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18-10-2014: Track Emily Danger - Peace Arch

Emily Danger calls this Dark Cabaret Rock: a perfect fit for her music. "Peace Arch" is a great melodramatic track with 80s synths and long slow screams over laidback drums. I love it.

17-10-2014: Album The Slow Clock - The Slow Clock

This fine record is the solo-project of Chinup-frontman Harmen Kuiper. The band is slowly working towards releasing their new record, meanwhile Harmen has released this album. It's a really fun and relaxing record, perfect for lazy Sundays or slow Fridays. While we're desperately waiting for the weekend to begin, this is a fine album to get in the mood.

Songs like these remind me of the older work by The Strokes and much similair up-tempo popbands from that time and era. There was a whole wave of fine bands playing happy, care-free tunes back in those days and The Slow Clock would fit in perfectly. There's not a song on this record clocking over 3 minutes, making this a high speed record that is over before you'll know it.

I don't know what this new record of his full band is going to sound like, but if it's anything like The Slow Clock I'm already extremely interested. Considering this is just an "in-between-release" I can't wait what they'll be releasing next. For now, let's enjoy Perfect Friday Music.

16-10-2014: Track The Tallest Tree - Boat / I'll Be Your

Two great songs by Canadian duo The Tallest Tree. Boat is a cool rockin' grungy track, I'll Be Your is smoother and even a little sexy. If this were a 90s release they'd be all over the magazine covers.

15-10-2014: Track Town of Saints - Miner's Song (piano version)

Town of Saints recently re-released their 2013 debut album Something To Fight With and it's a great record. The original version of "Miner's Song" was given a single release and this B-side piano version is even sweeter than the original. Stream the entire album @bandcamp.

14-10-2014: Track Kate Boy - Open Fire

This new Kate Boy-track is another showcase of this highly talented collective.

13-10-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Dom Flemons - But They Got It Fixed Right On

Original up-tempo country by Dom Flemons. They look like they're having a lot of fun and the song has the same happy sound. Perfect for another Monday Morning Kick-Off, may your week be as fine as this song!

12-10-2014: Track Strand of Oaks - Shut In

Great midnight track by Strand of Oaks for the not so romantics.

11-10-2014: Track Brady Toops - O For Grace

For those having a romantic evening, listen to Brady Toops.

05-10-2014: Must-Have of the Month Coyote Armada - Crime Wave

Let me sum up this record in 3 words: 37-minute addiction

There's a first time for everything, so here's the first time two albums by the same artist are given the honour of being my personal Must-Have of the Month. This months recommend record is Crime Wave by Coyote Armada. This debut album is the follow-up to their Kye Oats EP from last year and it's a great record.

Addictive. As. Fuck.

05-10-2014: Track Cattle & Cane - Dancing (live at Wynyard Hall)

This is so incredibly beautiful. Hear more at

03-10-2014: Track Brooke Bentham - We'll Be Ghosts

There's a lot of reasons I might be playing this song later tonight. With candles burning and the music gently playing while my girlfriend and me are watching the fireplace-dvd she brought with her last time she was here and 'accidently' left behind. Or maybe we won't be really watching the 20-minute love story about a piece of wood slowly dying and spend the entire evening kissing instead. In both scenarios I expect this beautiful song to fit in great! Because the main reason this song by Brooke Bentham will be playing tonight is the intense beauty of it. And it helps romance. A little. I hope.

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