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13-04-2015: Track The Amazing - Circles

Love this song by The Amazing.

09-04-2015: EP Dope by Design - The Dope by Design EP

Dope by Design is a 7-piece hiphop collective from California and this 5-track EP is the best hiphop-record I've heard in the last 6 months. Everything about these five songs oozes perfection. It's loud and smart, happy and interesting. The message they are sending is clear and inspiring. The sound is live, bright and organic. There's so much going on in each song, the best way to really get to know these songs is to listen to them over and over again. Just like I've been doing these last few days.

Everyone remotely interested in hiphop should listen to this!

05-04-2015: Must-Have of the Month Bear Medicine - The Moon Has Been All My Life

Bear Medicine’s debut album The Moon Has Been All My Life is a beautiful and odd folk record. Odd in a good way, odd in a great way. This is not your typical folk record, but this is something really special. The record takes my breath away and keeps my mind from thinking. The only thing still working properly is my heart beating very slowly as this mesmerizing record takes over my body and mind. With heartache eating away inside of me I've listened to a lot of soothing records lately. The Moon Has Been All My Life does something different to me by taking my mind of everything else in life completely. The only way a record can take my focus and breath away like this is by being really special. And this my friends, is one hell of a special record.

Last month the band released the vinyl version I was waiting for, and as we speak there's a copy on its way to my record player. Just the thought of that, makes me feel really, really great.

04-04-2015: Track Ryan O'Reilly - Northern Lights

This is such a great song by Ryan O'Reilly. I might listen to this all night long (all night).

03-04-2015: Track David Disher - The Cloud

This mesmerizing track is taken from David Disher's new EP Disconnect. Get it!

31-03-2015: Track Echo Movis - Mehico

Tuesday morning noise with "Mehico" by Echo Movis.

30-03-2015: Track Murder By Death - Send Me Home

Taken from Murder By Death's recently released album Big Dark Love, this is one fine song!

25-03-2015: Track Hudson Mohawke - Very First Breath

It's probably me, but up to 14 hours ago I had never heard of Hudson Mohawke. Unlike several 100.000 others. I guess I can't be the first one to discover every new great track being released. This brank new track is gold. Great beats, amazing vibe. I love this.

24-03-2015: EP True Deceiver - True Deceiver

This debut(?) EP by True Deceiver is released today and it's on a continues loop ever since I found out about it. If I weren't flat broke out of my mind I would buy a dozen buttons.

Addictive. As. Fuck.

19-03-2015: Album Seryn - Shadow Shows

Seryn's new album Shadow Shows is a great record. I'm not good at explaining the reasons for stating this opinion, but I know I really like this record. And I see myself falling in love with it a little more each time I listen to it. Some records are instant love, other take some time to slowly win you over. For me, Shadow Shows is in the both categories. Although this was only released a Month ago and I have listened to it a lot already, the real love is just starting to grow and wil continue to do so for many months (and maybe years) to come. I still listen to their previous record This Is Where We Are and that was released back in 2011. That's how deep the love for a beautiful record can go.

Will Shadow Shows turn out to be such an epic, mesmerizing, addictive record?! I don't doubt it!

18-03-2015: Track Adam Wedd - This Too Shall Soon Pass

Wrote a little something a few days ago about broken hearts and great music on my other (Dutch) blog inspired by this beautiful song taken from Adam Wedd's new EP The Art Of Interruption. You might not be able to read or understand the story, but you can enjoy the music. And ain't that what it's all about here?! (it is)

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