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23-04-2015: Album Town of Saints - Something To Fight With Tour Edition

Town of Saints is a Dutch/Finnish band that released their debut album Something To Fight With in 2013. After an intense year of touring Europe they released a Tour Edition last September, with 4 brand new songs added to the original record. Town of Saints writes powerful folksongs about life and all the struggles we're facing. The violin, the lyrics, the overall feel of every song is just perfect. This band and this record deserve to be heard. 18 months after the original releasedate this record is still a great work of art. Have a listen, enjoy the fuck out of it!

Personal favorite: Daydreams of Others.

20-04-2015: Track The Information - Grave blues

May I suggest not watching the video? The song is really good, but the video is not and it actually takes away the focus from the music. Play this song and look out the window or make yourself some coffee. Meanwhile, let The Information sing you a song.

16-04-2015: Introducing The Suitcase Junket

Somewhere somehow I received 5 songs by The Suitcase Junket and they are all fuckin' brilliant. He (Matt Lorenz) has released his new album Make Time in January and when it's time to pick a new Must-Have of the Month in 2 weeks, I might just spent my money on this record. The other 4 songs I am completely addicted to are unfortunately nowhere to be found, but "So, No" is from the new record and really, really great.

The Suitcase Junket's music is raw as hell and addictive as fuck. Check it out!

15-04-2015: Track Young Hunting - Every Living Thing

Perfect dreampop by Young Hunting.

13-04-2015: Track The Amazing - Circles

Love this song by The Amazing.

09-04-2015: EP Dope by Design - The Dope by Design EP

Dope by Design is a 7-piece hiphop collective from California and this 5-track EP is the best hiphop-record I've heard in the last 6 months. Everything about these five songs oozes perfection. It's loud and smart, happy and interesting. The message they are sending is clear and inspiring. The sound is live, bright and organic. There's so much going on in each song, the best way to really get to know these songs is to listen to them over and over again. Just like I've been doing these last few days.

Everyone remotely interested in hiphop should listen to this!

05-04-2015: Must-Have of the Month Bear Medicine - The Moon Has Been All My Life

Bear Medicine’s debut album The Moon Has Been All My Life is a beautiful and odd folk record. Odd in a good way, odd in a great way. This is not your typical folk record, but this is something really special. The record takes my breath away and keeps my mind from thinking. The only thing still working properly is my heart beating very slowly as this mesmerizing record takes over my body and mind. With heartache eating away inside of me I've listened to a lot of soothing records lately. The Moon Has Been All My Life does something different to me by taking my mind of everything else in life completely. The only way a record can take my focus and breath away like this is by being really special. And this my friends, is one hell of a special record.

Last month the band released the vinyl version I was waiting for, and as we speak there's a copy on its way to my record player. Just the thought of that, makes me feel really, really great.

04-04-2015: Track Ryan O'Reilly - Northern Lights

This is such a great song by Ryan O'Reilly. I might listen to this all night long (all night).

03-04-2015: Track David Disher - The Cloud

This mesmerizing track is taken from David Disher's new EP Disconnect. Get it!

31-03-2015: Track Echo Movis - Mehico

Tuesday morning noise with "Mehico" by Echo Movis.

30-03-2015: Track Murder By Death - Send Me Home

Taken from Murder By Death's recently released album Big Dark Love, this is one fine song!

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