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Maandelijkse Must-Haves
Als je deze maand één plaat koopt, mag ik een suggestie doen..

September Ava Luna - Infinite House
August Other Songs Music Co: The Songs Are All We Have
July Juleah - Melt Inside The Sun
June Book Club - One-Way Moon
May Timbre - Sun & Moon
April Bear Medicine - The Moon Has Been All My Life
March Beccy Owen - Nos Da
February -
January Landlady - Upright Behavior

December How To Throw A Christmas Party IV: Intergalactic Welcome
November F&M - At Sunset We Sing
October Coyote Armada - Crime Wave
September Matt Stalker & Fables - KNOTS
August The Lake Poets - Honest Hearts EP
July Bridie Jackson & The Arbour - New Skin
June Busman's Holiday - A Long Goodbye
May Echo Bloom - Blue
April Rebecca Brandt - Numbers & Shapes: Revisited
March Jeremy Squires - When Will You Go...
February The Black Feathers - Strangers We Meet EP
January The Box Tiger - Set Fire

December Jeroen Kant - De Lafaard Kapitein
November The Tourist Company - Brother, Wake Up
October Cantoo - Cantoo
September Mars Water - Subconscious
August Andy - Release - The Oslo Recordings
July Weekend Riot Club - PSYCHOTROPIA
June Coyote Armada - Kye Oats
May Filardo - Enter The Edit Suite

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