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23-08-2013: Track The Creamier Tones - Don't You Fall Asleep

Great morning track! Noisy, perfect title and addictive as fuck. If I had a weekend coming up, I’d use this as a little warm-up. But even working all weekend is a little better when there’s fine music like this. Great Fucking Song!

23-08-2013: Track MTNS - Lost Track of Time

MTNS (Mountains) released their debut single 2 weeks ago and it is a Beauty! Lost Track of Time is an intense melancholic song. Subtle beats, smooth synths & great vocals . Looking forward to a 2nd single (& some more info on these guys).

19-08-2013: Introducing Lily & Madeleine

This duo has been discovered earlier this year and after a first success with their debut EP The Weight of the Globe (of which these 2 songs were taken), their debut full-length is due October 29th. These 2 teen sisters create beautiful folky songs that sound like they were recorded 50 years ago. It has a timeless feel to it, making it easy on the ears and helping me forget about everything else that is going on in the world these days.

Perfect candlelight-music. Great for daydreaming. Long walks in the forest in Winter. Staring into the water on a sunny Monday afternoon. Taking long showers. Writing little sad love stories where the guy never gets the girl. So far I haven't done anything that did not go well with the 5 great songs from that debut EP (although it's probably not very stimulating work-out music :)), but it's a great first introduction to this young duo on their way to greatness with their 1st release coming up via Asthmatic Kitty Records.

The 2 songs above are from a little acoustic live session, you can listen to and download the actual EP at

And with that new album already being announced, there's also a 1st track made available last week. Listen to the beautiful "Devil We Know" down below. It is a little bit more uptempo, their voices sound a little stronger, I can hear something deeper in this new song.

Me personally, I'm looking forward to the album A LOT and hopefully you can understand and share that urge a little after hearing these 3 beautiful songs.

16-08-2013: Track Wes Tirey - Wild Beasts / When Your Eyes See The Valley

This is probably my favorite track from his February-release I Stood Among Trees. Wes Tirey writes haunting folk songs with a little country twist, ending his 5-track EP with the 7 minute instrumental track "When Your Eyes See The Valley" and it is beyond epic.

Great album. Mesmerizing music. Addictive like smoking.

14-08-2013: Track Kory Quinn & The Comrades - Annabelle Lee

Country at its finest. Love this song by Kory Quinn & The Comrades!

12-08-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off Flamingo Bay - Serpentine

It's Monday Morning and so far I've failed at really waking up. But that's typical Monday-style isn't it? Hopefully you're doing a little better than me and if not, maybe this cool rock 'n roll track by Flamingo Bay can help you wake up. Have a good week!

10-08-2013: Track Ha Ha Tonka - Colorful Kids

Saturday evening with Ha Ha Tonka's "Colorful Kids". Coming from their new album Lessons (released September 24th), this is a cool jam to kick off a serious night of party-ing (actually, we're playing RISK all night).

09-08-2013: Track Derek Webb - Eye Of The Hurricane (Acoustic)

About 24 hours ago I came across this song and I'm sure I've heard it over 24 times by now. You'd have to ignore the first 34 seconds, especially the part about his religion, but when the song starts and and especially when he brings out that great voice in the chorus you should have been won over. I know that was the moment I fell in love with it. And during my first listen I was singing along the chorus already. Because it's catchy as hell, a great song and mister Webb has a clear, bright and powerfull voice. No matter the lyrics, I'll gladly sing a long.

08-08-2013: Track The Eastern Sea - A Lie

Over a year old, but who's keeping track of time these days? With all the fine songs coming out all the time it's easy to miss out on great things. That's why bloggers are around, to help you find those great gems you've missed yourself. Here's another one of those pretty songs we've almost missed; "A Lie" by The Eastern Sea, from their also one year old, but very fine, record Plague.

06-08-2013: Must-Have of the Month Andy - Release - The Oslo Recordings

Summer 2012. A pretty girl walks onto the main stage and plays a beautiful set of songs. The crowd is not paying enough attention, but those that do fall a little bit in love that day. Being a little silly drunk myself I didn't catch her name and being a music lover no matter how drunk I am, it annoyes me. An hour later, a pretty girl walks by. casually holding a beer, I'm fairly sure she was smoking a cigarette while talking to her girlfriend. My friend and I look at her for a few seconds and debate about the similarities with the mesmerizing singer-songwriter we've just witnessed on stage. Not being able to figure it out I walk up to her to ask if it was her on stage. It was her. We talk a little, she signs a copy of her album & says goodbye. Besides the autograph she writes "yes, it was me". I'm a little bit in love..

A few months later. Through a little spark of luck I get a few tickets to a local festival. She's playing a small set, looking pretty as always. Being her funny self on stage, singing painfully beautiful in a restaurant slowly being cooked by a hot Autumn sun. I'm warm, I'm hot, I'm mesmerized again. Even more this time, the songs and her voice sound so much better in an intimate session. Although I'm not easily annoyed by people talking at concerts, every word from the crowd is too much. We bump into each other a little later. I compliment her on a fine set, but I'm striking out verbally. The words I wanted to use were lost in emotions and alcohol. We talk a little, I feel a little more lost with every minute that passes.

January 2013. As a loyal fan I read something about a new album. It's on iTunes and physical copies will be available soon. Without hearing a single note of it I shoot her an email about ordering myself a copy. She replies, gives me the details, we've got a deal. I think back of the 2 shows I've seen. Great voice, beautiful little songs. Cute on-stage personality. I wonder if the new songs, recorded in Oslo, can match the expectations I hold. Months go by. Relationships end, houses are left behind. I forget about Andy, the girl with the sneakers and the beautiful voice.

Summer 2013. Relationships have ended, houses are left behind. Putting myself together I go through my exploded inbox and find the emails we’ve sent each other. Feeling bad that I’ve never got back to her I explain a little bit and tell her how much I’d like to buy her album, as a little present to myself. She replies swiftly, and a few days later I receive a little package. On a Friday night I open a good bottle of wine and the package I’ve been looking at for 2 days. A little joke on the inside, her pretty face on the cover & her sneakers on the back. So far, so good. If she did turn into J. Bieber I can always look at the pretty pictures. I play it on my stereo, I play it loud. And from the 1st minute it’s back. The magic. The same comfort I felt when I saw her play live. Just like 12 months ago, I’m a little bit in love.

A few months later. Andy is still the same talented singer-songwriter from Amsterdam. The same girl that has released a 6-track album in January. Still playing her songs in Haarlem, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hoorn and probably a lot of other places (go see her when she’s close to you). I am still the same person. Doing my routines, listening to music wherever I go. There’s just one difference. I’ve been listening to Release - The Oslo Recordings every day, falling in love a little more each day. Her voice sooths me, the lyrics comfort me, the songs keep me company. If you buy only one album this month, this season, this Summer. Let me recommend you Andy’s Release - The Oslo Recordings. It’s everything you could ever ask for in an album.

01-08-2013: War Jacket & Josh Sizemore - Going to Hell

Don't know War Jacket. Don't know Josh Sizemore. Don't know Kathleen Edwards (the original artist of the song). Don't know 'Going to Hell'. But I know a good song. And this is it. mesmerizing, best-played-loud, acoustic, going-to-hell, amazing version of a cool song. Don't know War Jacket. Don't know Josh Sizemore. But they did hell on this. Really Hell.. And well. (damn, that's lame..)

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