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25-02-2014: Track Rebecca Brandt - Numbers & Shapes: Revisited [Album Preview]

Rebecca Brandt is one of my all-time favorite music composers and she's releasing a new album next week! It's a remix album with all new versions of all the tracks on her debut album Numbers & Shapes. I still listen to that record several times a week and it is still a beauty, it's one of the finest records I've discovered in the years I've been writing this blog. Check out short previews of all 14 tracks and I'm sure you'll be as excited as I am about this record.

24-02-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Youth Mass - Dream On

From their upcoming debut album this 1st single by Youth Mass is called "Dream On" and that's exactly what I wanted to do when the alarm clock sounded this morning. But now that I'm awake, I might aswell make the best of it and it sure helps that I have pretty great day ahead of me. I hope you do too. Have a good week!

20-02-2014: EP STACEY - STACEY

STACEY's debut self-titled EP was released on December 5th of 2013 and she sells it on usb-sticks. It has to be one of the coolest ways to sell your music. But besides just being really cool, STACEY has a beautiful voice and writes great songs. Making this a debut EP to cherish.

'All To Myself' has that intense bedroom-feel to it. As if you're staring into her bedroom on a rainy day and she's in there all alone. She's playing the piano, singing this beautiful song and you hear her sweet voice and calm piano a little faded through the wet glass. You think she doesn't know you're there and you hold your breath when she stops singing. But then she turns around and looks you straight in the eyes. And she smiles at you. Because she was playing this song just for you.

This is my personal favorite song on the 5-track EP, although there's really no dull moment on this dreamy recording. STACEY reminds me of Lana Del Rey and there's nothing to be ashamed for in the comparisation. But the more I listened to these songs, the more I realized that there's also a lot of different things in their music. They may sound related on the surface, but STACEY's EP is pure. With more focus on piano and her voice, and less on the things around it. For better of worse, that is for each to decide for themselves. Me? I love this release and STACEY has a new fan. I've played this a lot over the last few weeks and will keep on playing it untill she releases something new.

Beautiful record!

20-02-2014: Track Los Angeles Police Dept - Waste

I love a little bedroom punk in the morning. This new song by Los Angeles Police Dept is the coolest he's released so far.

19-02-2014: Track Big Scary - Invest

This is the 6th time Big Scary comes along on the blog and there's a perfectly normal reason for that: they keep on releasing great songs. Their latest album Not Art was released last year and it's a great record. This is just another great song from it, enjoy!

17-02-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Royal Blood - Out Of The Black

Although I had a great weekend (with good friends, my nephew's 5th birthday and loads of contact with a pretty girl), Monday morning is always an annoying wake-up call. I was not yet ready to face another week. Good thing there's coffee and great music (by Royal Blood) to help us get through it. Have a good week!

15-02-2014: Track George Barnett - Animal Keeper

Addictive! As! Fuck!

13-02-2014: Track Hearts of Black Science - Metropolis

Have been adding dozens of great songs to my daily playlist the last few days, "Metropolis" by Hearts of Black Science is one of the highlists now that I've been listening to the entire list for a few days. The start is nice, but not extremely brilliant, but after the little intermezzo it goes all loud on you. I love the instrumental bit that comes next and I can't get enough of it. It reminds me of something, but I haven't figured out what. Doesn't really matter, this rocks hard!

11-02-2014: Track For Esmé - 250

This is a really fine song, but I really hope For Esmé will someday re-write it to be so much longer. It has the intensity to suck you in, but it's over too soon to really get me there. It feels like an in-between-song in this version, which might just be a waste of something beautiful. But beauty is in seeing and hearing the little things, so from that point of view this is just as perfect as it'll ever be. Whatever it could be or should be, for now it is 139 seconds of pure beauty!

10-02-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Klaxons - There Is No Other Time

Monday morning. I didn't want to get out of bed. I didn't want to take a shower. I didn't want to put my clothes on. I don't want to have breakfast. I don't want to go to work. I don't want this day to start. I just want to dance to Klaxons.

08-02-2014: Track Joris Delacroix & Nancy - Take Your Time

Cold and tired after training in the rain this morning and spending the afternoon lifting heavy stuff at work, I'm pretty much worn out. But the day is not over yet, the night is young and there's a party to attend tonight. Trying to pump myself up with rock music failed, easy-going folk tunes just make me crave for my bed even more, I need some dance music. This is a really nice relaxing dance track, even a little folky. But this live version still has a nice beat to it & it has me dancing for over an hour now. On the kitchen table, with a cup of coffee, and now a cold beer. Are you ready to party? I am.

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