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15-03-2011: Francois Peglau - The Imminent Failure of Francois Peglau

Just discovered this album Sunday evening, but already i can't get enough of it. Francois Peglau is a British singer with a big heart for Beatles-music if you ask me. His songs have a huge Beatles-aura around it, without that being a bad thing. And that's a pretty impressive achievement for a young musician. As the album advances the name 'Eels' also popped into my head, it's all in the little details Eels uses a lot aswell.. And final track 'Sundays Ukulele Song' could also be titled 'Summer Ukulele Song' cuz i feel like drinking Corona's on the beach when i hear this.. A fine album, very much worth checking out. Visit his Bandcamp-page to download 2 free songs or get the whole album for just a few bucks.

15-03-2011: The Dø - Both Ways Open Jaws

The New album by The Dø is here. Don't talk, just listen, one more thing though.. it's even better than the last!!!
Listen here!

15-03-2011: Mother Mother - Eureka

Finally! Tuesday March 15th is here! The day Mother Mother release their 3rd album 'Eureka'. So far I've only heard The Stand, but that's 1 of the best songs i've discovered this year, so YEAH! i was really looking forward to this! The player below streamed the album untill it's release, so be quick! Cuz somewhere today (when Canada wakes up, i presume) the player will probably be taken down and you're left with the only right thing to do; Get your arse to a store and buy this fantastic album!
*edit: i've removed the player and added 2 songs of the album*

14-03-2011: Lykki Li - I Know Places (live on the Moon)


14-03-2011: Robin Pecknold Acoustic

Fleet Foxes-frontman Robin Pecknold can't wait to see their new album be released in May, so to keep himself from being bored he released 3 free tracks last week. They're not Fleet Foxes-songs; it's just him, an acoustic guitar and a friend. Oh, and on I'm Losing Myself we even hear Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste. Nice & relaxing Monday Morning start of the week. "Mellow Jams", he called it himself, the stream will be gone somewhere soon, but you can download it here..

13-03-2011: Ellie Goulding - Heartbeats (Jose Gonzalez cover)

Ellie Goulding went on to visit the BBC Radio 1 yesterday and played her new single (which i can't be bothered with tbh) and this beautiful version of Jose Gonzalez' hit Heartbeats. A song that's probably very easy to cover, cuz it's been done A LOT!! That point aside, this sounds nice on a lazy Sunday evening.

12-03-2011: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Belong

Check out the full stream of 'Belong', which hits the stores on the 29th of March, by clicking the cover below. Good stuff!

11-03-2011: TV On The Radio - Caffeinated Consciousness

Weer een nieuwe track van het nog te verschijnen nieuwe album van TV On The Radio, deze heeft de fraaie titel Caffeinated Consciousness.Behoorlijk anders dan de eerder verschenen 'Will Do', maar das juist de kracht van TV On The Radio, want lekker is het zeker wel! Gebruik de widget hieronder om de song gratis te downloaden.

09-03-2011: Anna Calvi - The Devil

Bovenstaande prachtige track werd getipt door Velvet, de platenzaak in Rotterdam waar ik groot fan van ben. Ik heb ook nog andere tracks van deze dame beluisterd op YouTube en de rest klinkt opvallend anders. Ook mooi, maar minder sferisch. Ik betrap mezelf er steeds op dat het me doet denken aan Jeff Buckley - de gitaar, de stem. Je kunt het slechter treffen.

09-03-2011: William Fitzsimmons - The Tide Pulls from the Moon

William Fitzsimmons - The Tide Pulls from the Moon
Another sweet tune to start of the morning. This time with William Fitzsimmons, another American folk-secret with great songs (and a great beard).

08-03-2011: Chris Bathgate - Poor Eliza

A nice little wake up with Chris Bathgate's 2nd single of his upcoming album Salt Year.
You should check his website for a free download of his 1st single 'No Silver'.

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