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07-03-2013: Track Young Summer - Fever Dream

Introducing: Young Summer. "Fever Dream" is a highly addictive track from an American singer who sounds a lot like Florence (from the Machine) Welch, but more danceable. This new song was released two days ago on that horrible iTunes, but thankfully still streamable via Soundcloud. Great Tune!

07-03-2013: Track Samantha Crain - Churchill

Always had a thing for girls with guitars and Samantha Crain is no exception. This live-version is a little older (November 2011), but she has just released her latest album Kid Face and you can download a 9-track sampler of her music via, I hear no reason why you shouldn't!

06-03-2013: Track Glass Ampp - The Life

Set for release in a few days, but this track by Glass Ampp is great to get you through the looong and almost endless Wednesday. Even better on a Saturday-night, but just think back to last weekend and enjoy looking forward to next weekend with this song. It has that traditional 90s rock-feel and the lyrics that are not very thrilling, but easy to scream along too while being more or less drunk..

Impossible not to like. Pure rock fun!

06-03-2013: Track Big Scary - Phil Collins

New track from their upcoming new album and at least as beautiful as their previous tunes. Big Scary never stop surprising us and that album can't be released soon enough, if it were up to me..

03-03-2013: Track Fossil Collective - Under My Arrest

Fossil Collective is releasing their debut album in April, after their previous fine EPs 'On & On' and 'Let It Go'. The 1st single is "Under My Arrest" and it's a beauty. Rich instrumentation, fragile voices, beautiful lyrics. This song has it all. If the album has the same sound as this song, we're in for something special. I've marked April 8th in my agenda!

27-02-2013: Track Kurt Vile - Wakin On A Pretty Day

Another epic 'stretched as fuck'-song for the most endless day of the week. From Kurt Vile's new album "Wakin On A Pretty Daze", to be released the 8th of April. Good Stuff!

26-02-2013: Album Pickering Pick - (Tropic)

2012 introduced me to Sam. Sam Pickering Pick. His album Prayer Flag was one of the finest releases of last year and I was extremely pleased to find out he would be releasing an album early 2013. And early it was, (Tropic) was released on january 15th. I admit to being very slow with this review aka declaration of love, but I have a good excuse. The music on this album to fine to be typing while it's playing. Some music (the greatest music) is best enjoyed doing absolutely nothing, which goes extra triple-double for (Tropic).

From the 1st minute you feel right at home with Pickering Pick. The songs have that melancholic feeling, his laid-back fingerpicking style on guitar, calm piano ballads and slow tempo of the entire record are perfect for a lovely date on a lazy Sunday. But Monday morning getting up for work is just as enjoyable with this record as your alarm clock. After spending 6 weeks with this album, I’m fairly sure that there’s nothing you can’t do with this record playing.

If you’d put a gun to my head and force me to come with the most perfect song on this album, I’d probably cry out “The Summer’s Always Dying For The Fall”. But just like all great records, the best song on the album is the song that’s playing at that very moment. Last year March I finished my ‘review’ of Prayer Flag with the words “this is going straight to my best-of-the-year-list. Sounds about right, but recently I came up with a new category for albums like these:

Great. Fucking. Record.

25-02-2013: Track Lately Kind of Yeah - Erleuchtung

Perfect for a late Sunday night. The city sleeps, everyone is getting ready for a new week of hard labour. Me, I'm just staring out the window. Watching tiny snowflakes, listening to this one song over and over again. Lately Kind of Yeah is more than just a really cool name, it's some fine tunes aswell! And that last minute makes for a great midnight-mantra (kill 'em all..). Sweet dreams my friends, a new week awaits us.

24-02-2013: interviews Q&A: Cub Scouts

In an attempt to introduce some new great bands to you besides sharing the fine tunes they're releasing, I'm attempting to set up an ongoing series of Q&A's with several of these bands. Just a little extra info on who the people behind the music are (please forgive me my poor interviewing-skills). First off is Australian's best kept secret Cub Scouts. They've been spotted a few times on the blog already with 3 great songs and have just released their latest song "Pool!". Lead singer Tim Nelson has provided the answers; have a read, give it a spin, enjoy a great Summer feeling!

- first off, who are the Cub Scouts?
We're an Australian indie/pop band

- How did you meet?
Sam, Zoe, Andy and I all went to the same school and we met Dan through other school friends!

- when/how did you decide to team up and start making music together?
I'd been writing songs for a little while, then when I got offered a show, I wanted a band to play with. I contacted people that I knew could play instruments to see if they'd play that one show with me. We ended up keeping on playing together and eventually we formed 'Cub Scouts'

- What is an average week for Cub Scouts?
We all have jobs, so an average week is working most days of the week. We have band practice on Monday nights and we often spend weekend away playing shows.

- what do you enjoy most: recording new songs in the studio or playing live shows?
We find both equally great.

- Over the last year you've released several singles and an EP. Now that 2012 is over, how do you look back on it?
It was a pretty crazy year - we achieved so much more than we had even imagined we could.

- What was the highlight of the year?
Embarking on five national tours and releasing our debut EP!

- What are the plans for 2013?
More touring, including overseas tours, and recording/releasing new music!

Thank you Tim and Cub Scouts. Looking forward to more new tunes and hopefully a European Tour somewhere this year!

24-02-2013: Track STRFKR - Say To You

A fine track from STRFKR's brand new album Miracle Mile, released a few days ago. You can hear several other songs from the album and get your copy at

20-02-2013: Track Henryspenncer - Gambetta

Wednesday is the longest day of the week, right between 2 weekends it's killing in the morning, but a little fantastic when it's over: we're halfway there! Wednesday is perfect for long, dark ambient rock tracks like this one from Henryspenncer. Released over a year ago, but still epic as fuck! Don't miss the rest of the album, check bandcamp.

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