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03-04-2011: sch Best of 2011 - 1st Quarter

I can listen to this perfect playlist over and over again. For me these are the finest 15 songs of 2011, so far. Enjoy! Click the image to download them all.

31-03-2011: Album Balto - October's Road

Perfect follow-up for that new Fleet Foxes-track I just posted, is this recently released album from Balto. welistenforyou introduced me to 'Self Portrait' which is very sweet, but the other tracks on this album are all from this same quality. I'm actually re-instating my PayPal-account for this one, I gotta have it!

31-03-2011: Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean

Another Fleet Foxes-track from the upcoming album, but this time it's an official release with video! Grown Ocean is just what the doctor ordered on this rainy Thursday morning.

30-03-2011: Howe Gelb - Alegrias

Howe Gelb is a music veteran with an impressive collection of records behind his name. I had yet never heard of him untill recent, since he's released his latest album called 'Alegrias'. I must admit it's not brilliant, i don't play it constantly like i did the 1st week after the new 'Mother Mother'-album came out, but it's a nice light album. After a hard day's work, it's a feel-good laidback album, perfect while making dinner with an ice-cold beer on the table. Give it a spin, see how you like it. And if it doesn't do it at first for you, try again after a hard day's work..

29-03-2011: Hip Hatchet - Small Demons (demo)

This demotrack is an extremely beautiful late night track by Hip Hatchet for his new album. He's still recording it, but if all songs are as good as this, it's bound to be great.

29-03-2011: Layori - DaDa

"I wanna go there," Ntjam Rosie wrote on Facebook when she posted this video. Yes, what an amazing landscape, I wanna go there too! Since she posted it, I've listened to it a lot, it's the perfect spring soundtrack! Hope you like it too :)

29-03-2011: Fleet Foxes - Bedouin Dress

There are some rumours about the new Fleet Foxes-album being fully leaked on the web. I've got no clue if this is true, but above seems to be the 3rd song from the upcoming album, called 'Bedouin Dress'. I like it, compared with the already leaked tracks Helplessness Blues and Battery Kinzie takes it a 2nd place, behind 'Helplessness Blues', which is still my favourite FF-track of 2011. So far, that is..!

28-03-2011: EMA - The Grey Ship

April 6th brings us the debut LP 'Past Life Martyred Saints' by EMA (aka Erika M. Anderson). This 1st song is so amazingly cool, that i'm really looking forward to this album even though this is the only song i've heard so far. It brings me back to the good old days of listening to my dad's 70s albums, aswell as to the years spent listening to Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden. Not that EMA has anything to do with that, but this 1 song just gets me there. And those days were the good old days, which i'm allowed to talk about since i'm turning 31 this week (OMFG!). Stop reading, just listen to this epic song, clocking over 7 minutes and brilliant from start to finish!

28-03-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] SO3 - Invincible

SO3 has the honour of being this weeks Monday Morning Kick-Off with their new song 'Invincible'. Which is an incredible catchy tune that goes very well with the sunny weather we've been having this last week. It has the feel of Summer all over it & just makes you wanna dance around on the beach with a cold Corona.. and off to work i go.. *sigh*

27-03-2011: YACHT - Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)

YACHT is releasing their new album SHANGRI-LA this summer & this 1st single took a few spins today, but eventually worked it's way into my bed and now all i'm singing is about the Earth being on fire..

25-03-2011: Dakotafish - Great Ones

Dakotafish has released a new song called 'Great Ones' as a headstart to their upcoming new album, to be released in June. It's a great and atmosperic song that makes me wanna play it louder and louder everytime i hear it. I can't really say why i like this so much, but i know i really do! I think it's a Great One (okay, that's a really lame excuse for a joke, but i couldn't resist..).

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