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28-05-2014: Track Jalin Roze - Gold / That's It

Two recent tracks by the finest rapper of the last few years: Jalin Roze. Both tracks have something oldschool to it, Jalin Roze is a master at the more laidback style of hiphop and these two tracks are both fine examples of his style. 'Gold' has a nice little trumpet (trumpets please!) giving this a real smooth jazzy feel and he just decides to sample some of his own lyrics and gets away with it. 'That's It' has warm synths and slow tempo, making it a relaxing track best enjoyed on hot summer nights. But the raps, his great flow and the lyrics are what really make these new tracks just as good as all his previous work. I don't think there's every going to be a rap record like The Brilliance, but with every new track Jalin Roze releases it's clear it is not a one-record-hype. Jalin Roze is the new king of hiphop.

27-05-2014: Album Small Wonder - Wendy

These last few weeks blog items are coming slow. There are pretty much 3 reasons for that. 1: Summer is kicking in, I prefer being outside in the warm sun. 2: There's this incredible record I keep playing and will be writing about next week. 3: This record by Small Wonder is addictive as hell.

This is an album that might take some time. Me, I was okay with it at first. Not that thrilled, but something got me hooked and I kept coming back to it. Not sure what it was that I was hearing, but I eventually started to enjoy it. And now that time has passed, I have fallen in love with it. By now I enjoy the personal and emotional sound of Small Wonder's Wendy.

The most wonderful track on this album is "Untill I Open My wings". There are a 1000 musical links to be found in here, but there never was a song like this. Just like the rest of the record, this song reminds me mostly of Eels, in a good way. I always thought what Eels did was unique. I guess I was wrong. Come on Henry.

Great. Fucking. Record.

21-05-2014: Track Arkells - Come To Light

Last month I posted Arkells great song Never Thought That This Would Happen and they have released their new single last week. Both are from their upcoming 3rd album High Noon, set for release in August, and both are equally fine. I feel very 80s when I dance to this, as it's impossible not to dance. Great tune!

18-05-2014: Track Zachary Cale - Hold Fast / Noise Of Welcome

Last year Zachary Cale released his album Blue Rider and it's a great record. It's the oldest item on my "to-blog" list and I figure this Sunday morning is the perfect moment for enjoying it again. The sun is shining warm already and besides doing a quarter of a marathon this afternoon, the rest of the day is spend being very lazy. Reading a good book, listening to fine music like Zachary Cale's record.

If you enjoy these songs, go check out the entire album at, it's a beautiful record.

14-05-2014: Album Juleah - Entangled And Entwined

The best Summer Record in the history of 2014 Summer records is here and it's called Entangled And Entwined. By Juleah. And although the Summer Record Collection is just starting to grow slowly, this is on top and will probably remain there for the entire Summer to come. This is such a cool record I have just spend the last few bucks I had on my bank account to purchase this. It's also available as a free download, but a record this fine, doesn't deserve to be threated that way..

This record is a mesmerizing collection of songs, it got stuck in my head from the 1st time I've heard it and it refuses to get out. This is best played loud and it works extremely well with any drink at any location. As long as it's warm. The location, not the drink. Whenever I see the sun in the morning, I play this for 20 minutes and I'm warm and fuzzy for the entire day. I see pretty girls dancing around everywhere, playing their guitars. There's a sizzling hot temperature, the type you only feel on the warmest days of Summer. The days people actually complain about it being too hot (fuck them!). This feeling and these images are somehow constantly surrounding me, once I've played this in the morning. And there's also the utter relaxation of a record like this. I could loop this for hours and hours (I'm doing it for days now) and get stuck in it. But it's the best way of getting stuck I've ever experienced.

This is one of those albums that only works played from start to finish. Don't bother listening to any of the songs, just click play and relax the fuck out of yourself for the next 20 minutes. And after that, all you have to do is click 'play' again.

Great. Fucking. Record.

09-05-2014: Track DARKHER - Hung

'Hung' by DARKHER is a haunting track. Perfect for late at night, sitting in the dark with just a few candles burning. Let the wind roar and the rain fall, it's warm inside.

08-05-2014: Track Matt Stalker & Fables - Wildfire Smiles

There is a small collection of records of which I play one every night just as I'm getting comfortable in bed. To get myself in a calm and relaxing state. Among these records are Beccy Owen's Imago, Bryan John Appleby's Fire on the Vine, Pickering Pick's Prayer Flag and The Man Who Said This Died Of Alchemy by Matt Stalker & Fables. The album is such a fine crafted relaxing masterpiece. Perfect for calming down between the sheets and gently slipping into a well-deserved temporary coma.

Now that 3 years have passed since the release of that album, Matt Stalker & Fables are back with a new single from their upcoming EP Knots. It's great news that another favorite act of mine is releasing new material this year (2014 is such an epic music year) and this new single is simply beautiful. I've read somewhere they are also releasing the new EP on vinyl and I have already set aside a few Pounds, I wouldn't want to miss out on this one!

Beautiful song, bring on that EP!

07-05-2014: Track Adam Wedd feat. Mark C Walton - Daybreak

Great song by Adam Wedd and Mark C Walton.

04-05-2014: Must-Have of the Month Echo Bloom - Blue

The Must-Have of the Month for May is an album that is almost a year old. On May 14th 2013 Echo Bloom released Blue. An intense album with a massive sound and a wide variety in styles. For the past few months I've been addicted to it, ever since I heard & shared single "The Returning of the Doves" in December, the album has been on heavy rotation. For several months this has been high on the Must-Have-list and now that the album is almost a year old, what better way to celebrate the birth of such a magnificent record.

Unlike my usual posting about records in which I write a little something useless and add a few songs from the record explaining why I love the record and the selected songs so much, I'll try something different for the second wave of Must-Have of the Month Records. I would like to suggest you listen to the entire record from start to finish. Don't read a good book or something while you're doing that, maybe a silly magazine about Summer clothing works for you, maybe you'll be able to just stare out of the window for an hour. It's worth it, it is the best suitable way to get to know this album a little. This album consists of 9 great songs, there's no flaw moment on it. Each song has something special hidden within and the best way to find that out is to listen to the entire record at once. Among its peers, these songs sound even better than on their own.

Don't be scared or fooled by opening track "Annunciation", it's a song that's somewhat off, but it is a perfect opening track and the record constantly evolves into something else as it continues. And besides, the harmonies in this first track are beyond beautiful. Follow-up "Cedar Beach" is already a more traditional folksong and after that, just go with the flow. I won't spoil the entire record for you by explaining the whole thing, I encourage you to be amazed by the sheer beauty and intensity of the record. If you are for some reason not open to the full experience and want a quick "hey-hello, how are you?" with this record, listen to "The Prostitute" and "The Flood". Both beautiful songs with strong lyrics and easily among the 25 finest songs I've heard in the last 12 months.

Just like the previous 12 Must-Have of the Month Records, this is my personal recommendation if you should just buy one record this month. And to make it even easier, you can download a copy for free via There's no reason not to..

Great. Fucking. Record.

01-05-2014: Introducing Cheshire and the Cat

This Nottingham (UK) based group combines soul, jazz and poprock and makes it their very own sound. It has a very happy swing to it and once the horns go all out it's pretty much impossible not to dance. "Milk in the Morning" is the perfect introduction song, Great fast pace and that last minute is almost ecstatic. This is Cheshire and the Cat at their best!

Another great track. Their combination of styles is so easy and it all sounds incredibly good.

They must be a live sensation and I'm really hoping they'll come to our side of the waters someday. I'll definately be there for some great tunes to enjoy!

30-04-2014: Album Aviators - Mirrors

There's not a lot of music featured on this blog that we can call popmusic. But this album can only be described as pop. It's a little dark, a little rock, a little electro, but in its essence Mirrors is a pure pop album. And one of the finest I've heard in years.

Songs like these remind me of the good old 90s poprock-songs like Extreme and Robby Valentine used to make them. My personal favorite in that specific genre is Valensia (you might know this one-hit-wonder from his epic tune Gaia) and Aviators picks up where the 90s left it. Does that make this a somewhat dated album? Maybe. I imagine this kind of music being far less populair than it was 15 to 20 years ago, but that's not always a bad thing. And besides, a good song is still a good song.

Perhaps this album is using a somewhat outdated sound (or being the first one breaking a new hype re-instating 90s music, grunge is on its way back aswell, isn't it?), but it is catchy as hell! I play this album whenever I get home from work in a really shitty mood and I just dance my ass off for an hour.

This is music to celebrate stuff with. Right here, right now. Whatever you're doing and however you're feeling. If you are over 25, you are allowed to like the hell out of this record. No wait, you are obligated to enjoy the fuck out of this record. Don't do it because I told you so, do it because you've given it a spin and are madly in love with it. Like I am.

Great. Fucking. Addictive. Record.

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