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25-10-2013: Track Future History - With Haste

Going through a little psych-rock phase these last few weeks, Future History's "With Haste" is just another fine song I've been enjoying at least twice every night this month.

22-10-2013: Track Griffin House - Vacation


19-10-2013: Track Bear's Den - Isaac / Sahara

The Folk-hype is a few years old now and still going strong. Earlier this year I've introduced you to Sons of the East, this Saturday-night I would like you to listen to Bear's Den. Take about 5 minutes, click play, ignore the commercial & enjoy another great folk sensation on their way to their own little slice of greatness.

"Isaac" is a beautiful slow folk song. Nothing more, nothing less. Last month Bear's Den released a new song called "Sahara" from their upcoming EP Without/Within, set for release October 28th. Another beautiful song, a little faster, but still subtle and sweet.

Bear's Den is playing Amsterdam in a few weeks, there's no reason for me not to be there. Same goes for pretty much every Dutch reader out there; join me. Great music guaranteed!

19-10-2013: Track Son Lux - Easy

This reminds me of old Dr. Dre-albums. And I still cherish those records. Best enjoyed extemely loud, while driving a car, using that oldschool bumper-thingy they used to do in the old hiphop-videos. Although I'm lacking just about everything from that description, I'm still heavily addicted to this. Great track!

18-10-2013: Track Seagull - Ruby

Great, dark and haunting track by Australian band Seagull from their recently released 3rd album Ocean From Above. I love this song.

17-10-2013: Track James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier

New music from an artist that has taken your breath away for the last few years is always a challenge. I remember the second Fleet Foxes living up to the expectations, being the exception. When it comes down to James Vincent McMorrow I had no expectations actually. I don't know if more of the same would please me (probably not), but new paths in music might also be too much for me to take.

His new album Post Tropical is set for January 13 and "Cavalier" is the opening track and first single. After listening 7 times in a row I am still clueless. Love the voice, love the song. But it is very different. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. Actually, this song gets better everytime I listen to it.

Now that I'm listening to it for the 8th time, it's becoming clear: James Vincent McMorrow's new album is going to be another beautiful record. And I want to hear it. I want to own it. And I want to listen the shit out of it! In case you're feeling me, pre-order Post Tropical here.

16-10-2013: Track Cattle & Cane - Pull Down The Moon / Have You Been In The Wars Again

New Cattle & Cane-single "Pull Down The Moon" is a fine up-tempo folk song with all the traditional ingredients. Harmonies, easy-going guitar strumming & and overall 'life is good'-feeling deeply embedded in the songs core. Good times all around with another fine release, following up on their addictive Summersong I Will Rise.

B-side "Have You Been In The Wars Again" is a whole different song. Pretty much how I prefer a B-side, giving the listener the opportunity to see two completely different sides from a band you or I may have just discovered. It's a mellow and dark song, slow pace and even a few strings in the background.

Combined this is a beautiful new release by this UK-based band around the Hammill-family.
These two fine songs make a great way to get to know Cattle & Cane!

16-10-2013: Track Old English - Anchors (live)

Beautiful live version in a brewery from their great album Prose & Kahns!

13-10-2013: Album O'Messy Life - Challenger EP

“Challenger EP” by O’Messy Life was released a few months ago on one of my favorite record labels and it’s such a great 5-track release. It’s intense music, constantly on the edge of breaking. It is a star release that is almost impossible to write down in words. I’ve been looking at an empty screen for an hour now, typing a few lines and deleting those lines right away. The songs speak for themselves and any attempt for me to describe what you are listening to, will be considered a waste of words. At least by me.

“Invincible History” is probably my favorite song. It’s sweet, but you can feel the energy underneath. It bursts out a few times and eventually comes pouring out completely. Exploding in raw energy, but never completely mental. My mind has been looking for similar artists, but so far it came up empty. This track is mesmerizing, insane, loud, addictive, beautiful, intense, rare, amazing and fanastic. And probably a lot more..

After 3 noisy songs the EP takes it down a few notches. The last 2 songs are moody, slow and dark. “The Rebel in Love” is the closing track and after wearing you down in the first songs this is a nice and delicate finish. I am, again, lost for words here. Which is a rare thing in my case. So let me just shut up so you can enjoy the songs to the fullest.

Worst ‘review’ I’ve ever written. Great fucking album. I should’ve just stopped there..

12-10-2013: Track Letters To Fiesta - Stay Young

Great song. Beautiful haunting video. Perfect Saturday Night Music.
Their debut EP is released on October 28th, stay tuned for more crazyness!

09-10-2013: Track Heathers - I Don't Wanna Be Adored

This is the B-side to the first single by Heathers, which is called "Teenage Clothes". The thing is; the B-side rocks harder than the A-side, which is also pretty cool, but not as cool as "I Don't Wanna Be Adored". This is basic jangle teen indierock. If you close your eyes you can see them practicing in someone's garage or basement. But thanks to that raw, young energy it is irresistible as fuck. Fine 1st release, definately keeping up with these guys.

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