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28-11-2014: Track Woodsman - Healthy Life

From their February-release Woodsman comes this mesmerizing piece of music. Loop for the rest of the day and turn up the volume every hour. Guaranteed trip.

27-11-2014: Track Blitz//Berlin - Leviathan

Blitz//Berlin - Leviathan. Epic. As. Hell.

26-11-2014: Track Tessera Skies - Droplet

Set for release next week, Droplet is an amazing single. His voice reminds me of Chris Martin and the song has a certain tense to it that might be compared with the best songs Coldplay has ever released. Above all, Tessera Skies is releasing a killer song next week.

24-11-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off Blonde Bunny - While We're Sleeping

This Monday Morning Kick-Off with Blonde Bunny's recently released debut single "While We're Sleeping" is noisy and a little slow, just like me on a Monday morning. Feeling the warm weekend afterglow and getting ready for another week. Take it slow today and have yourselves a great week!

21-11-2014: Track The Delines - Sandman’s Coming

Sweet dreams.

19-11-2014: Track John Kelman - Maybe Nothing

This song is taken from John Kelman's fine record High Five Old Pine and I love it sooo much. Check out the entire record released by this Spanish Dutchman released back in January, it's a perfect record for cold Winter nights.

19-11-2014: Track Andy - Crazy

One of the finest female singer-songwriters in this country released her new album City Love a few months ago (and even played a concert in my living room). Due to it not being available via soundcloud (or any other decent streaming platform) I haven't given it the attention I wanted to. Good thing she released a video for one of the songs from the album last week. "Crazy" is a fine example of how Andy is evolving as a songwriter and musician. It's not just a girl with a piano anymore, there's a real woman with a powerful voice and an actual band behind her.

You can listen to her full record City Love at, using the embedded player. And you'll quickly hear "Crazy" is not the only beautiful song on it!

17-11-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off The Bandicoots - Just After Dark

Kick off another week with The Bandicoots and make it count!

16-11-2014: Track Tropics - Blame

For fans of James Blake, here's London-based gentle pop singer Tropics. Blame is from his upcoming album Rapture, set to launch early next year.

06-11-2014: Must-Have of the Month F&M - At Sunset We Sing

One of the all-time favorite bands I've discovered through writing this blog is F&M and this week they've released their latest album At Sunset We Sing. It's been three years since "Wish You Were Here" was released and I still love that record, which made me all the more excited to find out about this release and I can tell you, it's a Beauty!

F&M makes romantic music, folk with a little goth to it. In the years that have passed F&M clearly grew in their music writing skills. There are influences from all over the globe to be heard on At Sunset We Sing. From Russia to Portugal, each song has its own sound. But as an album it is not mistaken that there's only one talented band at work here, from opening track "Hands In" till the last fading seconds of "Take Me Out" F&M takes us on a trip into their own musical world and it's fantastic to be there.

Albums like these literately take the words from my fingers. I'm stuck here looking at an empty screen for hours, just listening to this beautiful record on repeat. Hoping for inspiration to write down what makes this album so good, but nothing comes to mind. Please forget about the words, just listen to the music. It is worth your full attention and if you decide to buy yourself just one record this month, may I suggest At Sunset We Sing.

05-11-2014: Track Los Angeles Police Department - Enough Is Enough

A short, but nice and dreamy song by Los Angeles Police Department, taken from his self-titled album that I haven't spent enough time with. Go and listen to the entire record here, there's more fine little lo-fi bedroom music like "Enough Is Enough" on it.

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