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12-10-2013: Track Letters To Fiesta - Stay Young

Great song. Beautiful haunting video. Perfect Saturday Night Music.
Their debut EP is released on October 28th, stay tuned for more crazyness!

09-10-2013: Track Heathers - I Don't Wanna Be Adored

This is the B-side to the first single by Heathers, which is called "Teenage Clothes". The thing is; the B-side rocks harder than the A-side, which is also pretty cool, but not as cool as "I Don't Wanna Be Adored". This is basic jangle teen indierock. If you close your eyes you can see them practicing in someone's garage or basement. But thanks to that raw, young energy it is irresistible as fuck. Fine 1st release, definately keeping up with these guys.

08-10-2013: Track Mary Alouette - Si Tu Savais

I love Jazz. I love the French language. I love pretty much any female singer using this beautiful language. There's so many reasons for me to love this song. And that is probably why I love this song (I tell myself you did not see that one coming..) so much.

The French are not good at a lot of things, but wine and music like this are all it takes to get on my good side. Vive La France! Vive Mary Alouette (from Brooklyn, New York)!

07-10-2013: Must-Have of the Month Cantoo - Cantoo

We are going back to the 60s with Cantoo's self-titled debut album, released in May of this year and October's Must-Have of the Month. I know a lot of 60s music by sound, thanks to my father being a huge music fan like me and him being a teen in the 60s. And for some reason the music you hear in your teenage years will always mean something special, so when I grew up in the 80s and 90s my father still played the hundreds of records he had with all the older music on it. And being a parent usually means the new music is complete rubbish, and we all know how 'unmusical' the 90s were, with the eurodance and hardcore (which I both still love) controlling the music charts (at least in my part of Europe).

The 60s still live on now. for example through new music being released nowadays, but heavily inspired by those times 50 years ago. Enter: Cantoo. Their music is based on those times, but luckily not stuck in it. The harmonies, the instruments and the hints of psychedelia are all there. But it sounds fresher, more experimental, less forced. More now. And I guess that is what makes it so good. With one foot in the tradition of what was probably the most inspiring musical decade of 'recent' history and the other foot in the here and now, Cantoo has created a sound that is classic and new, combining the best of both worlds. I haven't received my copy yet, but I bet it works even better played on vinyl.

This is one of those records I just know I'll be playing for years. I listen to it several times a day at home, updated all my devices so it's on there and won't rest untill I've succesfully figured out all the lyrics. The music sets a mood I probably connect to my younger days doing the dishes with my father, while he's busy finding a 25 year old record he just happened to think of that day. Happy times, making this record just a little more special.

Cantoo's debut album is a beauty. Even without the huge amount of memories I poured out here, this is a great work of art. I can only hope that you enjoy these 4 songs as much as I do and will give the entire album a few spins from start to finish at Be sure to do nothing (well a walk in the woods or something might work very well), so you take it all in. And I know you'll be amazed by the beauty of this album.

Great. Fucking. Album. Absolute Must-Have.

06-10-2013: Track Ghost Twins - Dream On / Dream Off // Unknown Animal

Sunday tunes are usually smooth and relaxing. But not this Sunday. Ghost Twins is an electronic indiepop duo from the UK. Although this song is pretty far away from being 'standard' indiepop, it doesn't make it any less enjoyable. "Dream On / Dream Off" is almost 8 minutes of progrock that sucks you in and will have you headbangin' for most of the song. But it's not just mindless noise, it builts up and slows down, making it a really fine little trip.

"Dream On / Dream Off" is part of a double A-side single, set for release tomorrow. The other A-side is "Unknown Animal", which is something completely different at first and slowly works it's way to becoming an addictive dance track. Great stuff for a workout on Sunday morning or just hanging out in the early morning sunshine. I love Sundays..

03-10-2013: Track Amber - Noah

On a totally unrelated note I would like to tell you that Amber was the name of my first real love. But that was ages ago. Nowadays she's happily living together with some other guy and a band not formed in her honour is releasing great music. Because this song is Addictive! As! FUCK!!

You may want to give this song a few spins before it nests in your brain, but I guarantee you it will. Ever since I've discovered it last weekend I've listened about 7 times a day to it. At least once before I go to work in the morning, and it's the first song I play really loud when I get home in the evening. The somewhat simpleton lyrics bothered me at first, but the overall "fuck everyone else, enjoy your life, it's Summer and stuff"-feel eventually creates a huge buzz. So sing and dance, tell the world you are Noah and that the sea is your home. I have been doing so for a few days now. Most neighbours think I've finally lost it, but I think I finally found it!

Great song!

01-10-2013: Track Squanto - Parts 3 & 4

This song had me picking up my guitar again last night, for probably the first time in 2013. Not because I wanted to play this song, not because it reminded me of something (well, a little bit). But mostly it inspired me. It is about 24 hours ago now (it was somewhere between midnight and 1:00 AM), I played the intro to 'Stairway to Heaven', attempted a few Nick Drake-song, had another beer and went to bed.

Best sleep I had in months. I went into my coma and kept right in there untill the alarm went off, feeling all powered up from the 1st minute. I don't think I slept like that in the last 3 years. After that and a morning coffee, I felt so good today, I walked up to this pretty girl I've been having meaningless small talks with for months, and now we have a date on Thursday.

Not saying my newlyfound love for my acoustic guitar, the great night sleep, the succesfull day at work and the Thursday date with the pretty girl are somehow related to listening to this mesmerizing tune last night. But I'm spinning it again right now, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning. after a great night of sleep. But first, where's my guitar?!

And in case you missed it somewhere in my ramblings; I think this is a great track!

30-09-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off, Track Jake Morley - Feet Don't Fail Me Now / Ghostess

Instead of just the usual loud Monday Morning Kick-Off, you can now choose between 2 really nice songs, both from Jake Morley. "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" is the traditional up-tempo Monday Morning song here, addictive as hell and a guaranteed buzz for the rest of the Monday (if that doesn't work, just keep it on repeat).

For the people that prefer to wake up slowly, maybe ignore the Monday for as long as you can, here's a beautiful sweet Jake Morley live studio session of "Ghostess". Also suitable for coming home from that much hated 1st day later today. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take 30 minutes before you feed the cat, start cooking or empty out the washing machine and relaxed with Jake's beautiful voice.

Two great songs to choose from. Or, as I do it this morning, just let both songs take turns playing and start off another week just about as perfect as you can.. Have a good week!

29-09-2013: , Track The xx & Craig Armstrong - Together (Live @ Maida Vale)

To be honest, I'm not a fan of the xx. But I am a huge fan of composer Craig Armstrong. He is not actually live here, but the Heritage Orchestra plays the strings live on this recording for BBC One's Zane Lowe radio show. And the string-section was composed by: Craig Armstrong. The song was originally recorded for the Great Gatsby soundtrack and it is one of the finer songs The xx have recorded over the years. This live version is even better and perfect for slow Sunday nights.

28-09-2013: Track WOODKID - I Love You

A very special version of a beautiful song. I hope your weekend is as fine as this song. Cheers!

27-09-2013: Track Thisell - Over Years Over Time

This is a b-side on the first single from Thisell‘s forthcoming album A Town Of Windows. It is previously unreleased and in my personal opinion more beautiful than the A-side of this free release. Listen for yourself at I just think "Over Years Over Time" is breathtakingly beautiful and I can't get enough of this song!

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