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29-05-2011: Album Other Lives - Tamer Animals

After listening to For 12 several times a day over the last 2 weeks i decided to post it on the blog and just as i always do when writing a little something on a band i've discovered, i spend some time on Other Lives' website first. To see of i can hear some more music & maybe learn a little about the band and the albums they have released or might be working on. This evening i found the player above with 3 songs from their recently released record Tamer Animals (which is also the title for the least appealing track if you ask me..) and that makes 3 great songs i have heard of this band now. Unfortunately, that record is only released in the USA so far, Europe will have to wait till (don't hold your breath) August 29! There is a possibility i've forgotten about them by then, but who knows.. For 12 is truly a great song and the other 2 are good enough to help me remind this European release by the time it's August.

29-05-2011: Louise Burns - What Do You Wanna Do

Back to the 1960s with this great track that has me dancing several times a day for the last few weeks, Louise Burns has recorded at least one great song on her 1st record.

29-05-2011: Chamberlin - Bitter Blood

Chamberlin - Fools

Chamberlin - Dust

Chamberlin knows how to write a decent emo-rock song. That may sound bad, but it's not. The 2 songs above are probably the best songs of their debut album Bitter Blood, released on March 1st. Though i have to admit i have not heard the entire album, but there are several songs to be listened on their website and these 2 are definately my favourites. The singer has a great voice and it really works well with the music, which for some reason takes me back to my youth and reminds me of something i haven't heard in a while, yet not knowing what it is that this is linking me back to.. Anyway, based on these 2 great songs Chamberlin deserves to be heard, they've been getting a lot of airtime @pluginbaby and i'm definately gonna continue following their progress and new music they might release.

27-05-2011: Album Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts

Thurston Moore - Benediction

Thurston Moore - Circulation

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore has released his latest solo-album this week, called (you guessed it) Demolished Thoughts (produced by Beck!). And with me not being a very big fan of Sonic Youth (despite all the credits they deserve, i just never got around to really listening to them, who knows i might love their music..) i was not expecting to much of this to be honest. But i am pleasantly surprised by the 2 sweet songs that were pre-released, which you can hear up there. If i had to describe Sonic Youth with as little as i know about it, i would use the word 'noise', so i was really amazed by the complete abscence of it in these 2 songs. Especially Circulation is an amazing song, with a certain tense and urge in it, i simply can not get enough if it.

You can hear the entire album online, as it's being streamed by NPR, and as i said, it has hit the stores already. So if it takes your fancy, get your copy today (i sound like a bad advertisement now, don't i?). My iTunes has just informed me that it's done, it's 7.35 now and the 1st buy is in. This just might become a really bad day for my bankaccount, but a great day for my record collection..

26-05-2011: Theodore - All I Ask

Just had 5 minutes left to share this nice track by Theodore. Now racing back to work, tomorrow i will make up for the silence with some great music!

24-05-2011: Dry The River - Bible Belt [live]

Absolutely loving this song for some time now and this live version is even better..!!

update 2021: Het oorspronkelijke liveconcert is verwijderd, maar deze versie vanuit de Amsterdamse grachten is ook erg fraai!

24-05-2011: The Golden Dogs - Permanent Record

It does bother me a little when a band doesn't really do anything with their website, because in these modern times it is the perfect way to connect with your fans. And i'm pretty sure The Golden Dogs have fans, because their music is great! Permanent Record is a great song and i'm really curious about the rest of the recently released album Coat Of Arms.

23-05-2011: Radical Face - Welcome Home

This Radical Face-song is fairly old, but since i've just discovered it tonight and can't stop playing it over and over again, i'm still just gonna go ahead & put it on here. Cuz it's all about discovering music and i'm pretty sure this one has gone fairly unnoticed so far. The 1st real Radical Face record is promised to be released somewhere around September, which is good because i can see myself walking around in a dark rain with the wind blowing the dead leaves all around my head while listening to this fantastic song (and hopefully great record).

23-05-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Black Lips - New Direction

This new track by punkband Black Lips, released somewhere last week, is the perfect Monday Morning Kick-Off for this week. You can sing along really easy, you know you have to play it really loud and & you can dance to it. which i was doing just now.
Have a good week!

22-05-2011: Yuna - Decorate

This only lasts 1m38 but it's such a beautiful song. I can easily listen to Yuna's lovely voice over and over again..

21-05-2011: Big Scary - Autumn

Big Scary have released 4 seasonally themed mini-EPs in 2010 and then afterwards released a compilation of those 4 EP's. It is on that compilation-album where this great track Autumn can be found (and you can dl it for free from their website). Even bigger and better news is that they are currently working on their debut-album. No EP, no compilation, just a whole album of songs hopefully as good as this. I can't wait to hear it..!

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