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15-04-2014: Track Arkells - Never Thought That This Would Happen

Based on something a lot of people will be able to relate to "Never Thought That This Would Happen" is a great song; it is catchy as hell, has funny lyrics and even a string quartet. This is 5 minutes of pure fun. Great song by Arkells!

13-04-2014: Album Zachary Lucky - The Ballad Of Losing You

It's been months since I've added this album to my favorites. I had just listened to it once and quickly decided I wanted to spent more time with it. As weeks turned into months I fell in love with Zachary Lucky's deep and slow voice, the sad lyrics and the mellow country feel of this album.

This album can be so bitter I can almost taste it. A line such as 'One too many songs about what might've been' from "More Than Enough Road" is just one example of the sorrow that drives this record forward. "Merry Month of May" is just as sad and bluesy, but despite all the pain there's a certain lightness to Zachary Lucky's music.

With an album title such as The Ballad Of Losing You it's no surprise this is a somewhat dark and mellow record, with that typical country feel to it and the lyrics set around losing the love of your life, one way or the other. What makes this album so good is his low and easy voice, taking you on a journey through his pain, without making it sound desperate of cheap.

Zachary Lucky wants to tell us all about losing the one we love, an experience most of us will have been through at least once in our lives by now. He tells a beautiful story, wrapped in compelling songs that urge you to listen and soak it all in. I am flat broke for the next 10 days, but hopefully my next paycheck leaves me some room to order this great record. After all of the months I've been listening to it, I'm far from done with it.

Great. Fucking Record.

10-04-2014: Track White Denim - At Night In Dreams

Great track by White Denim from their new album Corsicana Lemonade.

08-04-2014: Track Deloreans - As Long As It's You

New Deloreans-music is always a reason to celebrate. With the announcement of a new album in August and the first single "As Long As It's You" it's save to say last week was a great week. And things got even better when I heard this song, because it's already one of the best songs I've heard all year. The Deloreans have a unique sound and they write great songs. I have never heard a bad note from them and I doubt I ever will. This is addictive as fuck! Is it August already?!

07-04-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Big Gigantic - Touch The Sky

Monday Morning Kick-Off with a huge Saturday night track: Big Gigantic's "Touch The Sky". A pumping dance track from their recent release The Night Is Young. Eight tracks that all hold a bit of Skrillex, but more joyfull. Less nightly terror, more Summer fun. Shift into overdrive with this track on the first few hours of a new week. Have a good one!

01-04-2014: Must-Have of the Month Rebecca Brandt - Numbers & Shapes: Revisited

So the preview was on in Februari and the album itself was released in the beginning of March and now that I've been spending a few weeks with it, I'm happy to report that this remix album of the original Numbers & Shapes is another great work of art.

Numbers & Shapes: Revisited is so completely different from the original that any attempt at comparing the 2 albums just doesn't work out. After listening to both albums in several different settings (back-to-back, track-by-track, random order, etc..) I eventually decided to listen to this album as something completely new. The titles are the same, the original artist is the same, some songs do remind of the original record, but there is just too much difference between this and the original to make any sense of comparing them.

Like the order of the tracks, which are completely mixed up. Just as most of the songs are. Some tracks were so way off from the original that I had to look up the title before I was able to figure out the original song. And the original album has been playing a lot in this house. And it still does. I love waking up on Sunday morning, playing the original record, having a hot cup of coffee with a newspaper and a cat loungin' on my sofa.

Basically, the biggest change is the feel of the album. It morphed from a relaxing Sunday-record into a pumping Saturday-record. Not all tracks are as loud as "54", but this album is made for the dancefloor, at least most of it. The new order of the songs gently points out that the album slows down near the end of it. The album certainly doesn't die out all quietly on us, but the pace drops down a lot with "Aline's Song", "Blackbox" and "Rouge". If you play this album on a Saturday night partying, it would be best to save the ending for the after-after-party. Six o'clock in the morning and you're barely hanging on to being awake. Lying on the floor, you stare at the ceiling as the first rays of sunlight come peeking through the window. You fall asleep to 7 minutes of "Rouge". Sweet dreams guaranteed.

This album is nothing like the original. But is that a bad thing? Absolutely not. On it's own it's a great remix album, perfect for late Saturday nights. Enough moments to go crazy and loose the last bits of energy you might have left and eventually it'll help you fall into a fine overwhelming coma. The up-tempo tracks are definately the better ones and surprisingly those are also the songs that remind the most of the original record. The original is still a solid 17.423 times better, but don't let that number fool you, this is a great record! A Must-Have of the Month you can download for free at

31-03-2014: Track Bridie Jackson & The Arbour - We Talked Again

New music from one of my favorite discoveries through this blog, the extremely talented Bridie Jackson & The Arbour. Their new album New Skin is set for release in May, the single "We Talked Again" is released next weekend and is a re-make. The original song was featured on their absolutely brilliant (now there's a word I don't use very often on this blog to describe an album) debut album Bitter Lullabies. A beautiful remake of a great song. They did the almost impossible of making something beautiful even better. Beautiful. Irresistible. Intense. I love it.

31-03-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Dúo Del Sol - Cualquiera

This track is from a great instrumental album called hello Kaleidoscope by Dúo Del Sol. A wonderfull album filled with musical influences from all over the world. This song is by far my favorite, with the happy violin and the up-tempo feel to it. Perfect to get you started on a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend in the sun. Have a good week!

29-03-2014: Track Austin Ellis - If He Tells You That He Loves You

Read that Austin Ellis gets his inspiration from Jack Johnson (and other musicians). I hear that and I'm pretty sure everyone does. Is that a bad thing? Hell no! Great song.

27-03-2014: Track Aiden Moore - The Great Escape

Aiden Moore: The Great Escape. Great song from his EP The Great Escape.

25-03-2014: Album Greg Drummond - Walking Man

I started writing some kind of review about this great record several hours ago. Then I gave up and started texting with my girlfriend for over an hour.

I deleted the few words I had written and started all over. Untill I gave up and went on 9gag, twitter and facebook for another hour or so.

I deleted the 3 lines I had written before and started over again. I ended up just sitting here looking at a blank screen for 40 minutes straight.

All this time I've been listening to Greg Drummond's Walking Man. Call it silly or useless, but I have a hard time describing this album. When I think about it really hard, I guess it comes down to just one simple line: I love this album.

I can even describe this album in three words: Great. Fucking. Record.

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