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12-12-2014: EP No Ninja Am I - Broken Dice

Six great songs by Amsterdam singer-songwriter No Ninja Am I. Released today, Broken dice might be too late for most best-of lists but it definately deserves an honorary mention. A dreamy record with jazzy influences, slow beats & mesmerizing vocals.

Perfection (track 4) is pretty much just that. A perfect combination of pop and jazz. This song is like dancing on the beach in the Summer. Really close to someone special and despite 100s of people around you, there's only the two of you and this beautiful song. I just close my eyes and I'm there. Warm and intense, not a care in the world. This song takes me places. The entire EP does. Great record. I love it.

12-12-2014: Track Nozart - Long Long Time

This Nozart-song is refreshing and extremely addictive.

09-12-2014: Album John Craigie - October is the Kindest Month (demos)

October is the Kindest Month was released back in 2011 and a year later John Craigie released these demos online. I've been sick for the last 3 days and have spent 67 out of the past 72 hours in bed, mostly with this playing very softly somewhere in the corners of my mind covered by meds and pillows. I love how sweet this is. My head still hurts, so I'll just leave this her with you and go back to sleep. Bye bye.

07-12-2014: Track Rococode - Banks

Rococode. Banks. Hypnotizing.

05-12-2014: Must-Have of the Month How To Throw A Christmas Party IV: Intergalactic Welcome

This album is exactly what it promises to be: a perfect musical guide for a great Christmas Party. This is the folkiest and finest Christmas album of the season and basically it's the only Christmas album you'll need.

For the 4th time since 2010 this great folk collective released their (free) How To Throw A Christmas Party-collection. All songs are original and pretty much perfect folk songs. Whether it's June of November, these are 6 beautiful songs. But with the Christmas tree fully lit, the lights dimmed and your loved ones around you, this album is the best thing to have playing on the stereo. The vibe is devine, the mood is peaceful. There's a choir of angels singing and with every minute that passes this album brings that true Christmas spirit a little closer.

A Merry Christmas is one step closer with How To Throw A Christmas Party IV: Intergalactic Welcome. Get your copy @

05-12-2014: Track Lisa Haagen - Because I Know

Lisa Haagen is really cool!

04-12-2014: EP Deep Sea Diver - Always Waiting EP

Four perfect indie tracks and a haunting voice, the basic ingredients for a great EP. Always Waiting EP by Deep Sea Diver is a great release. Jessica's voice is haunting and exciting, the songs are pure and a little raw. More than enough to be overwhelming and interesting from the first few seconds of 'Always Waiting' untill the final moments of 'All Chalked Up'. The only downside; it's over too soon! More please!

One of the best releases of 2014!

02-12-2014: Track Fire Mountain - Moving Target

Following up on their 2011-release Off the Dust Alabama 5-piece Fire Mountain released their latest album All Dies Down earlier this year. It's a fine record with a truly spectaculair finishing track called "Moving Target". This is it.

01-12-2014: Track Friends of the Family - Cracked Man

Monday Morning Kick-Off with Dutch folk collective Friends of the Family. This is loud, happy, up-tempo, in-your-face and should generate a smile on your face to last untill lunch (at least!). Have a good week!

30-11-2014: Track Moonface - City Wrecker

Beautiful song by Moonface.

28-11-2014: Album Brian Lalor - Hand Full of Seeds

Nice mellow music for your slow Friday evening. Easy to sing along with and pretty much perfect cooking music. I know, I've tried. Several times. Brian Lalor has a nice voice, plays nice songs & overall released a great debut record earlier this year.

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