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24-02-2013: Track STRFKR - Say To You

A fine track from STRFKR's brand new album Miracle Mile, released a few days ago. You can hear several other songs from the album and get your copy at

20-02-2013: Track Henryspenncer - Gambetta

Wednesday is the longest day of the week, right between 2 weekends it's killing in the morning, but a little fantastic when it's over: we're halfway there! Wednesday is perfect for long, dark ambient rock tracks like this one from Henryspenncer. Released over a year ago, but still epic as fuck! Don't miss the rest of the album, check bandcamp.

18-02-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off 7Bit Hero - Come on. Stand out.

Monday Morning Kick-Off with the 1st video of 7Bit Hero. Have a good week!

17-02-2013: Track Michael Chorney and Dollar General - Raft

A great song from last year's Dispensation Of The Ordinary by Michael Chorney and Dollar General. Check out the rest of the album if you like, you won't be disappointed!

16-02-2013: Track Bedroom - In My Head

Time for bed with this great new track by Bedroom. Sleep well, my friends.

13-02-2013: Track Bridie Jackson & The Arbour - Scarecrow

One of the finest songs of 2013 so far is "Scarecrow", the new single by Bridie Jackson & The Arbour. Last week they've released a video to go with the tune. Worth watching, and (for me) another excuse to write a little something on this breathtaking and highly addictive song!

11-02-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off Bad Bad Hats - 9AM

Start off another week of freezing cold and long workdays with a little fun thanks to this fine summertrack by Bad Bad Hats. Have a good week.

04-02-2013: Album Old English - Prose & Kahns

In a few hours Old English will officially release their debut album Prose & Kahns. They’ve been so kind to send me a copy a few weeks ago and I’ve been loving it a little more each day. With the release date so close we can almost touch it, I figured it’s time to stop keeping it for myself & share this beautiful album with you. Turn off the lights, put your arms around a pretty lady or soft pillow, have some tea. Enjoy a great album.

Dreamy folk songs such as “Older Things” are great songs that’ll stick in your head and refuse to get out. the songs vaguely sound like several other great bands, but at the same time it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It’s familiar and unique at the same time, a rare combination. It’s very tempting to name a few famous bands that this album reminds me of, but I’ve decided long ago I don’t want to compare bands or albums with each other, I prefer to judge any album as the way it comes. and an album like Prose & Kahns can do without referrals, it is just fine the way it is.

Prose & Kahns sounds like the album I hoped Old English would release when I 1st heard their debut(?) single “We’ve been here before” back in November. They rock a little, they dream a little, they dance a little, they do a lot of things and all of these combined form a great record. Nothing more, nothing less. Prose & Kahns is a beautiful debut album and I sincerely hope they come up with a lot more! I’m a fan, and I think you will be too. There’s no reason not to be..

04-02-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off KOPPS - Mourning Sex (David Lee Rad Remix)

Perfect for a Saturday night, but also extremely fine on Monday morning is this amazing track by KOPPS, now remixed by David Lee Rad. Have a great week!

01-02-2013: Track Rebecca Brandt - Numbers & Shapes (live)

Rebecca Brandt did a release show of her debut album Numbers & Shapes back in September and there's a great video here with some images and sounds from that show. It looks & sounds magical and it makes me just a little more sad to not have been there. Other than that: Great Stuff!

30-01-2013: Album Les Monstres Terribles - Le Loup & Le Lapin

One of the most played songs of 2013 so far is this addictive song by Les Monstres Terribles from their November-release Le Loup & Le Lapin (French for The Wolf & The Rabbit). The singer has a bit of a hypnotizing voice and the noizy melodies combined with his voice and the somewhat simple (yet perfect) lyrics make this a song impossible to ignore.

Another brilliant piece of weird music is "Graveyard Shift". The lyrics tell a strange story, the music is disturbing and dark. Making it a perfect soundtrack song (or plot) for a lot of horrormovies. Especially the last 15 seconds are stuck in my brain for weeks now & I find myself singing this on the strangest moments (at work, surrounded by customers).

The album starts off really easy-going instrumental, with a slow, haunting song that'll grab your attention right away. This is no album to just play in the background. It is best enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. The many layers of music hold a rich and subtle sound that'll open up a little more each time you listen to it. It may take a while before you fall in love, but once you do, this is an album unlike anything you've ever heard.

The albums finest song (That Melody) actually describes perfectly how I feel about this album:
when i’m with you
the darker it gets
the more you shine through
the more i can see

Great! Fucking! Album!

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