has been writing new music in 2012 and this has let to a new release just last week. A 4-track EP called Currents.

Now, imagine a Thursday morning. Despite the snow that fell while you were sleeping, you wake up to a warm sunny world. The snow is quickly melting into the streets, while you're drinking a nice cup of coffee in the living room. The sun is lighting up the room bright yellow through the half-open curtains. The stereo is feeding you "easy-going, everything is alright, the world is at complete peace"-music. It is probably Trotting Bear playing their new EP. Making you feel very comfortable, in harmony with yourself and the rest of the world. Ready and fired up for a new day and whatever challenges it may hold.

I won't mind waking up like this for the rest of the year.

13-03-2013: Track Boy - Into The Wild

Remember BOY?! Two fine German girls singing beautiful songs from their 2012 debut album Mutual Friends. Last week they stopped by at KCRW and did a new song they had just finished, live and acoustic. And just like the songs we've heard before, it is a beauty! Take your time and if you haven't fallen in love in January, make sure you'll do it now!

11-03-2013: Album The Oh Hellos - Through the Deep, Dark Valley

Some albums are easy to love, some are hard. Some loves are easy to explain, some are hard. Through the Deep, Dark Valley by The Oh Hellos is easy to love, but hard to explain. Last year I displayed some love for their 4-track EP The Oh Hello's, but this full album is a huge step forward.

What makes The Oh Hellos special is the duo behind it, brother and sister singing together and switching lead vocals on the tracks. Making this an album with different sounds and songs. Perhaps the finest example for that is my favorite song "I Have Made Mistakes". This song is intimate; beautifully sung by Tyler, with Maggie doing 2nd voice.

As you may have noticed, I'm having a little trouble describing my love for this album. Which is weird, because I love it. It shouldn't be hard to declare love on a beautiful album with great songs on it. I've done it before... Yet here I am having a hard time with it. Maybe you should just not care about what I think or write (as you should do most of the time) and listen to the fine songs you've been presented. And if you like what you've heard, get your ass in gear and get yourself a copy.

Or she'll eat you alive..

11-03-2013: Track Loch Lomond - Your Eyes

From Loch Lomond's latest album Little Me Will Start A Storm comes this cool video and beautiful song. I have to admit I am extremely addicted to the song and this video ever since I first saw it two days ago. Videos usually don't do it for me, but I can't stop looking at this. I see something new everytime I watch it and the song just gets stuck in my head, making me sing little bits of it wherever I am. Extremely addictive. Simply beautiful.

11-03-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off Passenger Peru - In the Abscence of Snow

This Monday morning a cool track from Passenger Peru's great self-titled debut album Passenger Peru, released September of last year. Very much worth checking out, there's a lot more cool songs like this on it. Have a good week!

08-03-2013: Track Conveyor - Woolgatherer

One of my favorite bands released their debut album last year and have toured a lot since then, sadly only on their own continent.. Good thing they've also released a few videos for the songs on that great album, and a few days ago they released a video for "Woolgatherer". One of my favorite songs on the record and a video that is equally beautiful. Take a moment, have some tea. Watch something really cool!

07-03-2013: Track Young Summer - Fever Dream

Introducing: Young Summer. "Fever Dream" is a highly addictive track from an American singer who sounds a lot like Florence (from the Machine) Welch, but more danceable. This new song was released two days ago on that horrible iTunes, but thankfully still streamable via Soundcloud. Great Tune!

07-03-2013: Track Samantha Crain - Churchill

Always had a thing for girls with guitars and Samantha Crain is no exception. This live-version is a little older (November 2011), but she has just released her latest album Kid Face and you can download a 9-track sampler of her music via, I hear no reason why you shouldn't!

06-03-2013: Track Glass Ampp - The Life

Set for release in a few days, but this track by Glass Ampp is great to get you through the looong and almost endless Wednesday. Even better on a Saturday-night, but just think back to last weekend and enjoy looking forward to next weekend with this song. It has that traditional 90s rock-feel and the lyrics that are not very thrilling, but easy to scream along too while being more or less drunk..

Impossible not to like. Pure rock fun!

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