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11-11-2013: Monday Morning Kick-Off The Joy of Painting - Good Mood

It's Monday morning but "I woke up today in a good mood, I can't say that it will last" - from The Joy of Painting's really cool album Tender Age. If you didn't wake up in a good mood, this song will definately help you get there! Have a good week!

10-11-2013: Track Said The Whale - Helpless Son

I'm sure some point our lives, we can all relate to this song. The thing that makes it so much more intense beside the lyrics, is the song itself. It suits the lyrics and the message in it perfectly. And even if you close your eyes and think of candy, if you ignore the lyrics, the video and the general feel of the song, this is still a beautiful piece of music. I really wanted to buy Said The Whale's new album hawaiii because I love the previous record so much, but restricted myself to the one-album-a-month promise I made to my wallet. This song broke my spirit, I ordered myself the vinyl and I can not wait for this baby to play at maximum volume.

09-11-2013: Track Suzuki Method - Be Cruel Be Kind

Celebrate the weekend with Suzuki Method. I can dance to this, so should you!

07-11-2013: Introducing Gildas

Not a clue who or what Gildas is. I don't even remember how I ended up on his(?) Soundcloud-page, but I did one day and I never left. There are a lot of great songs on and it makes a beautiful collection. I can't understand the lyrics, but that doesn't matter. I can feel the music, the harmony, the intensity. It's more than enough for being inspired, being enjoyed, being accompanied.

Not a clue who or what Gildas is, but I really hope to hear a lot more music from this man/band/project in the future!

07-11-2013: Track Andy - London

A new song by Andy and it's just another beautiful addition to her amazing songbook. I just want to keep listening to this and find myself singing this song whenever I can. There's something about her voice and the fine piano ballads that gives her music something special and irresistible. Love it!

06-11-2013: Track GOVS - Holy Infinity

Great tune by Australian singer Josiah Birrell's solo-project GOVS. He goes on stage with whatever friends he can gather and is releasing a new EP early 2014. And this track "Holy Infinity" is just a really great song.

05-11-2013: Must-Have of the Month The Tourist Company - Brother, Wake Up

November. The month in between. Not as Autumn as October, not as romantic as December. Since 2011 also known als Movember, Brovember and other silly excuses for men to see how they look with a moustache. You look stupid, my fellow men, no exceptions. Accept it, enjoy it if you will. And move the fuck on. Preferably with a fine tune to ease the pain. And when it comes to fine tunes, I’ve found the perfect record to get you through the most promising, yet boring as hell month of the year: Brother, Wake Up by The Tourist Company is the new Must-Have of the Month. Wonder. Listen. Agree.

The folk-hype is not over, Mumford & Sons-clones are all over the place and it is not impossible to put The Tourist Company in the same corner with the rest of them, but you’d be doing them wrong. Their songs are little stories, the harmonies perfectly intimate and they put the song before the rhythm. That sounds a little strange, but when you think of it most Mumford-clones, as well as the original, are more about up-tempo rhythms and close harmony vocals than anything else. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just that what The Tourist Company does is a little more. And a little better, in my opinion.

Don’t speak. Don’t read. Just listen.

“Let It Rest” is right up there with the greatest songs of the year. It’s the icing on the cake for an album that is best enjoyed every day of the month right after you wake up until the very moment you fall asleep. It’ll smooth out your day & bring you beautiful dreams in the night. Just like any perfect record should. I love this album. I’d marry it if I was allowed to.

01-11-2013: Album Haruko - Feathers & Driftwood

Haruko released her new album Feathers & Driftwood this Summer and I've been falling in and out love with it for a few months now. I guess it was just the wrong season for it, now that Fall has set in with all the storms and rain, I love doing nothing in the warm comfort of my home listening to this beautiful record every night.

Haruko's previous record Bird in the Snow was a personal favorite 2 years ago and she continues to amaze me on the new record. The beautiful songs, intimate and slow, are all perfectly crafted based on a minimal sound. It all revolves around Susanne's voice and guitar.

For some reason my mind always goes into some sort of competition to find a favorite song on each album. Although I've accepted long ago that this usually changes if an album is really good and I get to spend a lot of time with it. Lately the beautiful records I listen to make it extremely hard to single out a certain song. This album made me face the same challenge, my favorite song changes everytime a new song starts. One of the marks of a special record.

And that is just what this is; a very special and truly beautiful record.

31-10-2013: Track Digits - Say Goodbye

New Digits: Great track, cool video!

26-10-2013: Album Rural Ghosts - City of Elms

Alongside Cantoo's Must-Have of the Month-album, there's one more record I've been listening to everyday since it was released on October 1st. City of Elms is the debut full-length by Rural Ghosts. First single "Eyes" was already labelled 'great' a few months ago and is still one of the highlights of this album, but it's surely not the only one.

I can't help being a Pearl Jam-hater, it's in my genetics. I've really tried to accept them, listened to all the albums and I've even seen them live last Summer. But I actually just thought everything else on the festival was better than Pearl Jam. Even the toilets. And the albums all suck aswell. For some reason this song gives off a huge Pearl Jam-vibe, with one extremely important difference: it doesn't suck! I play air-guitar to it on my bike, in the supermarket, standing on the coffee table, at the train station and in my office when no one's watching. Love it!

"Eyes" was on the blog a few months ago (but the link died..) and is still a great song. I may be really off here, but I'm pretty sure the cello was not this much 'in-your-face' in the previous version and I liked that a little better actually, there was more balance in the song. Still a great song, but it was a little better in my memories (maybe I'm just getting old..).

The instrumental "Vesuvius" is my starting point these last few days, I let it play from here and keep the album on for some time. I was talking abou air-guitar-ing earlier, this is 5 minutes of it. The cello and guitar work extremely well together and I truly hope this is a sound Rural Ghosts will be exploring a little further in the future. If you disprove of playing the almighty air-guitar (I risk never to be taken serious again after this review), air-drumming is also a great workout on this track, air-cello is a little beyond me and pretty much just wrong.

All and all, Rural Ghosts released a great debut full-length with City of Elms. It is truly, as I love to call these, a Great. Fucking. Record.

25-10-2013: Track MAUSI - Body Language

Great new track by MAUSI. Addictive as hell, best played VERY loud on a Friday or Saturday-night, right before stepping out for some all-night-partying. Have a drink on me, I'll be working all weekend. Which is not all bad, as long as there's great tunes like this. Get a free download of their Autumn/Winter Collection including "Body Language" and a really cool cover of 1998 hitsong "Music Sounds Better With You" by Stardust, which I was instantly reminded of after listening to "Body Language". If this doesn't kick off your weekend, you're in trouble!

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