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12-06-2013: Album F&M - Вечер В Москве (An Evening in Moscow)

One of my favorite cute little bands is F&M. They play folk music with a little twist, leaning towards country on their beautiful 2011-release Wish You Were Here and taking on some Russian influences on this 4 track EP suitably called An Evening In Moscow.

Also the same variation as on the previously mentioned album. Lead vocals coming from different band members, giving each song something different. But it's clear the band is finding the right voice and person for each song.

This is a 4-track EP and track number 4 is actually a song also included on Wish You Were Here, so this EP is about the other three brand new songs on it. And with this so-called review you've heard them all..

that can only mean one thing. Just like any previous work from F&M, this is a great release. And I've just found out a few days ago they are working on a new album. How great is that!!? In my not very humble opinion, Fucking Great! Just like this release: Fucking Great!

10-06-2013: Must-Have of the Month Coyote Armada - Kye Oats

This would also work great for a Monday Morning Kick-Off, this song definately gets better played as loud as possible. Don't let this fool you though, it's the only song on this 5-track EP with Nicholas (who is undoubtfully the rapper), the rest of the album is much more folky.

That does not mean it is not as beautiful as Millstone, although I have to admit that it is my favorite song of the album. Opener "North" is at least as great. Pure folk, just like the other 3 songs on the album.

This whole Must-Have of the Month-thing is part of a bit of a financial challenge for me, due to ex-girlfriends and banks I need to save a lot of money. Which had me decide to not buy the shitload of albums I used to do for at least the next 12 months. Being the silly little music lover that I am, I granted myself one purchase per month, preferably just the download-option (instead of the vinyl-versions I usually ordered). The whole situation sparked the Must-Have of the Month-idea and here I am typing crap you're barely interested in.

But the basic thought is: I allowed myself one album this month, and this is it. Kye Oats by Coyote Armada. Great. Fucking. Album. (although I usually skip the last minute of track 3. Reservoir / A Low Fog Coming , because it's a bit of a drag..)

09-06-2013: Track Samantha Crain - The Pattern Has Changed

New Samantha Crain-video from her latest album Kid Face. Another beauty from this talented singer-songwriter who was recently named "Artist To Watch"in last months Rolling Stone magazine.

05-06-2013: Album, North Sea Jazz BADBADNOTGOOD - BBNG2

One of the upcoming highlights for North Sea Jazz 2013 in July is the concert on Friday by BADBADNOTGOOD. Their 2nd album BBNG2 is addicitive as hell and it rocks like crazy. Their sound reminds me a lot of the early days of Bad Plus, but with more hiphop in their sound.

BADBADNOTGOOD does 6 covers on this album and 5 tracks of their own. The new tracks are as good as the covers, the only difference is that the new tracks are not very familair on first spins. The best way to tackle that problem is by listening to this album A LOT. Like I've done over the last two weeks.

Their covering skills are best heard in their brilliant copy of James Blake's "Limit To Your Love" and "Flashing Lights", originally done by Kanye West. It has that same melodic somewhat dark feel to it the live-version holds (the original album version is pretty boring..). And it's really amazing that the vocals are not being missed at all on these tracks. That's good instrumental covering for ya.

You can download BBNG2 for free via and enjoy this great album anywhere you like. It's perfect for training, working, relaxing, dancing, reading the paper, lounging in the sun, doing the laundry and probably a lot more. Can't wait to see them live next month, but for now this is a GREATFUCKINGALBUM. GOODGOODNOTBADATALL.

01-06-2013: Track Ditte Elly - Sleeper Train

Simply Beautiful, part 3.

31-05-2013: Track Ditte Elly - Not Much To Ask [Parts 1 & 2]

Simply Beautiful, part 2.

30-05-2013: Track Ditte Elly - Northumberland

Simply Beautiful.

28-05-2013: Track Bibio - À tout à l'heure

So the Summer finally kicked in a little. Spend my day off yesterday at the beach with some friends, an unstoppable dog & a few cold beers. Later on we went to barbeque the shit out of that Monday and after an intense work-out and a few rounds of poker in the evening I went home around 2 in the morning finally having that good old Summer feeling.

And what better way to celebrate the Summer than with a great sunny dancetrack that's just made for dancing on the beach. So far I have to listen to the rest of Bibio's album (which gets good reviews), but as you can hear, this 1st song is a killer Summertrack.

25-05-2013: Track Movement - Feel Real

Saturday. Weekend. Partytime. I'm sick as fuck for a few days now and will probably spend this evening on the sofa watching the Champions League Final with a cup of tea, but don't let that stop you from dancing your arse off. To get in the mood, here's the 1st track from Sydney-based trio Movement called "Feel Real".

22-05-2013: Album John Donovan - Via Crucis

Some (actually, most) albums are best enjoyed from start to finish. Although the way we as consumers listen to music has changed a lot since the internet and all the possibilities it holds came on our path, I still strongly believe that most artists don't record a bunch of songs and stuff a collection of those on an album. I still believe most artists work with the the concept of an album. With a start and a finish and an order in tracklisting that is created specifically that way for a reason. Not always a logical or simple reason, but the order and the songs on the record are constructed in that order. And of course we as listeners are free to listen to an album any way we want (my mp3-player sets several albums backwards for some reasons, just the order, not the actual songs are played backwards..), but we might miss out on that special something the artist had in mind when carefully selecting the songs and their order.

Now that's a lot of words for trying to express the urge to listen to this new album by John Donovan from the first to the last second. Via Crucis has a theme. It is (and I quote) "an interpretation of the fourteen traditional Stations of the Cross". I don't know what that means, as I'm not religious, but that theme is best felt when you listen to the album as I suggested earlier. The reason I use so many words to urge this on you is because there's a few atmospheric moments on it. Things not really suitable for using here on this blog, but if heard within the surroundings of the rest of the music, it makes sense. It fits great, and it is a valid addition to the album.

To best enjoy this album, start around midnight: Turn off the television, dim the lights. Burn a few candles, stare into nothing. The wall, an old painting, the empty streets outside your window. Or, if you're doing this in the bedroom (also a great place for a record like this), just stare at the ceiling.

That is all you need to do for an intense and inspirational music experience. Listen to the entire album via Probably best served on a Sunday night, but in all honesty, any moment will do. Enjoy.

21-05-2013: Track Kate Boy - The Way We Are

This is a perfect dull rainy Tuesday morning banger. Kate Boy is a Swedish 4-piece around lead-singer Kate Akhurst and this latest track is the best one they've released so far. It has a bit more power, best heard in the way Kate Akhurst's uses her voice her in their previous released, to be heard on their website. Hope they'll stick with this powerfull sound for a while..

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