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02-09-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off Grace & Tony - November

After coming from completely different styles in music, Grace & Tony fell in love with each other and started making music together. This is now resulting in their debut album November being released on November 12th. They call their up-tempo tunes "Punkgrass" and that's just fine, I just think this is a great song & they have more over at their noisetrade-page. Get them for free and have a great week!

01-09-2013: Introducing Beccy Owen

The Sweetest of Tales From The Bitterest Edge is Beccy Owen's debut record from back in 2002. It was recently re-released via bandcamp and it is one of the finest records I've discovered this year. The fact that it's over 10 years old doesn't matter at all, there's no timestamp on truly beautiful music.

Together with Paul Federici's Now and Then this album was pretty much my only soundtrack last week. The music of Beccy Owen fits in nice somewhere in between Tori Amos and Bridie Jackson. Being a huge fan of both, it's no surprise I've been enjoying this so much lately. So if either of those interest you, get this record!

There's also a recently released new EP called Drink, which is supposed to be a little teaser for a new album coming later this year & only available for a limited time. It's a little darker but also extremely beautiful. Drink is her 5th release in total and her first new solo work in five years, Beccy seems to be trying out new styles on it and it just makes me more curious about that new record. The Tori Amos-reference is pretty much gone here, eventually Beccy Owen will be without comparisation. She will just be Beccy Owen. A great singer-songwriter.

31-08-2013: Track Cub Sport - Paradise

Cub Scouts have been stung by a cease and desist order from Scouts Australia, who sent a legal letter to the Brisbane group last month stating that their name conflicted with the registered Cub Scout trademark, Perth Now reports. The band’s frontman, Tim Nelson, says the moniker – which they have been using for over two years – was inspired by the “youthfulness” of their indie tunes, but Scouts Australia have concerns over avoiding any confusion between their activities and that of the Brisbane five-piece, who played for the Scouts in a live performance at their Jamboree in January. Source:

The namechange is a little sad and completely silly from the Scouts Australia, but the music is still addictive as hell! The new song "Paradise" is another "Must-Dance-and-Sing" track and the video is the icing on the cake. Great track to kick off the weekend. Great track to dance to on the weekend. Great track to finish off the weekend on Monday morning. Or just play it 24/7 for the next few days. I wish I could!

29-08-2013: Track Whale Belly - Earthy Eyes

Brooklyn based folk quintet Whale Belly releases their second album I Was Once A Bird on October 8th, and if it's anything like this track 'Earthy Eyes'. it's gonna be great! It's a beautiful, melodramatic folk song that builts up and breaks down. Their raw voices go extremely well together and I love how the song goes a little crazy near the ending. This is a track to be played over and over again & will definately help me (and you) to get through an annoying Thursday.

Great track, really looking forward to the album!

27-08-2013: Album Paul Federici - Now and Then

It is a common fact that music helps people remind things. When you connect a certain song to a moment in your life, you will always think back to that moment when you hear the song again. Although I've just discovered Paul Federici's album Now and Then two months ago, it keeps taking me back to Spring of 2012.

I was in love. Not just with the music of Hip Hatchet, Pickering Pick and James Vincent McMorrow, but also with a beautiful blonde. We listened to their music together, had a glass of wine and made love in the dark. It was a good Spring, and for once it was my favorite season (I'm more of an Autumn-person).

This album takes me back to the Spring of 2012. To those beautiful albums, to those beautiful days. Especially this song "Please Don't Break" captures my feelings from back then pretty much perfect. The songs are as beautiful as those by the previously mentioned artists and the overall feel somehow sends me back there with the first stroke of his guitar. Paul Federici has a great voice and can easily stand the comparisation with any singer-songwriter.

These last few days I've listened to this album without references and it's actually even more beautiful than it was before. It is beyond memory now, it is just what it is: a great album by a fine artist. This album is for those that enjoy Pickering Pick, James Vincent McMorrow or Paper Aeroplanes. Beautiful, intense, slow music. Made for the weak-hearted, like me. I love it!

23-08-2013: Track The Creamier Tones - Don't You Fall Asleep

Great morning track! Noisy, perfect title and addictive as fuck. If I had a weekend coming up, I’d use this as a little warm-up. But even working all weekend is a little better when there’s fine music like this. Great Fucking Song!

23-08-2013: Track MTNS - Lost Track of Time

MTNS (Mountains) released their debut single 2 weeks ago and it is a Beauty! Lost Track of Time is an intense melancholic song. Subtle beats, smooth synths & great vocals . Looking forward to a 2nd single (& some more info on these guys).

19-08-2013: Introducing Lily & Madeleine

This duo has been discovered earlier this year and after a first success with their debut EP The Weight of the Globe (of which these 2 songs were taken), their debut full-length is due October 29th. These 2 teen sisters create beautiful folky songs that sound like they were recorded 50 years ago. It has a timeless feel to it, making it easy on the ears and helping me forget about everything else that is going on in the world these days.

Perfect candlelight-music. Great for daydreaming. Long walks in the forest in Winter. Staring into the water on a sunny Monday afternoon. Taking long showers. Writing little sad love stories where the guy never gets the girl. So far I haven't done anything that did not go well with the 5 great songs from that debut EP (although it's probably not very stimulating work-out music :)), but it's a great first introduction to this young duo on their way to greatness with their 1st release coming up via Asthmatic Kitty Records.

The 2 songs above are from a little acoustic live session, you can listen to and download the actual EP at

And with that new album already being announced, there's also a 1st track made available last week. Listen to the beautiful "Devil We Know" down below. It is a little bit more uptempo, their voices sound a little stronger, I can hear something deeper in this new song.

Me personally, I'm looking forward to the album A LOT and hopefully you can understand and share that urge a little after hearing these 3 beautiful songs.

16-08-2013: Track Wes Tirey - Wild Beasts / When Your Eyes See The Valley

This is probably my favorite track from his February-release I Stood Among Trees. Wes Tirey writes haunting folk songs with a little country twist, ending his 5-track EP with the 7 minute instrumental track "When Your Eyes See The Valley" and it is beyond epic.

Great album. Mesmerizing music. Addictive like smoking.

14-08-2013: Track Kory Quinn & The Comrades - Annabelle Lee

Country at its finest. Love this song by Kory Quinn & The Comrades!

12-08-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off Flamingo Bay - Serpentine

It's Monday Morning and so far I've failed at really waking up. But that's typical Monday-style isn't it? Hopefully you're doing a little better than me and if not, maybe this cool rock 'n roll track by Flamingo Bay can help you wake up. Have a good week!

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