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25-03-2015: Track Hudson Mohawke - Very First Breath

It's probably me, but up to 14 hours ago I had never heard of Hudson Mohawke. Unlike several 100.000 others. I guess I can't be the first one to discover every new great track being released. This brank new track is gold. Great beats, amazing vibe. I love this.

24-03-2015: EP True Deceiver - True Deceiver

This debut(?) EP by True Deceiver is released today and it's on a continues loop ever since I found out about it. If I weren't flat broke out of my mind I would buy a dozen buttons.

Addictive. As. Fuck.

19-03-2015: Album Seryn - Shadow Shows

Seryn's new album Shadow Shows is a great record. I'm not good at explaining the reasons for stating this opinion, but I know I really like this record. And I see myself falling in love with it a little more each time I listen to it. Some records are instant love, other take some time to slowly win you over. For me, Shadow Shows is in the both categories. Although this was only released a Month ago and I have listened to it a lot already, the real love is just starting to grow and wil continue to do so for many months (and maybe years) to come. I still listen to their previous record This Is Where We Are and that was released back in 2011. That's how deep the love for a beautiful record can go.

Will Shadow Shows turn out to be such an epic, mesmerizing, addictive record?! I don't doubt it!

18-03-2015: Track Adam Wedd - This Too Shall Soon Pass

Wrote a little something a few days ago about broken hearts and great music on my other (Dutch) blog inspired by this beautiful song taken from Adam Wedd's new EP The Art Of Interruption. You might not be able to read or understand the story, but you can enjoy the music. And ain't that what it's all about here?! (it is)

17-03-2015: Track Jeroen Kant en de Sheriffs - Nooit Genoeg

This new Jeroen Kant-song is a great blues song.

14-03-2015: Album Vincent James - The Wilderness Below EP

This is a wonderful weekend EP by Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter Vincent James. Acoustic folk by the book. Great songs, based on his guitar and voice, with some added violins or backing vocals at the right moments. This is music as it's supposed to be. Melancholic, vivacious and intense.

Can you hear the fire, smell the woods and taste the whiskey? Close your eyes and listen to this record. It's all there.

13-03-2015: Track Babaganouj - Can't Stop

This is addictive. By Babaganouj.

12-03-2015: Track Peter Lyons - Leave Me

WHOA! Peter Lyons has 666 facebook fans. Also, Leave Me is a great song!

10-03-2015: Track Vienna Ditto - Hammer And A Nail

Latest single by Vienna Ditto is taken from their upcoming debut album and raises the expectations a little more, as their sound continues to evolve. This song has a great "Western-Tarantino" feel to it and I can't get enough of it. The album is set for May and definately worth the wait!

09-03-2015: Monday Morning Kick-Off The Nursery - She Speaks the Wave

Monday Morning Kick-Off with The Nursery. Have a good week!

08-03-2015: EP Maria Shiel - Star

Just discovered this 5-track EP by Maria Shiel a few days ago, but I'm completely hooked on it. Opening track "Star" is a nice song, but it gets really special at the moment "Automatic Flow" takes off. The remaining songs are intense and beautiful. Haunting and special. Made for warm Summer days and cold Winter nights. Great for staring out into the ocean all day long and painting a ceiling by the dim light of a single light bulb. The acoustic instrumental in between make this album seem longer than it actually is and is the main reason this is best enjoyed on an endless repeat.

This is why I love music.

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