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26-05-2015: Track The Amazing – Picture You

Almost 10 minutes of musical escapism with The Amazing.

22-05-2015: mixtape Well-Played 007: Moon Walkin'

These 6 songs have brightened up my days so much this week. Dance yourself straight into the weekend. If you would like to keep on dancing, more great tunes will be added to a brand new Soundcloud-playlist at Have a great weekend!

20-05-2015: Track Vienna Ditto - Oh Josephine

"Oh Josephine" is another great Vienna Ditto-track taken from their upcoming debut album Circle. Set for release in just a few weeks. The countdown has begun!

18-05-2015: Album Lauren Bradford - Lauren Bradford

Acoustic folk at its finest, this debut record by London-based singer songwriter Lauren Bradford. Over a year ago she shared this beautiful record with me, telling me about the difficulties she had with releasing it. Things seemed to go wrong all around and for a long time there were only a few people enjoying her record. I was one of the lucky ones.

Earlier this year she was finally able to share her work with the public. I apologize for being this slow with sharing this album with you, but once you'll listen to it, you will hopefully just remain thankfull that I eventually did. Lauren has a great voice, writes charming songs and playfully goes about them. Brightening your mood with every note she plays and every word she sings. Just for you. This is one of those sweet albums you need to just dream away with. There's not a care in the world. Everything is beautiful. Life is perfect. With Lauren Bradford and this sweet album she has given the world. What a gift. I love it.

15-05-2015: EP DIET CIG - Over Easy

Some records are best enjoyed loud, without my words distracting you from the epic music. Please enjoy the fuck out of this great 5-track record by indie sensation DIET CIG.

11-05-2015: Track WindfallFound – Soaring (Pulling For The Heavens Pt. 1)

After a looong Sunday, I need this Monday morning to relax with music like this track by WindfallFound. Soothing. Perfect for slow mornings.

07-05-2015: Track Woof! Woof! Ridicule - Run Faster

Addictive song from Dutch collective Woof! Woof! Ridicule, taken from their recently released debut record Run Faster. Dance. Run. Smile.

05-05-2015: Must-Have of the Month Timbre - Sun & Moon

This might just become the best record of 2015. This stunning release by Nashville-harpist singer-songwriter Timbre crosses all the musical borders, but never looses sight of what music is all about: Emotions and an intense listening experience.

Based in classical music, Timbre takes us on a journey between light and dark. The Sun and the moon. But don't let the dreamy opening tracks fool you into thinking this is tender, mesmerizing music made for dreamers sitting alone in the dark. The album is best enjoyed in one long spin and you will feel the power of the music lift you as the volume goes up and erupts into a short explosion of sound. Only to return to the dark, slow mesmerizing stillness of the night. It's not an easy listening album. It demands your full attention, but it will give you a lot in return.

This record is over 100 minutes of intense, breathtaking, passionate beauty. It is without a doubt one of a kind and there will never be something like this. It was released not even a month ago, so it's a little strange to name this the best record of 2015. But at the very least this is the best record up to May 5th of this year.

Pure Beauty.

04-05-2015: Track Cosmo Sheldrake - The Fly

This seems to be two years old, but who cares? The Fly by Cosmo Sheldrake is an addictive work of art!

04-05-2015: Track Bridie Jackson & The Arbour - Far From The Tree / Final Lullaby

Last month my favorite band of my bloggin' years released their new single Far From The Tree and it's as precious as everything they've released in the last few years. It's a nice up-tempo folk song with Bridie Jackson & The Arbour's trademark harmonies, yet it took me a few spins to get used to it. It's more powerful and less 'dreamy' than most of their music. Nevertheless the beauty remains, I love this song. B-side Final Lullaby is a more traditional song for this band, but also a more traditional British Folk song. I imagine flying over the English green hills and rough coastline in the pouring rain while Bridie Jackson's voice comforts me. Divine music.

Get your copy of these two beautiful songs via Amazing Record Co.’s Label Services.

28-04-2015: Track Tessera Skies - Out Of Sight

Out Of Sight is the follow-up track to the highly addictive Droplet by Newcastle dreampop trio Tessera Skies. And it is at least as breathtaking as the previously mentioned track. Out Of Sight gets better everytime you hear it, so may I suggest listening to it a lot? You can thank me later.

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