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02-05-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash

Instead of presenting something totally new after 3 days of complete silence, here's 1 of my favourite Stones-songs ever made. When i was really young, my father made dozens of tapes with music for me and one of the best was a selfmade collection of all kinds of Stones-music (my fahter has a huge record collection). Together with 'Paint it Black' (which was the intro-tune to my favourite tv-show at the time, that being Tour of Duty off course) this was my favourite track. I woke up with this song in my head about an hour ago, and the only right thing to do when this happends, is play such a track really loud. And so i have, and now so should you. Have a good week, that should be easy with this kinda Monday Morning Kick-Off!

28-04-2011: Track Vacationer - Trip

Wasn't really into Vacationer's track 'Trip' but it grew on me and now I can't do without!
You can get a free download of the song @ their website!

28-04-2011: Contemporary Noise Quintet - Walking Sin

Received a tip about this a few days ago and have been listening to this song several times a day since then. There are too many types of jazz these days to even try and figure out what i should call this, so i'll just stick to jazz. That's more than enough for now, isn't it? Visit their website for some more great tunes.

27-04-2011: Good Lovelies - Free

Another Summeresque song celebrating the greater joys of life (being freeeeee!!), this time sweetly sun by the ladies of Good Lovelies. They reminded me strongly of Katzenjammer, one of my favorite discoveries last year, but less gipsy. Which is neither a good or a bad thing. It's just a conclusion i've drawn. Less typing, more singing.
Freeee as a bird..

27-04-2011: Bruce Peninsula - The Swimming Song

Just ace to have a song about swimming (the original is done by Loudon Wainwright), but this cover sounds really good. Bruce Peninsula are done recording their new record, but when one of their band members fell ill, they decided to put anything on hold. In the meanwhile, they've recently started the Bruce Trail Fire Sale. Which basically just means they'll share new music or covers every now and then untill the new album comes out. Good way to keep the hungry fans satisfied! The Swimming Song is a great and fun track, that is definately made for the summer. When i'll go swimming later this year, i'll be humming this all day long :)

26-04-2011: Family - Ava

Family is a little strange. But the sound they create on the 3 mini-EP's they've released so far is very interesting. The pure vocals and mesmerizing background vocals make this track Ava my favourite, but there's more where this came from. Check out their bandcamp-page to stream all the tracks. Potentially brilliant!

26-04-2011: Monday Morning Kick-Off [MM-KO] Lightwaves - Working All Day

The Monday Morning Kick-Off on a Tuesday morning? Sure. As Easter properly fuck's up any routine and for most people the week will start today with heading back to the office. To stay a little in de party-mood most of us experienced over the weekend, hear this great new track by Lightwaves. It had me playing Daft Punk this weekend, do you need any more reason to hear it? i don't think so either..

25-04-2011: Gobble Gobble - Boring Horror

Great party-track by Gobble Gobble (which is a pretty ace name for a band).

22-04-2011: Black Light Dinner Party - Older Together

The weekend is coming closer, i can almost taste it and this great 1st track done by 4 producers teaming up is a good way to get into in the mood. Black Light Dinner Party have made a great summer track that's gonna be around for all of the upcoming summer months if you ask me. It's sweet vocals and hypnotizing beats and synths make this a track you cannot sit still too (and so i'm dancing around my kitchen at 8.30 in the morning, hello neighbours :)..

21-04-2011: Dry The River - Bible Belt

Another slow and melancholic track today, i don't know why, but so far the week is all about these kind of songs for me. Oh well, Dry The River just wrote a perfect song with 'Bible Belt'. If you like it, definately check out the live version done at Abbey Road Sessions. I'd say they fit in nicely in between Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons, but who am i..?

20-04-2011: Album Matt Stalker & Fables - The Man Who Said This Died of Alchemy

This was released on April 1st after haven been worked on for 10 years. I'm not sure how they managed to do that, but the result in incredibly beautiful. Matt Stalker is a singer/songwriter that writes beautiful small songs, best enjoyed when you're staring out the window from a moving train or just staring in general, with a nice cup of coffee like i'm doing this morning. Great little record!

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