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28-12-2013: MixTape I.HEART.2013: 14x2013

Well.. We might as well look back at the year behind us. See what great music was found, shared and loved. By me. To you. This smells egotistic, but that's writing a blog anyway, so no point in stopping now. I’ll try and make this as enjoyable as I can. I promise not to write a lot of bullshit you are not interested in and just stick to the many, many beautiful tunes that found their way to this blog, and hopefully to your ears and heart. Just let me explain real quick that this is just a selection in random order, based on my personal preferences.

I wrote this item with a new visitor in mind. If this would be the 1st item he or she would read about music in 2013, which songs or albums would I recommend? Here we go:

But the only song I would ever name 'single of the year' if someone would ask me is "April" by The Lake Poets. Breathtaking. Beautiful in a way music rarely is.

There has been so much great music in 2013 and this selection stands for nothing but my own personal taste on a Saturday afternoon, carefully selected and very incomplete when it comes to grasping the year 2013 in music. But I am just one man with one taste, and music doesn't get much better than 'April' by The Lake Poets.

Stay tuned for 13 breathtaking albums of 2013 somewhere in the next few days..

28-12-2013: Album Eli Mardock - Everything Happens for the First Time

On the break of 2014 here's another great 2013-relase you really shouldn't miss out on. Eli Mardock's new album Everything Happens for the First Time is an addictive spin on todays pop and rock music, giving Muse (among others) a new hero to look up to.

This song reminds me of the first time I heard an Ayreon-record. The bombastic sound, the vocals each telling their own stories, the mid-song switch in tempo and sound. Untill I fell completely in love with Ayreon's "Into the Electric Castle" back in 1998 I had never heard anything like this. And since then it's still a rare thing to hear. Probably because it's also not very easy to make it sound good, but Eli Mardock makes it sound great!

The Muse-link is very obvious in Eli Mardock's music, it is undeniable. That's not a bad thing at all when it sounds this good and I'm really more thrilled with this record than I was with the previous Muse-records (which I love without exception).

Despite the clear musical connection, Eli Mardock has definately made a record that is all his own. And with the overwhelming presence of a band like Muse that has such a specific sound the comparisation is an easy call. Which makes it hard for such a shitty reviewer like myself not to mention that other band a few times. But I'll end it like a true pro and make the final statement all about this album:

Great! Fucking! Record!

27-12-2013: Track Warm Weather - XMAS 2013

So Christmas is pretty much over by now, but I received these 2 songs in the mail yesterday and they're too beautiful to wait another 363 days before I can post them. Don't throw away your Christmas tree yet, it ain't over till it's over!

25-12-2013: Track Kevin Long & Lotte Kestner - White Christmas

Need I say more? Merry Christmas!

24-12-2013: Track She's a Beauty - Too Much Confusion

Just discovered this song 2 hours ago, but I haven't listened to anything else since. Beautiful.

24-12-2013: Track Campfires - Time For A Ride

Another song from an album that has been playing a lot here since it's release in Februari, but never made it into an item. With the year closing and Christmas only a few hours away, I'm trying to make up for items lost. I hope Campfires forgives for being this slow and that you're not too busy cooking and shopping to be missing out on this great song. And be sure to check out the entire recording of Tomorrow, Tomorrow if you like what you hear!

21-12-2013: Track Röyskopp ft. Susanne Sundfør - Running To The Sea

This Protohype & Carnage Remix of a cool song is going all Skrillex on us! Addictive as Fuck!

19-12-2013: Album Kill County - Dust In Wire

The best "country"-album of 2013. Although I don't think this is pure country and the band prefers to call it acoustic alt-folk. Which actually is a much better name for it. But fuck the tags, let's just call it what it is: a haunting and addictive album.

The album was released in April and it's been sitting among the top of my favs list for months now, but I never got around to writing a little something on it. Mostly because I don't understand country music and it is so fucking difficult to select a few songs from this record, because they are all equally epic.

With the year coming to an end, I scroll through all the records that have been stored on my laptop for months and have never claimed their little moment of fame. I actually delete a lot and finally fall in love with a few. This is one of the records that I've fallen in love with in little bits over the last 6 months. Just tonight I've finally decided I need this on vinyl. And by that I immediately force this on you, in a good way. Although I spend shitloads of money on music every year, I still consider every bought record a must-hear (you won't believe the amounts of music I hear, enjoy and don't buy..).

So fuck yearlists and everything else that comes with it. This is another record that I think is worth hearing. Whether it's December of June, this is best enjoyed with a cold can of beer and a smoke. But even without any of those, this is a beauty. And I'm gonna enjoy the shit out of this on my record player once this arrives (might be awesome on Christmas eve, hope it'll get here on time..).

18-12-2013: Track London Grammar - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak cover)

Great cover of a great song by London Grammar.

14-12-2013: Track Drvg Cvltvre - Cloaked

Now this is how I should celebrate every weekend! Oblivion is a 6-track mixtape from Dutch producer Drvg Cvltvre you can download for free or order on tape (!!) for a small price. Got my copy last week, hasn't been out my walkman ever since.

Epic oldschool tunes, best enjoyed in style on tape.

13-12-2013: Track Echo Bloom - The Returning of the Doves

This new single from Echo Bloom's latest record Blue starts off easy and slowly turns chaotic as hell. Love it!

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