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07-04-2011: Album Happy Camper

Happy Camper is a brand new project by Dutch multi-talent Job Roggeveen. He teamed up with a lot of great Dutch musicians and made an album that oozes fun. I've just discovered this band Monday night at OOR's 40th birthday party, but was immediately won over by the great songs & great atmosphere this band made for themselves & the many people listening. There's a whole idea behind it & that's fun to read about on the website, but it all comes down to the music and the music is just great! Definately one of the best things I've heard this year.

06-04-2011: EP Mighty Oaks - Mighty Oaks EP

Mighty Oaks is a Berlin based folk duo and they've just released their 1st work together, called the 'Mighty Oaks EP'. The best way to describe the music is the way they say it themselves: "The music - full of guitar, banjo, mandolin, and vocal harmonies - is rooted in folk traditions, and driven by the sea, the woods, the mountains, and the seasons." Get this fine 4-track EP for just a few Euros on their website. Worth it!

06-04-2011: EP Alden Penner - Odes To The House

A nice relaxing start of the Wednesday with this mini-EP from Alpen Penner. He's played in several bands before he went solo and 'Odes To The House' was just released 2 days ago. The funny thing about this record is that the Candian singer-songwriter went on a trip to Europe and eventually ended up recording these 4 songs in Utrecht and releasing them via Dutch record label Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck!
You can get the album on his Bandcamp-page for only a few bucks or check out the link from the record label for a nice little package with artwork by Dutch graphic designer Esther Willering, which looks great and still almost costs you nothing.

05-04-2011: Nirvana-Night

To be honest, om April 5th there is only one band to rule the stereo.

05-04-2011: EP Black Books - An Introduction To​.​.​.

04-04-2011: Timber Timbre - Woman

Timber Timbre is releasing their new album tomorrow and this sinister song 'Woman' is a dark, yet catchy preview on the album-release. I'm curious how this sounds throughout an entire album, and i'm hoping to find out tomorrow..

04-04-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Two Wounded Birds - All We Wanna Do

Another Monday Morning Kick-Off, this time it's Two Wounded Birds with their fantastic track 'All We Wanna Do', to be released April 18th. Can't wait to hear the rest, because this is perfect for the Monday Morning!

03-04-2011: sch Best of 2011 - 1st Quarter

I can listen to this perfect playlist over and over again. For me these are the finest 15 songs of 2011, so far. Enjoy! Click the image to download them all.

31-03-2011: Album Balto - October's Road

Perfect follow-up for that new Fleet Foxes-track I just posted, is this recently released album from Balto. welistenforyou introduced me to 'Self Portrait' which is very sweet, but the other tracks on this album are all from this same quality. I'm actually re-instating my PayPal-account for this one, I gotta have it!

31-03-2011: Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean

Another Fleet Foxes-track from the upcoming album, but this time it's an official release with video! Grown Ocean is just what the doctor ordered on this rainy Thursday morning.

30-03-2011: Howe Gelb - Alegrias

Howe Gelb is a music veteran with an impressive collection of records behind his name. I had yet never heard of him untill recent, since he's released his latest album called 'Alegrias'. I must admit it's not brilliant, i don't play it constantly like i did the 1st week after the new 'Mother Mother'-album came out, but it's a nice light album. After a hard day's work, it's a feel-good laidback album, perfect while making dinner with an ice-cold beer on the table. Give it a spin, see how you like it. And if it doesn't do it at first for you, try again after a hard day's work..

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