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09-06-2014: Track Kings of Lowertown - Blues Haul

Despite it being somewhat of a Sunday, it is also still just Monday morning, so we'll kick off this week with a brand new track by Kings of Lowertown called Blues Haul.
Have a great week!

04-06-2014: Must-Have of the Month Busman's Holiday - A Long Goodbye

The new Must-Have of the Month record is not just a Must-Hear and Must-Have, it is also one of the Finest Records of 2014. The new Must-Have format (although that sounds pretentious as fuck) is me asking you kindly to take an hour of your busy day and sit down with this record. At least once this month, as it is my personal suggestion should you decide on buying just one record this month. I guarantee you, you'll want this.

A Long Goodbye is the best thing that happened to music since Grandaddy and the Fleet Foxes. Huge shoes to fill, but Busman's Holiday make it sound so easy to be great. They tell great little stories of everyday life and connect 2 songs together with the storyline, despite both songs having a completely different sound. On the vinyl version even better displayed by ending side A with "Alone" and kicking off side B with "Not Alone". The stories are definately connected, but the songs are completely different, yet equally addictive.

Because the main theme on this record is addiction. Not in a bad form, but in the best possible form I've heard in ages. The record itself is the addiction. Each song is a beauty of its own, but in the end, this album is definately best heard from start to finish. While doing the dishes, or laundry, or cleaning your pet's litter box. Or just doing nothing. The lyrics hit me the hardest when I was sitting by the water recently, looking at the calm water, the birds fighting over a dead fish and Lewis and Addison Rogers crafting their brilliant songs. The music easily takes me away from whatever I'm doing at any given time. I've already decided not to play this record while I'm having a date over at my place, I might end up ignoring her..

This album was love at first sight, and the more time we've spent together, the stronger the love has gotten. Give it a spin, maybe a few more, but you'll eventually fall in love with it. I guarantee it.

Beautiful. Fucking. Record.

03-06-2014: Track Suzy Blu - Blu (live)

Addictive. As Fuck. Suzy Blu.

01-06-2014: Track Tom Rosenthal - Worries

A nice relaxing Sunday morning tune by Tom Rosenthal, take it easy today, my friends.

30-05-2014: Track Little Earthquake - Brightside

Next week Little Earthquake releases their debut EP Brightside and this title track is addictive as hell.

28-05-2014: Track Jalin Roze - Gold / That's It

Two recent tracks by the finest rapper of the last few years: Jalin Roze. Both tracks have something oldschool to it, Jalin Roze is a master at the more laidback style of hiphop and these two tracks are both fine examples of his style. 'Gold' has a nice little trumpet (trumpets please!) giving this a real smooth jazzy feel and he just decides to sample some of his own lyrics and gets away with it. 'That's It' has warm synths and slow tempo, making it a relaxing track best enjoyed on hot summer nights. But the raps, his great flow and the lyrics are what really make these new tracks just as good as all his previous work. I don't think there's every going to be a rap record like The Brilliance, but with every new track Jalin Roze releases it's clear it is not a one-record-hype. Jalin Roze is the new king of hiphop.

27-05-2014: Album Small Wonder - Wendy

These last few weeks blog items are coming slow. There are pretty much 3 reasons for that. 1: Summer is kicking in, I prefer being outside in the warm sun. 2: There's this incredible record I keep playing and will be writing about next week. 3: This record by Small Wonder is addictive as hell.

This is an album that might take some time. Me, I was okay with it at first. Not that thrilled, but something got me hooked and I kept coming back to it. Not sure what it was that I was hearing, but I eventually started to enjoy it. And now that time has passed, I have fallen in love with it. By now I enjoy the personal and emotional sound of Small Wonder's Wendy.

The most wonderful track on this album is "Untill I Open My wings". There are a 1000 musical links to be found in here, but there never was a song like this. Just like the rest of the record, this song reminds me mostly of Eels, in a good way. I always thought what Eels did was unique. I guess I was wrong. Come on Henry.

Great. Fucking. Record.

21-05-2014: Track Arkells - Come To Light

Last month I posted Arkells great song Never Thought That This Would Happen and they have released their new single last week. Both are from their upcoming 3rd album High Noon, set for release in August, and both are equally fine. I feel very 80s when I dance to this, as it's impossible not to dance. Great tune!

18-05-2014: Track Zachary Cale - Hold Fast / Noise Of Welcome

Last year Zachary Cale released his album Blue Rider and it's a great record. It's the oldest item on my "to-blog" list and I figure this Sunday morning is the perfect moment for enjoying it again. The sun is shining warm already and besides doing a quarter of a marathon this afternoon, the rest of the day is spend being very lazy. Reading a good book, listening to fine music like Zachary Cale's record.

If you enjoy these songs, go check out the entire album at, it's a beautiful record.

14-05-2014: Album Juleah - Entangled And Entwined

The best Summer Record in the history of 2014 Summer records is here and it's called Entangled And Entwined. By Juleah. And although the Summer Record Collection is just starting to grow slowly, this is on top and will probably remain there for the entire Summer to come. This is such a cool record I have just spend the last few bucks I had on my bank account to purchase this. It's also available as a free download, but a record this fine, doesn't deserve to be threated that way..

This record is a mesmerizing collection of songs, it got stuck in my head from the 1st time I've heard it and it refuses to get out. This is best played loud and it works extremely well with any drink at any location. As long as it's warm. The location, not the drink. Whenever I see the sun in the morning, I play this for 20 minutes and I'm warm and fuzzy for the entire day. I see pretty girls dancing around everywhere, playing their guitars. There's a sizzling hot temperature, the type you only feel on the warmest days of Summer. The days people actually complain about it being too hot (fuck them!). This feeling and these images are somehow constantly surrounding me, once I've played this in the morning. And there's also the utter relaxation of a record like this. I could loop this for hours and hours (I'm doing it for days now) and get stuck in it. But it's the best way of getting stuck I've ever experienced.

This is one of those albums that only works played from start to finish. Don't bother listening to any of the songs, just click play and relax the fuck out of yourself for the next 20 minutes. And after that, all you have to do is click 'play' again.

Great. Fucking. Record.

09-05-2014: Track DARKHER - Hung

'Hung' by DARKHER is a haunting track. Perfect for late at night, sitting in the dark with just a few candles burning. Let the wind roar and the rain fall, it's warm inside.

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