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14-09-2014: Track The White Album - Kings and Aces

New music by The White Album is always a reason to celebrate. But instead of celebrating anything, I'll be at work all day. For those of us not working, take it easy today and enjoy this fine Sunday song from their album The Quiet Strum, released tomorrow!

12-09-2014: Track Candy Darling - Money / Temples

Candy Darling has just released their debut single "Money" last week and it's a banger of a song, and also the only record I've (instantly) bought in the last 4 weeks. It's just thát good!
This is Addictive. As. Fuck.

Not sure if "Temples" is considered a B-side or not, but I call this a double A-side release.

10-09-2014: Track Fictonian - Full Circle Influence

A long slow, mesmerizing track for the longest, slowest day of the week. Wednesday is also that day of the week with the longest name, does that have anything to with it being right in the heart of the working week making it sometimes last forever? Besides not knowing that, there seems to be nothing to know about Fictonian. His soundcloud-page is empty and so is the rest of the web as far as I could see in one quick Wednesday morning-search. We'll let the music do the work, as this sounds real trippy and real good.

09-09-2014: Track The Middle Names - Remember Me At All

Energetic, funny track by The Middle Names. Their new album I Need Space is just released and there's at least a few more great songs on it, but nothing as funky as this.

07-09-2014: Track Dinner Belles - Wandering Eye

Sunday dance music in the old-fashioned sense. Countryfolk with a pulse. Must-Move-Music. Call it whatever you please, I call this a fine tune for any day of the week. Their new album is coming end of October, based on 'Wandering Eye' that's worth the wait.

05-09-2014: Must-Have of the Month Matt Stalker & Fables - KNOTS

The new Must-Have of the Month is a Must-Have in the truest form. I wanted to have this record from the first moment I knew it was being released. I hadn’t heard any songs, didn’t know the lyrics. That didn’t matter, I wanted to have it. So I pre-ordered it, received it on that beautiful day in June and played it until the sun awoke me from my trance and sent me off to work another dreadful day at the office. But the day was a little brighter, the sun a little warmer and the noise of the world a little sweeter. I wondered what changed before it eventually hit me, I had been in desperate need of new Matt Stalker & Fables-music. And now that it had arrived, life was light again. The power of music in 37 minutes? KNOTS.

These last few years I’ve spent endless nights listening to The Man Who Said This Died of Alchemy and KNOTS is the perfect follow-up for that stunningly beautiful record. The band takes up new routes, adds new instruments and sounds to their songs, adding more depth to their fine, sweet folk music. If you’ve heard their previous record 100s of times, like I did, you’ll hear the difference. The little jazzy moments, the hints of bluegrass. This is unmistakably a MS&F-record, but they’ve grown so much. If you had never heard of this band until now, or just don’t care about the musical progress of musicians (I won’t judge you at all), you’ll at least agree with me that this is one of the finest records of the year. Acoustic folk music has never sounded this fine.

The album is one great song after another, but the best way to listen to an album like this is clearly from start to finish. Since the player automatically starts at Wildfire Smiles (track 8 of 11), be sure to start over at 1 once you’ve finished listening to the last few songs. My favorite moment of this record is “You’re Always Welcome At My House”, the song is classic MS&F-beauty, but there’s a twist somewhere in the middle (and again later), where the song seems to fade out strangely and eventually returns even stronger. It’s all in the softness of the entire record, yet it’s one of the most powerful songs on the record.

I haven’t been a raging fan about a record for some time, but this gets my blood going like it’s 1994. If you’re thinking about buying one record this month, let me suggest KNOTS by Matt Stalker & Fables. Worth every penny and a record that’ll stick with you for many years to come, at least until their next record. Probably way beyond.

Great! Fucking! Record!

Matt Stalker & Fables: // @mattandfables

03-09-2014: Track Adam Wedd - The Light Always Wins

One of the finest music discoveries of the year is singer-songwriter Adam Wedd, remember the epic Daybreak? "The Light Always Wins" is from his upcoming Cathedrals EP, set for release in November. I've heard it already and it's incredibly fine, this song showcases his amazing voice and talent for beautiful songs, the EP does just the same, but more powerfull, while lasting longer. Keep an eye out for this release!

02-09-2014: Track The Travelling Band - Passing Ships

The Travelling Band released their new album The Big Defreeze last week and "Passing Ships" is the opening track on it. A beautiful song from this UK five-piece and that brand new album is a must-hear in my book.

01-09-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Fable - I Speak Words

Monday morning, the part of the week that screams coffee and loud music a little louder than any other moment of the week. Let's kick it off with "I speak Words", debut single by Fable. Have yourselves a good week!

31-08-2014: Track Harrison Caldeira - Part Our Ways

From Harrison Caldeira's January-release HIS•STORY comes this fine song "Part Our Ways". There are several other great songs on the record, be sure to check it out if you enjoy this one as much as I do.

31-08-2014: Track Customary - Left With Nothing

A highly, highly, highly addictive track from a laidback rapper I had never heard of untill last week. He has released some great tracks, this is the finest I've heard so far. Check out for more fine music.

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