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13-04-2011: Freelance Whales - Girl You Want

Several months ago i included Enzymes by Freelance Whales in a Sundae special and last Sunday i came across this fantastic song called "Girl You Want", it's a cover of an 80s hit that they're gonna release this Saturday on Record Store Day (since all the 'cool' blogs are constantly hammering on this special day i decided to get into the buzz..). Somewhere i read that they've totally re-done the song, and if so, i don't wanna hear the original. Because this is a dreamy, lovely song now and i want to always hear it like this.

13-04-2011: EP Het Droste Effect

Dutch rockband Het Droste Effect has released their debut EP last week and you can download it for free from their website. The music they play is tough and hallucinating. Or, as they describe it themselves: instrumental tracks ranging from repetitive robotrock to calm ambient to psychedelic kraut and space rock, infused with field recordings. Right.. Nevertheless, great way to start this day! If you only have time for 1 track, listen to "Lollita Can Dance"; great rock riffs, nice saxophone.

12-04-2011: Album tUnE-YarDs - Bizness

tUnE-YarDs are releasing their album 'w h o k i l l' April 19th and this 1st track Bizness is absolute greatness. For a limited time you can hear the entire album be streamed over at Pretty Much amazing and i can tell you one thing about this album, it's a must-buy (at least for me). I've only heard the complete album just once, but it's awesome as fuck and i know i'm gonna be playing this record throughout the entire summer.

12-04-2011: Dog Is Dead - Glockenspiel Song

Waking up irritated and my internet connection being trashed again this morning, i was about to have my laptop take flight lessons untill i head 'Glockenspiel Song' by Dog Is Dead. This song just oozes fun and made me feel all better right away! It's great for singing along & dancing real hard and it made the sun shine again in my living room.

11-04-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO]Art Brut - Lost Weekend

Monday Morning Kick-Off this week by Art Brut. Great song, and it puts together the entire weekend for me, cuz it was worthless. So it's truly a Lost Weekend (although he sings about not wanting the weekend to end, so that's pretty much the other way around..). Putting that aside, this is just a great song! Enjoy! Have a good week.

10-04-2011: The Submarines - Birds

After waking up really early this Sunday morning i went on browsing the webs and found myself over a dozen unknown songs. With yesterday's newspapers, a good cup of coffee and all of these songs on constant rotation i sat in the early sunshine for over 2 hours. The song that stood out among the other fine tunes (i could've just added almost all of them as a perfect Sunday's Playlist and maybe i will somewhere later on..) was 'Birds' by The Submarines. It fits the Summervibe i got from this perfect Sunday start (perfectly ruined right after i left that sunshine cuz of my modem fucking my connection up again or my precious laptop ding on me..) and is doing everything right. great tune, great lyrics (she wants to take me home tonight :). Perfect track!

09-04-2011: Beasty Boys - Make Some Noise

Finally some new Beasty Boys tunes and it's amazingly cool! The new album is being released early May and the 1st single is already making it's way through the webs. Make Some Noise is oldschool Beasty boys without being just oldschool, if that makes any sense.. This 1st track makes clear they are still very much alive & kinkin' and if the album is as good as this we are in for a TREAT!

09-04-2011: Album TV On The Radio - Nine Types Of Light

3 days till release but we can finally hear the new TV On The Radio album Nine Types Of Light via VPRO Luisterpaal. I was in bed trying real hard to fall asleep untill i heard this.. F*ck sleep, i'm enjoying myself too much with this! Check out the movie they made for the album below, interesting stuff..

08-04-2011: Reading Rainbow – Cover The Sky

It took me a few times hearing this before i could enjoy it, mainly because the way the female part of Reading Rainbow sings reminded me of U2's song 'Numb'. Which is a great song (YouTube it, I'm too lazy to do it for you), despite (or maybe, thanks to) the toneless voice of The Edge, and the same goes for this. The more i hear it, the more i like it! It's almost hypnotic, especially with the guitar 'hammering' near the end. Great Song!

07-04-2011: Album Happy Camper

Happy Camper is a brand new project by Dutch multi-talent Job Roggeveen. He teamed up with a lot of great Dutch musicians and made an album that oozes fun. I've just discovered this band Monday night at OOR's 40th birthday party, but was immediately won over by the great songs & great atmosphere this band made for themselves & the many people listening. There's a whole idea behind it & that's fun to read about on the website, but it all comes down to the music and the music is just great! Definately one of the best things I've heard this year.

06-04-2011: EP Mighty Oaks - Mighty Oaks EP

Mighty Oaks is a Berlin based folk duo and they've just released their 1st work together, called the 'Mighty Oaks EP'. The best way to describe the music is the way they say it themselves: "The music - full of guitar, banjo, mandolin, and vocal harmonies - is rooted in folk traditions, and driven by the sea, the woods, the mountains, and the seasons." Get this fine 4-track EP for just a few Euros on their website. Worth it!

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