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22-03-2014: Track Iris Penning - De Schommelstoel

Heard it for the first time last night, loved it right there and then: Iris Penning. More to come!

20-03-2014: Track Dave Barnes - Good

I know this is just a very smooth popsong, but I find myself listening to it everyday since I first discovered it a few weeks ago. "Good" is from Dave Barnes' new album Golden Days.

18-03-2014: Track Blacklit Canopy - Patient / Mud Angel

This is supposedly just a demo, but it's so hauntingly beautiful that I can't think of anything better to make of it. If it were me recording, I'd say it is as good as it'll ever get. But perhaps Leo Faulkner and Gemma Mathews (the duo behind the name) will find a way to make this even more breathtaking.

The first time I heard this song I was as much blown away as I was when I first heard Bon Iver sing. It's all in the combination of their 2 voices and the piano. This song reminds me of so much beautiful music I've heard and eventually it's just a great addition to all the wonderfull sounds that I hold dear.

Blacklit Canopy is a duo to watch. These 2 songs are among the finest I've heard in months!

17-03-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Clockwork Noise - The Brink

Clockwork Noise's album Whethermachines starts with a 2 minute-song called "Wake Up Serenade", which would make a great opening song on this Monday morning. But there are a few more great songs on their record and "The Brink" is definately my favorite. If you like it, be sure to check out the entire album, it's a great record! Have a good week!

15-03-2014: Track Sahara Beck - Bang Bang Bang

Not the typical Saturday-night music I usually try and make you dance your arses off to, but this song by Sahara Beck isn't any less beautiful for it. This talented Aussie has a great voice and "Bang Bang Bang" is a highly addictive song. And with a cold beer in my left hand, I can still dance to this and even sing along (good thing the neighbours are having a party, no one will ever hear me..).

13-03-2014: Album Kojo "Easy" Damptey - Daylight Robbery

The Summer is slowly coming our way and with warm Summer days comes warm Summer music. Enter: Kojo "Easy" Damptey. A musician from Ghana now living and working in Canada. His music is easy on the ears and warms you up no matter the temperatures outside. Which is pretty convenient for a man travelling from Ghana to Canada.

Although his music is light and sweet, the message of his music is one that is often heard from the part of the world he is original from. I'm not claiming to know what I'm talking about, but to me he writes music that expresses hope, yet asks some difficult questions at the same time. Not knowing the answers himself, Kojo Damptey expresses his worries for things he sees happening all around him, not knowing what to make of it.

The power of his music lies in the combination of his serious message combined with light and 'happy' tunes. Final track of the record is "Africa" and it's the best example of how good this works for him. This is great music for Summer festivals, dancing and singing with a large group of friends, but reflection on yourselves and the world make a great discussion subject when you're sitting around a campfire later on.

Is it Summer already? It's not, but with this album it's a little closer. Play this everyday and it'll guarantee a warm feeling inside and a big smile on your face!

10-03-2014: Track A Boy & His Kite - Heartache Is A Cold Place

No loud Monday Morning Kick-Off this week. Couldn't find a loud as f*ck-track to bang my head along with and some Mondays are best spend dreaming. This is one of those Mondays and this live-version of "Heartache Is A Cold Place" by A Boy & His Kite is perfectly sweet and dreamy. I can listen to this song all day, while staring out the window with a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, duty calls.. Have a good week, my friends!

05-03-2014: Track Penny and Sparrow - Brothers

Damn, this is beautiful! Penny and Sparrow are ex-roommates now writing music together. Their latest album Tenboom was released in January 2013. I don't know how they came into my life last week, but they did. And I'm glad they did. Damn, this is beautiful!

03-03-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Y LUV - Jacques Cousteau

New Y LUV-music is always a good thing. This new single is addictive and really cool. I spent my Saturday-night dancing to it and now I'm sharing my Monday morning coffee with it while running around the house gathering my things for work. This is shaping up to be another rough week at the office, I hope yours is better. Have a good one!

02-03-2014: Track Side Saddle - Don't Wait for Him

Side Saddle is releasing his debut EP The Postcard on March 25th and this song is a great introduction. It's a joyfull up-tempo song that gets stuck in your head and you'll be singing along in no time. March 25th, mark your calendars!

27-02-2014: Must-Have of the Month Jeremy Squires - When Will You Go...

This is one of those albums that slowly grew on me over the past few months. There were days it didn't seem to fit me, but over time I fell in love with it and now I can't go a few days without it. Jeremy Squires makes music like I wish I could. But since I can't, I'm glad I can listen to his music through this great record.

In the core this is a lo-fi country folk record, but there's a few songs on this that make it stand out between the constant stream of music within this specific genre. Songs like "Echoes" are a little darker and stronger. It even goes a little out of balance near the ending, finishing strong and powerfull. Great song!

This album is a must-hear. A definite Must-Have, a beautiful record with 12 great songs on it. Take the time to get to know this album, so you can really enjoy it. Let it sink in, spend some hours with it. In the deep dark nights, the early mornings and whenever you're just dreaming away in planes, trains or automobiles. I've done so and it was and still is well worth it!

Jeremy Squires' When Will You Go... is a Must-Have. A Great. Fucking. Record.

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