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26-07-2015: Track Langhorne Slim and The Law - Strangers

The 1st single from their upcoming record The Spirit Moves, set for release next month.

25-07-2015: Introducing Jonah Parzen-Johnson

These are 3 songs taken from Jonah Parzen-Johnson's latest album Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow and they are mesmerizing as hell. Jonah's saxophone takes you on a lo-fi trip to hell and back. With his wild screams and roars laid over a continues loop his music puts you in trance impossible to escape from. I imagine a lot of people will not be able to understand the incredible music Jonah is producing, but I am completely addicted to playing these songs as loud as I can. There's a Summer storm raging outside. There's a musical storm raging indoors. I'm staying in, for both reasons.

You can listen to the entire record (and get a copy) at

25-07-2015: Track High Dive Heart - Vintage

Summer music by High Dive Heart, taken from their highly addictive Sonic Graffiti EP.

24-07-2015: Track Woodsman - Parallel Minds (reprise)

A dreamy soundscape by Woodsman.

21-07-2015: Track Amber Edgar - Only In Dreams

Taken from her beautiful 4-track EP Good Will Rise, this is a perfectly crafted fuzzy song full of emotions. Warm and sweaty, as if I was walking through the desert. The sun is beating down on me, while my body is beggin' for water and I am constantly dreaming of things I might never again, lay my eyes upon.

20-07-2015: Track The Chainsmokers - Waterbed ft. Waterbed

Great new song by The Chainsmokers ft. Waterbed.

20-07-2015: Track Major Leagues - Someone Sometime

Australian 4-piece Major Leagues is releasing an EP later this year, "Someone Sometime" is the 1st single taken from that EP and sounds like perfect Summerdays.

17-07-2015: Album ODAWAS - Black Harmony

Black Harmony by ODAWAS is such an addictive record. This has been on constant replay for days now. I'm taking it with me everywhere I go and listen to it from the early morning untill the very last minute before I fall asleep.

Coming from a period in both our lives where failed marriages, affairs, drug and alcohol abuse and a fatalistic dose of existential dread were leading us into something of a madman's revelry. The lyrics weave these personal moments in through various fantastic narratives about star-crossed soldiers finding perfection in the desert, Prohibition-era murder and espionage, crime scene investigations in pastoral meadows, and finding soft comfort in the hallucinatory madness of Nebraska. Themes of being lost, betrayal, murder and madness are given candy-coated arrangements of Americana and atmospheric electronics. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, as they say.
Isaac Edwards (Odawas)

Even the description of this record is poetic. Maybe not a Must-Have of the Month record, but definately a Must-Hear Record for every (regular) visitor of this little blog. A great start of the next 5 years of music sharing, wouldn't you agree?

Great. Fucking. Record.

14-07-2015: Track Cheshire and the Cat - Countdown

A party song to celebrate 5 years of Plug in, Baby! with Cheshire and the Cat.

12-07-2015: Album RELIC - The 13th Floor

this freshly released hiphop-record has a great flow, a pure sound, dope lyrics and that's just about all you need to create a great hiphop-record. RELIC's style is laidback, oldschool and that makes this a record that'll fit right in with everything I've always enjoyed about hiphop. I've been playing this everyday since the day it was released (little over a month ago) and I'll be enjoying it for a long time to come. Best indie hiphop-record of the year so far.

11-07-2015: Track Songhoy Blues - Soubour (live)

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