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05-11-2014: Track Mont Oliver - 19

Danish trio Mont Oliver has just released their debut track "19" and the accompanying EP is set for release on November 17th. This is triphop like I haven't heard it in years: dreamy synths, mellow hiphop beats and trippy vocals.

Addictive. As. Fuck.

03-11-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off velvvet - All These Different Places

Monday Morning Kick-Off with Dutch electronic indiepop by velvvet. "All These Different Places" is a pulsating dancetrack that might work a little better on a Friday night, but some Monday mornings call for an extended weekend, this is one of those days.
Over the last 6 months velvvet has released 4 great tracks (they were included on the blog in June here) and you can get them on a very limited edition cassette tape. Skip one morning coffee at the station and it can be yours via their website If you prefer your coffee, I can imagine on a Monday morning. Have a good week!

31-10-2014: Track Bill Callahan - Too Many Birds

On the last day of my favorite month I would like to share my favorite song of the last few months with you. "Too Many birds" is taken from Bill Callahan's album Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle (2009). A friend of mine gave me this record as a present a few months ago and I'm completely addicted to it. It's a beautiful record and "Too Many Birds" is one of the finest songs I've heard all year. Even if it's 5 years old.

30-10-2014: Introducing JARA - Moving Me / Sorrow

JARA is a Dutch indiepop band formed around singer Jara Holdert, she has a warm, jazzy voice and as a band they write exciting folksongs. These 2 tracks perfectly describe the two faces of this band. "Moving Me" is an up-tempo popsong with several layers of instruments and vocals, a little like Florence and the Machine can sound. "Sorrow" is a slow, classic folk song that brings the great Joni Mitchell to mind, this song is a beautiful work of art.

Two songs that perfectly showcase the talent of this 4-piece and makes me curious for future releases, I will keep an ear out for them & keep you updated on this exciting band!

29-10-2014: Track The Emsee - Rap Squared

This hiphop track by The Emsee is addictive and pretty fucking epic. His flow reminds me of Eminem, never heard that before. Great track!

27-10-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off The Mantells - Key To The City

Monday Morning Kick-Off with The Mantells. The Manchester 3-piece has just finished recording their new single "Men In Suits" and kick off another week with a bang, just for us. Have a good week!

26-10-2014: mixtape Harvest Star Folk Collective Vol. 5

Have been listening to this new compilation by Harvest Star Collective all morning and if I didn't have to go to work in 30 minutes I'd be listening to it all through the afternoon aswell. Volume 5 of the Harvest Star series is another fine collection of beautiful songs. Acoustic folk songs that perfectly suit a grey and lonely Sunday like this. The leaves are dancing in the wind, the Autumn cold is creeping in through every crack in the woodworks of my house and there's not a soul to be found out on the deserted streets. Pour yourself another cup of coffee, turn up the heat and stereo; enjoy a warm day inside with 9 beautiful songs. Heavenly Sundays are made of these.

23-10-2014: Track The Trotskies - DYR

The Trotskies just released DYR somewhere within the last 24 hours and I'm already addicted. A dark and haunting 80s soundwave that could've lasted 20 minutes if it where up to me. Good stuff for midnight or very early in the morning.

21-10-2014: Album Flannel Graph - Ribs of Adam

A little over two months ago I fell madly in love with Flannel Graph's previous recording Five Foot Three EP and I was extremely pleased to find out they were releasing a new album on September 1st. Now that I've been spending six week with it I would like to sing their praise once more. Ribs of Adam is every inch as beautiful as their earlier work and a little better.

OVer the years that I've been writing this music blog I've discovered I'm not that great at analyzing records, but I think Flannel Graph has expanded their musical horizons on this record. They still write beautiful acoustic folk songs together, but there's a lot more happening around their voices and guitar. Opening track "In My Soul" is a fine example of this, with that classic deep south folk sound. As the 7-track record continues every song seems to be a little prettier than the one that just ended. Making this a delicious and haunting record to put on replay for hours to go.

The absolute highlight of this record is final track "The Life I Was Missing", it is mindblowing beautiful and it tops off a great record with a bang. "The Life I Was Missing" is one of the best songs of 2014 and Ribs of Adam is one of the finest releases of the year.
Flannel Graph is bound for greatness.

20-10-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Hilbrandt - Jacob

Monday Morning Kick-Off with Dutch folkband Hilbrandt. They're releasing their debut album next month and this 1st song is so addictive. Best played REALLY LOUD, which is always a good thing to do on a Monday morning. Have a good week!

19-10-2014: Track Matt Stalker & Fables - Seasick/Spiderwebs (live)

This is going to be a great day and great days deserve beautiful music. Last month I mentioned Matt Stalker & Fables' new record KNOTS as the Must-Have of the Month. Seasick/Spiderwebs is one of the 11 beautiful songs taken from that record and this live version is 4 minutes in heaven.

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