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05-10-2014: Must-Have of the Month Coyote Armada - Crime Wave

Let me sum up this record in 3 words: 37-minute addiction

There's a first time for everything, so here's the first time two albums by the same artist are given the honour of being my personal Must-Have of the Month. This months recommend record is Crime Wave by Coyote Armada. This debut album is the follow-up to their Kye Oats EP from last year and it's a great record.

Addictive. As. Fuck.

05-10-2014: Track Cattle & Cane - Dancing (live at Wynyard Hall)

This is so incredibly beautiful. Hear more at

03-10-2014: Track Brooke Bentham - We'll Be Ghosts

There's a lot of reasons I might be playing this song later tonight. With candles burning and the music gently playing while my girlfriend and me are watching the fireplace-dvd she brought with her last time she was here and 'accidently' left behind. Or maybe we won't be really watching the 20-minute love story about a piece of wood slowly dying and spend the entire evening kissing instead. In both scenarios I expect this beautiful song to fit in great! Because the main reason this song by Brooke Bentham will be playing tonight is the intense beauty of it. And it helps romance. A little. I hope.

02-10-2014: Track Alex Vargas - Solid Ground (live)

Recently heard the clear version of this and remembered I had stacked this amazing live-version on my laptop some months ago. Alex Vargas has a great voice and this song is dark and haunting. The new James Blake? Could be.

02-10-2014: Track Gill Bondy - 12 Days

A strange, but interesting and very addictive debut track by Gill Bondy.

30-09-2014: Track Natalie McCool - Dig It Out

Fine new addictive song by Natalie McCool.

29-09-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off The Cheek - Do Nothing

So there's a new project called The Lost Music club. Their goal is to release forgotten gems that could've been gold in the past, but somehow never made it into the stores. This is how they perfectly describe it: Our aim is to unearth unreleased gems that’ve sat unheard and potentially lost forever and introduce them to a wider audience through digital and physical releases. We’re not talking about the un-bought albums listed on Amazon, we’re talking about the apocryphal recordings that never made it to the public domain – the debut album that never got released, the demo tapes for the second album that never was, or the early tracks that never made the cut.

Their 1st release was added to the 4th anniversary of Plug in Baby! and was a band called Speedy. They recorded a debut album, but never released it, untill The Lost Music club did.

Their 2nd release is set for October 27th and is The Cheek's album Lovers' Quarrel, Do Nothing is the 1st song taken from that album and just like the 1st release it has a strong britpop-vibe. Also similair to the 1st release of The Lost Music Club this is a debut album that was already recorded, but never made it into the stores. Whatever happened is for the history books, all we know now is that The Lost Music Club is giving this band a new life. And based on this 1st song, that is an offer well deserved. Great song!

26-09-2014: Track Cathedrals - In The Dark

This is Soooooo Good! Check their full EP at their Soundcloud-page.

23-09-2014: Track Matt Paxton - Hummingbird

Today Matt Paxton released his latest EP Mountain Eyes. This song "Hummingbird" was released last week and it's a beautiful little folk song. Just Matt and his guitar. You can check out the full 6-track EP at, I've just given it a 1st spin and it's a fine record to get lost in the woods with. Maybe even spot a ..

22-09-2014: Monday Morning Kick-Off The Rising - Still Coming Home To You

The Rising are being marketed as an Irish band influenced by Bruce Springsteen. I get that. This powerfolk band is sharing their name with Bruce's 9/11 album and their sound is surely within reach of Bruce and The Gaslight Anthem. This band is reaching for a big audience and I hear no reasons they wouldn't succeed. The whole album is a bit too smooth for me, but this 1st single is great Monday morning music. Have a good week!

21-09-2014: Album Will Stratton - Gray Lodge Wisdom

Words later. Music now. Gray Lodge Wisdom by Will Stratton is a beautiful record.

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